It's incredible, but it turns out there are 100+ best dating sites out there. We divided the sites into various categories, divided them according to the interests and desires of each and selected the best dating sites that are not ashamed to show. Read us and you will find out who is the leader and who is just a cool dating site.
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Married Dating Sites Reviewed

Mainstream online dating services will work for most people, but sometimes you just need a specialized service to find the right type of partner. Just like how seniors use senior dating sites, married people should use married dating sites if they’re trying to find a partner (especially if they’re trying to have an affair!). Although we’ll be starting off our list with a site more designed for previously married individuals, most married dating sites are created for hosting discreet relationships. These sites take privacy to the next level, ensuring that no one will discover your extra-marital affairs! Most cost money, but it is possible to find free dating sites for married individuals if you can meet a few requirements!

What Are Married Dating Sites?

There are two types of married dating sites: those for previously married singles and those for individuals currently in a marital relationship. The first type is very similar to traditional dating sites, is generally used by older singles, and doesn’t offer as many privacy options. The second type, however, is used by married individuals of all ages who aren’t happy with their current relationship and are looking for something on the side! Since cheating is generally frowned upon, these sites place privacy as a priority for their services. Unfortunately for the end-users, this personal privacy usually comes at a cost: membership fees! No matter which type of site you’re looking for, you’re sure to find the perfect site for you in this short list below. logo

If you’re looking for a great way to connect with older married singles, then SeniorsToDate is a site you’ll want to check out. As the name suggests, this site (which currently has over 450,000 members) mainly consists of older singles who’ve been previously married, but either a.) their first marriage didn’t work out, or b.) their previous partner died after they got married. The site has all the standard features you expect to find on a dating site like messaging, sending “Flirts,” and a member profile search function. However, since this site is aimed mainly at older singles, you won’t find any advanced contact features like video chat on SeniorsToDate. The service is only available through a browser; there isn’t a mobile version currently offered. Free members can enjoy some of the features on the site, but for a truly enjoyable experience, you’ll need to purchase a membership. Currently, there are only two plans available: a single month for $29.95 & a three-month plan for $39.95. We recommend choosing the extended plan since you’ll end up paying less on a per-month basis! logo

TenderFling is another site people use to go from single to married! Although the service isn’t specifically designed for previously married singles, it can definitely be used by these individuals as well as singles who have yet to get married. You won’t find many people interested in short-term relations on this site; most members are looking for a long-term committed relationship! Speaking of members, TenderFling has a fairly large user base, with over 1.6 million people using the site. It offers instant messaging, “Safe Mode,” “Promote My Account,” and a matching game called the “Like Gallery” to its paying members. Free members can still use the “Like Gallery,” but they’ll need to upgrade to take advantage of the advanced communications features. Depending on which plan you choose, this site is either affordable or expensive. The one-month plan costs $34.99, the three-month plan costs $59.97, and the six-month plan costs $95.94, so we highly recommend the six-month plan if you want to get the most value for your money. Unfortunately, like many other married dating apps, TenderFling doesn’t have a mobile app available.
Ashley Madison logo

Ashley Madison

You may have previously heard of the next site on our list. After all, Ashley Madison has certainly developed quite a reputation! This site is famous for providing married individuals with an easy way to find an affair; of course, you can also use the site to find married partners even if you’re currently single. Although the premise may be debatable, it’s proven to be fairly popular since Ashley Madison currently has over 24 million members worldwide! This basically means that you’ll be able to find willing married individuals nearby no matter where you live, which makes it extremely easy to have an affair. Unfortunately, the site was hacked back in 2015, but thankfully, they’ve since beefed up their site’s security, so you shouldn’t have any trouble staying discreet when using Ashley Madison. Women can use the messaging feature for free, but married men looking to start chatting will need to purchase a membership. Unlike many other sites, AM uses a credit system rather than offering monthly membership plans, but on the plus side, there are mobile apps available for both iOS and Android devices!
Seeking Arrangement logo

Seeking Arrangement

For people who want the financial security of being married without needing to actually get married, Seeking Arrangement (also known as Seeking) is the perfect dating site! Whereas most married dating sites try to connect people for romantic or sexual relationships, Seeking instead connects sugar babies with sugar daddies and mommies! These types of relationships may sometimes be sexual in nature, but many of them simply involve chat and the exchange of money. This is a great thing for people who would like a sugar daddy or momma; on the other hand, those interested in a more traditional relationship should steer clear of this website! Membership prices for the service vary per gender and also depend on which side of the financial relationship you fall on. Sugar babies can enjoy a free experience if they meet all of the site’s extensive account requirements, but sugar daddies/mommas are looking at spending at least $99.99/month for membership. If you own an Android device, there is a mobile app available, but currently, iOS users are out of luck.
Heated Affairs logo

Heated Affairs

Another site that’s great for cheaters (both married individuals looking for a new partner or singles looking to find a married partner) is Heated Affairs. The extremely large member base of over 30 million users from the US alone proves how popular cheating really is with married people. Of course, if you’re looking to have an affair, then this is great news for you! The site has a wide variety of communication options: free users can enjoy the chat rooms, but you’ll need to upgrade if you want to send direct messages. Membership costs are somewhat high, with the $26.95/month Gold plan providing the best value for your money. Heated Affairs also offers separate plans for unique features like private message rooms, “Search Highlights,” and access to a variety of adult movies. Unlike Seeking, iOS users have the advantage here with a dedicated mobile app. If you don’t own an Apple device, then you can still access the service, but you’ll need to use a web browser instead.

What Are The Main Advantages Of Married Dating sites?

The face-to-face style of dating used to be the most common way of finding potential partners. These days, however, online dating has become the go-to method for more people, and this is especially true for married people! Many dating sites are actually designed specifically for married people to find affairs on, something which is frowned upon by many mainstream services. That’s why using these mainstream options is a poor choice if you’re trying to have an affair. On the other hand, using married dating sites instantly connects you with like-minded individuals, protecting you from judgment while helping you easily find other married people who are also looking to have an affair!


How Do I Find A Married Partner On Dating Sites?

You’ll want to join a dedicated married online dating site (like the ones listed above) if you want to easily find a married partner.

Are Married Dating Sites Legit And Safe?

Yes, the services above are entirely safe to use! However, you should use caution if joining a site not included on our list of safe services.

Where Can I Find Local Married Singles?

The easiest way to find local married singles is online. Test out the sites above to see which service has the most users in your area.