It's incredible, but it turns out there are 100+ best dating sites out there. We divided the sites into various categories, divided them according to the interests and desires of each and selected the best dating sites that are not ashamed to show. Read us and you will find out who is the leader and who is just a cool dating site.

Best Dating Sites for Nerds

So, what constitutes a dating site for geeks, and how does it differ from a racially-oriented website or an exclusively gay one? These questions can be somewhat ambiguous, but the bottom line is that nerd dating sites cater to geeks and gamers' specific needs worldwide. These needs fall under gaming desires, a need for like-minded meetups, and of course, forums whereby nerds can discuss their hobbies. So as we ponder the best dating resources for nerds, there is always an understanding that the best would have to be conducive. Let's take a look at some of the best nerd dating sites the web has to offer.

Do Geeks Get to Benefit from Nerd Sites?

Simply put, geeks can benefit from any site, not just a nerd site. The intellect of a geek doesn't need a specialist site to make them feel comfortable. On that note, geeks do benefit from nerd sites in several ways:
  • For starters, these resources tend to focus more on gamers, writers, comic book enthusiasts, and the like. What this means for geeks is a home away from home.
  • As the site caters to all matters geek, the majority of members will be geeks, seeking like-minded individuals to engage in conversation with.
  • Therefore, geeks benefit from these nerd sites as the very creation and continued existence of said sites are contingent on their exact gaming, geeky needs.
Flirt logo

Not a nerd site per se, is a popular site, playing host to the LGBTQ community, all races, and cultures, as well nerd and geek dating.
  • Member Structure: 300,000 in the USA alone; 80,000 active weekly; 1 million globally
  • Age Range: 20-35
  • 40% males - 60 % females
  • User Base: Mostly straight members, seeking casual fun
  • 1 Month - $28.80
  • 3 Months - $16.20 per month; Total = $48.60
Free Features:
  • Flirtcast – send one message to several members
  • Send winks to a crush or two
  • Send and reply to messages, add members to your favorites list
Cupid logo

Perhaps it is one of the world's most popular resources to date. If you seek the love of every shape and form, nerd dating included, this site works fine. It boasts members of the LGBTQ community, who may also be seeking nerd dating.
  • Member Structure: 1,000,000 in the USA alone, including LGBTQ and Nerds; 500,000 active weekly members
  • Age Range: 25-35
  • 65% males - 35% females
  • User Base: Mostly straight folks, seeking like-minded friends
  • 1 Month - $23.99 per month
  • 3 Months - $20.79 per month; Total = $62.37
  • 6 Months - $15.99 per month; Total = $95.94
Free Features:
  • Use of chatrooms
  • Quiz matching
  • Search for members
  • Send winks to convey interest
BeNaughty  logo

As the name suggests, this site is for members who want to get freaky – nothing more. If you seek nerd dating platforms, this is one of the best because it caters to all groups of individuals, no holds barred. LGBTQs are covered, so is almost every ethnic group and sexual divergent group under the sun.
  • Member Structure: 500,000 in the USA; 120,000 active weekly members
  • Age Range: 24–35
  • User Base: Anyone above 18 years of age seeking casual fun
  • 60 % females - 40 % males
  • 1 Day - $0.99 per day
  • 1 Week - $1.00 per day; Total = $1
  • 1 Month - $28.80 per month; Total = $28.80
  • 3 Months - $16.20 per month; Total = $48.60
Free Features:
  • Send winks and other preset messages
  • Browse member profiles
  • Add members to your favorites (geek) list
GamerDating  logo

Of all the nerd dating resources on the web, this one takes the cake. Not only is it a niche site, but it also plays the role of nerd dating sites extremely well, playing host to the majority of gamer members. It hosts a few LGBTQ members but focuses more on comic book readers, science lovers, and gaming addicts.
  • Member Structure: 3500 from the USA; 1800 daily visitors
  • Age Range: 18-34
  • User Base: Mostly gamers seeking like-minded users
  • 55 % females - 45 % males
Pricing Plans:
  • 2 Months - $17.50 per month; Total = $35.00
  • 4 Months - $17.50 per month; Total = $70.00
Free Features:
  • Get matches, use searches, and send a few preset messages
  • 1UP or move on lets you choose who is worth your time
SoulGeek logo

