It's incredible, but it turns out there are 100+ best dating sites out there. We divided the sites into various categories, divided them according to the interests and desires of each and selected the best dating sites that are not ashamed to show. Read us and you will find out who is the leader and who is just a cool dating site.

Senior Dating Sites Reviews

When it comes to online dating sites, there are literally thousands of options available, from traditional dating sites to married dating sites or even hookup dating sites! As such, the online dating industry has recognized that senior citizens needed their own dedicated dating sites, and thus senior dating sites were created. However, just because they claim to provide superior online service doesn’t mean that’s always the case, which is why it’s important that any senior looking to start online dating take the time to read some reviews. You should also keep in mind that different sites are more popular in some areas than others, which means you may have to try multiple services to find the most matches. We’ve included our top five (in no particular order) senior dating sites, which should give you enough options to get started!

Why Should I Use a Senior Dating Site?

Traditional dating sites work great for most people, but for senior singles, they usually aren’t the best option. This is because although mainstream dating sites offer their services to people of all ages, the majority of users on these sites aren’t senior citizens: they’re people under 40! With that in mind, it quickly becomes clear why senior dating sites are important to the world of online dating. Senior dating platforms make it easy for singles over 50 to find other singles around the same age. As a bonus, the majority of users will also share their same long-term relationship goals! Traditional dating sites are often filled with singles looking for hookups or short-term relationships, neither of which is ideal for senior singles searching for a permanent partner. logo

Starting off our list of senior dating sites is SeniorsToDate, a popular and well-established senior dating service. Despite having over 450,000 members on the site, this site maintains a fairly even gender ratio, which means that there’s a match for nearly every user on the site! As a senior dating site, the majority of members are over the age of 55, although it is possible to find users younger on here as well. Since this site is designed with senior singles in mind, SeniorsToDate currently doesn’t offer a mobile app. However, you can still access the site on your phone using the device’s web browser. Like most services, SeniorsToDate offers both free and premium membership options. Free users can’t send initial messages, but they can respond to them, which is far better than many other similar services. Premium members can send unlimited messages, but they also get access to other features like “Invisible Mode.” Membership costs are fair, starting at only $13.32/month. logo

For senior singles that love to flirt, there’s one particular site that stands out from the rest: FlirtyMature! With 300,000 senior singles logging onto the website every week, most people have a very good chance of finding a local match no matter where they live. As expected, the majority of members are over the age of 55, although the 45-54 age bracket is quite popular as well. Registering for the site is quite quick, taking only minutes for even the least tech-savvy individuals. However, this does result in less detailed profiles, as many users neglect competing all the additional fields available under their accounts. Still, senior singles can learn a lot about potential matches from viewing their profiles if they do complete their information, which is always a good thing. Free features are limited but do include five messages per day, as well as access to the “Like Gallery,” a swipe left/right matchmaking game. Premium members enjoy unlimited contact features, but unfortunately, they don’t get to use a mobile app (because there isn’t one!).
Senior Friends Date logo

Senior Friends Date

Although the site looks like it should be a decade old (or more), Senior Friends Date is actually a relatively new senior dating service, having only been in operation since 2013. That said, this site is the perfect dating site for any senior single who’s looking to find love online but doesn’t have any money to spare since the entire service is completely free. That’s right—all users can enjoy unlimited chat and matchmaking without spending a dime! Unfortunately, being an entirely free service does result in a few shortcomings, mainly the lack of a mobile app. However, Senior Friends Date only has an email feature (no instant message feature), which means it might take a bit longer to find a match.
Singles50 logo


Despite being called Singles50, this senior dating site is actually perfect for anyone over the age of 40! Most users fall between the ages of 40 and 50, but you need to be a minimum of 40 years old to join this senior dating service. The majority of senior singles on this site are looking for a long-term relationship, and Singles50 themselves report a 41% success rate. This may seem low, but the fact that they actually advertise this proves that this site does actually work, which is certainly a good thing! With a 49 to 51 gender ratio, there is a match for nearly every member on the site. Singles50 uses a detailed personality compatibility test to match senior singles, who can then message each other after being matched. Female members can enjoy unlimited free messaging, but the male members will need to purchase a premium membership to enjoy the same, which will set them back a minimum of $19.99/month. Sadly, there isn’t a mobile version available at this time.
MatureDating logo


With over 1.7 million users currently on its service, MatureDating is definitely a popular choice when it comes to online senior dating. You won’t find anyone looking for a quick hookup on this site; nearly all the users are over the age of 40 and looking for a long0term serious relationship! Unfortunately, after 18 years, MatureDating still hasn’t developed a dedicated mobile app, but the service still works well in a phone browser nonetheless (you can also use it on a desktop computer). In addition to the expected basic chat and search features, MatureDating also offers group chat, a unique feature that makes it easy to connect with like-minded individuals. Like many similar services, older singles who are serious about finding love online will need to upgrade if they want to get the most out of this site. We recommend purchasing the six-month plan for $71.94, as the $29.99 monthly plan will get expensive quite quickly.

What Are Some Good Tips for Using Senior Dating Sites?

Whether it’s your first time using an online dating site or you read lots of senior dating sites reviews and used even more, a veteran, everyone can benefit from a few helpful tips! Here is a couple to keep in mind during your online escapades:
  • Be direct! No matter what your relationship goals are, you should always be direct with them. This will save you time and prevent potential miscommunications moving forward.
  • Personalize your messages. Many senior singles send the same messages over and over, so sending something personal can help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Read over their profile. Most senior dating sites have detailed profiles, so reading over them beforehand will give you a bit to talk about. If you two decide to meet up, the account details can also be helpful in coming up with date ideas!
  • Ask questions. This shows that you’re genuinely interested but can also keep the conversation going when you’re at a loss for words.
  • Avoid pickup lines. Most older singles (especially women) won’t fall for this approach. Also, there are a limited number of pickup lines, so the chance of you using a line that someone else has recently used is fairly high. No good!


Are Senior Dating Sites a Good Way to Meet a Partner?

Yes! These dating sites are a great way to find a partner who’s around your same age (and there are even free senior dating sites available!).

Are Senior Dating Sites Safe to Use?

Not always! If you want to ensure your safety online, then we recommend sticking to the services listed above.

How Do I Find Local Seniors Online?

To find nearby senior singles, you simply need to join a dedicated senior dating site. You’ll have plenty of options using the list above.