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Kippo App Review

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Kippo dating app allows gamers to connect, communicate, and establish connections based on their common interest in video games. With its apparently trendy and millennial-targeted aesthetic, it appears to be the ideal app for finding like-minded individuals online who understand what it's like to be passionate about video games. To bring out your inner geek, you may build your own profile and customize it as you like.
Is it worthwhile to invest the time, money, and effort you might be spending on your favorite game? Is it possible to meet genuine people who share your interests? Is it possible to form real friendships and relationships, as well as perhaps start a relationship?

Pros and Cons

A welcoming environment for gamers to meet new people.
The member interface is appealing to the eye and easy to comprehend.
Both premium and free users have access to a wealth of services
If you're a casual gamer, you might find the setting a little intimidating.
Paid features are a tad more expensive than in other apps.
The user base is significantly lower than on non-niche apps.

About Kippo App

Kippo dating app was created in 2019 by David Park, Cheeyoon Lee, and Sean Suyeda with the goal of bringing gamers together via their shared love of video games. Playing video games together, according to the developers, is the best method to interact online and get to know one another. It's a great approach to start a conversation.

Membership Base

Despite no active marketing efforts, the Kippo dating app has amassed 45,000 subscribers since its launch. The bulk of the app's subscribers are between the ages of 18 and 25, making it considerably younger than others. It's also worth noting that women account for 40% of all registered users.
It's also worth mentioning that 93% of Kippo dating app members go on virtual dates and play video games together before meeting in person, which reduces the amount of discomfort on the first date substantially. The app's usage has increased by 275 percent since the pandemic-related shutdown. This indicates that, despite the social gap, dating is still possible.

Kippo App

There is currently no web version. Kippo dating app can only be accessed via the special mobile app.

Costs and Prices

Although Kippo is a free dating app, the Kippo Infinity Subscription is available. You'll be able to send an unlimited amount of messages, swipe more than 30 profiles each day, and add up to seven cards to your profile after you activate Kippo Infinity. We observed that using Kippo for free had a lower impact on meeting new individuals. The only difference is the maximum number of messages you may send. With membership, these limits on browsing and communication are lifted.
A month's subscription costs USD10. For a six-month term, the price is USD37, and for a year, the price is USD56. Kippo's premium services are on the low end of the range when compared to other dating apps. The competition normally costs twice as much as what Kippo dating app is offering. It is, without a doubt, a good deal. You will certainly increase your experience if you believe Kippo Infinity to be a worthy investment.

Kippo Special Features

Kippo dating app has various elements that make the user experience unique and enjoyable. Here are a few examples:
These well-designed and very customizable cards may be shown on your profile to show off your quirky, entertaining side. These cards reveal information about your favorite games, astrological sign, hobbies, and personality traits.
With a free account, you may only swipe 30 profiles each day. By subscribing to premium, you may remove this limitation. Swipe left if you think you and another user are compatible and right if you don't. You are given a brief description of their interests, location, and age in order to determine whether or not you have chemistry.
Direct Messages
This feature is likewise only available to free users. It is, however, a great way to meet new people and create lasting relationships. Despite the lack of video chat on this app, you can still introduce yourself via direct message and then move on to other platforms to learn more about the other person.


Kippo not only provides a secure environment for gamers to meet new people, but it also does it with a level of elegance and delicacy rarely seen in casual dating applications. The site's privacy policy protects all information, and it is never shared for marketing reasons.
Our Experience on Kippo
Maybe it's because I'm a gamer at heart, but I adore Kippo, and I think you will too. Though the setting might be intimidating for casual players, if gaming is your primary passion and you want a companion who can support you, Kippo is absolutely worth it.
Sign-up Process
Kippo Sign-up Process
It's simple to sign up for Kippo. Simply provide your phone number instead of an email address or a social media account when registering or checking in. You don't have to confirm your account either. Unlike Tinder, this popular dating app does not have a desktop version. If you go to their website, all you'll see are some creative comic strips. You must be a registered user to utilize this feature.
To attract more people, Kippo makes registration easy. It is so popular with young people in its no-frills, no-hassle approach to joining up. The program loads rapidly, and registration takes only a few seconds. Its current look, which uses a typeface that seems like it's creating code in a text editor while sending messages or altering profile information, is also beneficial.
Profile Creation
Kippo Profile Creation
Kippo had a sluggish start. You'll need to provide your normal details, such as your age, location, and gender. If you are bisexual, nonbinary, or open to dating anybody, you must upload four photos of yourself and identify your gender orientation. It's a positive that Kippo is open-minded.
Kippo is all about inclusivity. You may also select if you're looking for genuine love or just friends to hang out with. You can opt-out if you do not want to receive unsolicited SMS.
Searching and Matching
You`ll have access to an infinite number of profile matches if you are a Kippo Infinity user, which is a premium subscription. In comparison, free members are limited to 30 profile swipes each day, which is still a lot when compared to other services. Having no swipe limits, on the other hand, can significantly enhance your dating outcomes.
Contacting with Other Members
The free version of Kippo includes basic functions like chatting and liking, but it also allows you to try out some of the more fascinating ones, such as adding game cards to your account.
Experts Conclusion
One of the most impressive gamer-centric apps we've ever seen. It's easy to see why Kippo gained such a large following so fast. It's well-designed and has an excellent user interface. It was built with enthusiasm by gamers for gamers. Kippo is a great place for kind geeks seeking love or solid friendships. It's also cost-effective. Kippo is the dating app for you if you want to try your luck with a dating app that caters to a certain tech niche. Right now, have a look at it.


Is kippo App Popular in the USA?

Yes, the Kippo app is popular in the United States.

Are the Profiles Real on kippo App?

Yes! It is perfect for singles who identify as gamers or who want a partner who is a gamer.

Is kippo App Safe to Use?

Kippo creates a safe place for gamers to meet new people, but they do so with a beauty and finesse that we don’t often see in casual dating apps.