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The Top 10 Relationship Blogs That Help with Dating

Exploring dating opportunities and finding assistance can prove challenging. However, many of the best dating sites deliver access to useful help and guidance that can turn your relationship with your special friend or a spouse around while assisting singles with dates. Read on, and we will delve into the top ten dating blogs that provide an immersive reading experience.

Here’s Our List of the Top Relationship Blogs on the Internet

The Gottman Relationship

The Gottman Relationship

The aim and idea of this dating blog is to offer those in relationships the tools required to make them happier and healthier. Through research, you’ll benefit from an enhanced understanding of dating as well as relationship etiquette enabling you to overcome every challenge that you could face.
Love and Life Toolbox

Love and Life Toolbox

Whether it’s a relationship or dating, this blog delves into tips and advice that help you take your relationship to the next level. Emotional condition underpins every relationship, so author Lisa looks into the problems while providing solutions that come from her experience as a therapist.

Modern Love Long Distance

Long-distance relationships are a real thing, particularly with the growth in online dating platforms that reach around the globe. This blog touches on the tips and advice that you’ll require to ensure that your relationship is a success. It also provides a wealth of useful and intriguing resources that you can implement into your relationship to bring you closer, regardless of where you might live in the world.

Love in 90 Days - Dating Advice Blog

This blog is created by Dr. Diana Kirschner, and it’s certainly one worth reading. She posts on a monthly basis, providing extremely useful tips for dating and advice for relationships, helping you discover real love and romance. It’s a hugely popular blog that readers trust and rely on, so it’s worth a read!

Relationship One

Discovering a daily read is what you get with this blog, and it won’t disappoint. It’s packed with content that’s an enjoyable read and worth exploring. Whether you’re seeking guidance, advice, or help when dating or keeping your bond heading in the right direction, then this will be right for you!
Science of Relationships

Science of Relationships

Science sits behind every relationship and love, so this dating blog delves deep into the meaning. Of course, science in its basic form proves boring for readers and might seem uninspiring. However, this author presents it in an enjoyable and easy to read way. More so, the tips from it are supported by researchers and backed by hard numbers and studies. You can be sure that the dating tips from this platform provide assistance when finding success.


This blog was founded by Malina Bhatia, and she places a focus on providing people with an opportunity to discover happiness as well as positivity. It explores the advice people need while giving access to resources that are trustworthy and information that help people traverse the problems people face in marriage. It delivers top tips, legally based topics, and a community, too, ensuring readers can find support. You will be provided with the tools required to commit to a relationship that requires ongoing effort to evolve and grow.
My Pixie Blog

My Pixie Blog

The Pixie Blog strives to help people embrace love and reach their goals in love and romance. It’s a light-hearted page with humor and a serious undertone to give people the inspiration they require to find love. Regardless of where you are in life, the blog aims to tackle the issues that can propel your relationship to new heights.
Susie and Otto Collins

Susie and Otto Collins

Readers have been enjoying the help of Susie and Otto since 1999. They successfully mentor men and women around the world, so their understanding of relationships is worth soaking up and using. Their aim is to encourage couples to enhance passion, connect on a greater level and bring their love life to the top.

Relaxed Relationships Blog

Looking to make a change in life? This blog invites you to explore an online community where you can indulge in the information that provides a greater understanding of dating and relationships. It touches on changes you should make to transform your love life and makes it seem simple!
The abovementioned pages provide a wealth of tools and information that helps you build a healthier and more fulfilling relationship regardless of your needs and desires.