It's incredible, but it turns out there are 100+ best dating sites out there. We divided the sites into various categories, divided them according to the interests and desires of each and selected the best dating sites that are not ashamed to show. Read us and you will find out who is the leader and who is just a cool dating site.

Best Kink Dating Sites

So, how's about we cut to the chase – I want to be tied up, you want to do it; I want to dress up, you watch it; it is easy, right? That's what kink dating and kink dating sites are all about. If you find it hard-pressed telling a stranger you like her feet, try kink dating.
Either way, fetish dating sites provide that platform for like-minded, kinky, and somewhat freaky individuals to engage in any manner they choose. The manner, however, has to meet community (online) guidelines. The best kink dating sites allow members to open up, so to speak, about all inhibitions and how they plan to explore their sexuality.

Do Kink Dating Sites Work for Singles?

Of course, they do! What better way to spice up a loser existence (sorry, no offense guys), than to bring on some spicy neck-biting, toe-licking, and bondage into the mix? Fetish dating works for singles in mysterious ways.
  • Some singles have had trouble in relationships because of sexual starvation. Kink dating can bring things to life in many imaginable ways, including fantasy and role-playing.
  • When playing fantasy roles, they let loose and get back to their senses. Taking on fetish dating lets out all the inhibitions, leaving singles bare as they choose which side of the fence to sit on.
HornyAsia logo

The site allows people of all ages, gender, race, and religious affiliation to meet. It caters fully to the LGBTQ community and provides a discreet platform for the kinkiest dating you can imagine.
  • Member Structure: 400,000 in the USA alone; 130K active weekly
  • Age Range: 25-35 years of age
  • 70% males - 30% females
  • User Base: Mostly youngsters looking for the naughtiest, kinkiest dating
  • 1 Week - $7.00
  • 1 Month - $28.80
  • 3 Months - $16.20 per month; Total = $48.60
Free Features:
  • Send winks, default messages, and view profiles
  • Add members to the favorites list
DatingKinky logo

This site has too many different sexual fantasies to be fulfilled under one platform. However, it does cover kinksters and fetsters (all new words to us too), providing them with that discreet stage to showcase their kinkiness.
The majority of members are from United States, Canada, Australia, and Germany. It is not a site for those willing to sit and watch others do their thing. It is a participatory app.
  • Member Structure: Over 500,000 members have installed the app
  • Age Range: 30+
  • More females than males
  • User Base: All looking for some fetish/BDSM action
  • It is free to download on Google play.
Free Features:
  • Pattern Lock for your dating kinky account
  • Moments – highlights the best moments of others, and you can showcase yours too
  • Spark – anonymous way of liking other members
Fetish logo

It is a BDSM hookup site for all the secrets you have been burying inside you. This website lets you message and flirt regarding all manner of BDSM activities. All members on the site are of mature age, with one interest-only – something other than the norm when it comes to sex.
  • Member Structure: 150,000 from the UK alone; 16,200 active weekly
  • User Base: Young and old seeking to exploit all manner of innate sexual fantasies
  • 63% men, 37% women, many non-conforming, i.e., men to men, women to women BDSM, etc
  • 3 Months - $9.11; Total = $27.33
  • 6 Months - $7.26; Total = $43.56
  • 12 Months - $ 5.45; Total = $65.40
Free Features:
  • Create hot events
  • Join chatrooms and send spanks
  • Check out profiles and respond to messages and initiate contact
Whiplr  logo

It is the perfect site for some BDSM action. It facilitates the nastiest, most mind-blowing kink dating you can think of. Members are registered globally, with a majority in the United States.
  • Member Structure: 1,200,000 registered globally
  • User Base: Trans, queer, fetsters, kinksters, and everything in between
  • More females than males
Pricing Plans:
  • Lifetime - $9.99
  • Standard Package - $19.99
  • Popular Package - $49.99
  • Worthwhile Package - $99.99
Free Features:
  • Access Whipstrs, and other groups, shots, etc
  • Messaging options are for free
  • Use filters to find kinksters even on a free membership
FetLife logo