It is a site for the deepest, most melancholic geek in all of us. Next to gamer dating, it focuses all its energy on geeks and all things nerdy. It includes comics and fantasy novel lovers.
  • Member Structure: 1 million worldwide; over 600,000 visitors monthly in six months
  • Age range: 25–35
  • Member Base: Mostly males under 30 seeking nerdy dating channels
Pricing Plans:
  • 1 Month - $14.95
  • 3 Months - $39.95
  • 6 Months - $69.95
Free Features:
  • Auto-scan looks up matches daily
  • Play games and respond to messages
  • Active participation in the community can earn you a free month's worth


In this case, the reviews carried out for nerd dating sites are meant to be a guide for newbies, and veteran online daters, on which sites to use. All the sites listed have been duly researched, and ratings processed based on standards carried out on all other sites.
Our reviews are in no way biased based on race, religious affiliations, or sexual preferences. They cover:
  • Value for money and whether a certain site is worth is weight in gold or the same for free
  • The realness of ads and account holders, the credibility of the site based on professional opinions.
  • Overall usability of the sites – which includes safety, communication, and ease-of-use.

What's the Difference between Nerd Sites and Others?

Nerd sites bring like-minded people together, similar to any other dating site out there. The difference is in the finesse that they accomplish it.
For starters, nerd dating sites focus on gamers, bookworms, and anime lovers. Unlike normal sites that claim to facilitate every meet and hookup under the sun, they are a niche platform.
Gamer or geek sites play a heavy role in bringing similar-minded people together. The chatrooms, forums, and individuals as a whole will be compatible. It means a nerd dating site is a matchmaking site by default.
Nerd dating sites are a lot more fun than ordinary resources. Your chatroom topics range from cartoons to novels and science fiction stuff – intimate chats are out of this world.

What Is the Verification Process on a Nerd Site?

Nerd sites and their members undergo the same screening as any other dating site.
First off, all accounts need to be approved via email. Rather, all identities need to go through a validation process, with the final stage being email verification. It ensures that members are interacting only with real members. Also, email verification takes care of the element of age, ensuring that all members joining nerd dating sites are at least eighteen years of age.
The verification process also involves uploading real photos and authentic information to one's profile. If at any given time admins spot or sense malicious intent based on profile pics and info, accounts are frozen or suspended. It is in line with community guidelines, present in almost all legit sites, including nerd dating sites, whereby vetting profiles are mandatory.
Lastly, the verification process does not discriminate based on gender or lifestyle choices like on any other normal site. That said, verification and signup are open to all individuals on a geek hookup site, whether they have a love for anime or anime lovers. However, it seems most nerd dating sites have the least amount of reported cases of fake profiles. It may be due to lower numbers in the user base or better verification processes than normal sites.

Are Members on Dating Sites for Nerds Real?

Before delving into the nitty-gritty of how the site takes care of authenticity, nerd dating online forum members is reminded to remain vigilant always. Any sense of sinister motives on the part of other users should be reported immediately. All legit platforms have a report option applied to any profile you may visit and a block option handy in place too.
But for purposes of realness, all profiles are vetted before going live. Admins spend hours searching through pictures on profiles to make sure they aren't copied and pasted from other pages. The dark times whereby members faced heartache on Craigslist will not be experienced on nerd dating sites.
The major reason why fake profiles don't exist on nerd dating sites is quite simple. They, geeks, have little time for timewasting, and any scammer knows how hard it is to con a geek. Also, nerd dating sites are known to have smaller user bases than your everyday dating site. It means the odds of a few being malicious in a group of so few is highly unlikely.

Dating Tips for Geeks

Since time immemorial, geeks have shied away from revealing what they want to do – get down and dirty with books and all things intellectual. A few tips for any geek planning to keep his/her love life in check:
  • Be yourself. Everyone needs to know the real you because there's a chance your lover just hasn't seen the real you yet. You are hiding under the wolf's clothing.
  • Use nerd dating sites to your advantage. It may still feel awkward trying to make new friends, and dates, at the bookstore. Try geek dating channels that seamlessly connect you with like-minded people for fun and intimate meets.
Try geek dating sites today – they don't disappoint!