A sight for sore eyes, the user base and visuals will leave you yearning to join, or at least visit this kind of hookup site. The membership base on this site spans across the globe, with 100 percent fetishists on board.
  • Member Structure: 4,500,000 in the USA alone
  • User Base: All fetish-oriented members of the community, young and old
  • Age Range: 25-34 years of age
  • Males make up 75% of the membership base
Pricing Plans:
  • 6 Months - $5.00 per month; Total = $30.00
  • 12 Months - $5.00 per month; Total = $60.00
  • 24 Months - $120 per month; Total = $120.00
Free Features:
  • Join groups
  • View photos and videos

About has one underlying initiative, and it is to create enough of a pool of information to help newbies join the right kink dating sites. It achieves this by compiling positive and negative feedback from credible sources and producing results for what are known as reviews. reviews are not biased in any shape or manner. They are not oriented toward a particular race for any favors, not any political, religious, or sexual orientation. These reviews are not meant to deter new and potential members from joining a site. Contrastingly, they are to help these members make the right decision to join or not, based on value for money, time, and self-respect.

What's the Difference between Kink Dating Sites and Others?

There are a few things that separate a kink dating site from normal sites:
  • There is no limit to the intimacy or naughtiness you find in kink dating. It is the final frontier as far as online matchmaking and fantasies are concerned.
  • The kink dating sites have more vibrant and liberated members. It is a huge plus for anyone still timid or finding it hard to break the ice online.
  • Security measures and verification may be a tad more comprehensive. It is for the sake of all members due to the nature of the activities undertaken.

What's the Verification Process on a Kink Dating Site?

First and foremost, you need to fill out all relevant bio details from the onset. This information includes age, gender, a few physical traits, including tattoos. Once that's done, you've only just begun. It is because every legitimate dating site, kink dating or otherwise, has to verify your identity via email.
There are a few sites that purport to ease the registration process and allow members to register via Facebook. It is not helpful for any user, newly registered or not. Therefore, the verification process on a kink dating site remains relatively the same.
There are exceptions to the rule, and it seems some sites take security lightly, even when the context is deadly. One particular fetish kink dating site allows members to register via their mobile number. Although you will still be required to input the basic biodata, the verification process per se happens entirely on mobile.
There are a few instances where verification may divert from the normal email routine to phone routines. The more extreme the website is in terms of kinkiness, the more likely it is that verification will be duly carried out. However, that doesn't seem to be the case with the extremely fetish-full website that verifies via mobile phone.

Are Members on Kink Dating Sites Real?

Like all legit dating sites, kink dating sites have to vet profiles for all users' safety. Once profile information is uploaded, admins have to step up to the plate and check for fake pictures. If a member posts avatars, cartoon characters, or indeed copies and pastes from other sites, their account may be suspended.
When accounts are up and running, it is up to the members online to practice due vigilance. Any suspicious behavior should be reported to admins for the safety of everyone. No kink dating site can verify to 100 percent assurance that every member is real. Those who manage to slip through the cracks can be red-flagged by you, the kink dating site user.
A few tips to knowing if members are real or not:
  • Pay attention to inconsistencies in behavior and communication. Erratic changes and sudden mood swings may not be what they seem, and it could be a scammer getting agitated.
  • Follow your gut feeling, and if it smells like fish, report it to the admins via email. It is better to lose one potential long-term kink partner than to risk other members' lives through inaction.
  • Most kink dating site members still have limits to what they can do in a controlled environment. Anything else is a BOT setting you up for financial siphoning or serious heartbreak.

Online Dating Tips – Kink Dating and More

  • Find out what users want and only promise what you can deliver. If it is a femdom and you are down for it, then go for it. Do not, by any means, pull someone along for the thrill of it. These scenarios always end in tears.
  • Be open-minded. It is the only place to be as honest, expressive, and liberated as possible. Online dating presents the only avenues to open up, so hit the ground running.
  • Always be cautious about what type of information you share with others. You will be surprised how quickly things can change with a little bit of your financial or residential information.
With that said, happy hunting! Try one of these kink dating sites today!