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Benefits of Having Sex More Often

Topics regarding the importance of sex and its direct relation to the health of a relationship are one that has been up for discussion for a long time. Every person has varying opinions of sex and its role in relationships and dating. Most individuals relate a healthy relationship with the level of sexual activeness between the parties involved, which isn’t always the case.
A healthy relationship doesn’t require sexual intimacy. There’s more substance to a relationship than just sex. But one simply can’t deny that it does play a crucial role. Psychologists have proven on several occasions that being more sexually active has several benefits.
However, intimacy isn’t limited to being in a relationship. Hookup culture has also opened ways to explore sex in a more casual manner; some of the best dating sites argue that physical intimacy is now more prevalent between strangers than it is between couples.
So, what are the benefits of having sex more often? Does it merely elevate your emotional health, or does it improve physical well-being as well? Let’s have a look.
A goodnight’s sleep

1.A goodnight’s sleep

If you’re suffering from insomnia, then you’ll be glad to hear that sex has proven beneficial in helping individuals sleep better. This is credited to the fact that is having sex releases the hormone prolactin.
Stress reliever

2.Stress reliever

Work and life, in general, can become hectic. Having sex at least once a week can reduce stress levels significantly. This is credited to the fact that having sex suppresses two essential stress-inducing hormones named epinephrine (adrenalin) and cortisol, leading to a lesser increase in heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate.
Elevates mood

3.Elevates mood

Like exercising, physical intimacy also releases serotonin and oxytocin. Of the two hormones mentioned, serotonin has a significant role to play as a mood stabilizer; it serves to induce the feeling of well-being and happiness. Oxytocin, on the other hand, is released when pleasure centers within the brain are activated. Did you know oxytocin is also known as the “cuddle hormone”?
Promotes weight loss

4.Promotes weight loss

Sexual intercourse is like exercising. You burn approximately 200 calories on average when you have sex for 30 minutes! Moreover, sex stimulates the brain in ways that reduce hunger.
Increased pain tolerance

5.Increased pain tolerance

Frequent intercourse (as frequent as at least once per week) releases the hormone endorphin. Endorphin is a natural pain killer produced within our body and is found in increased levels with frequent sexual intercourse. Screw pain killers, begin dating, and have sex!
Increase confidence

6.Increase confidence

Many people associate their self-worth with how frequently dating leads to ‘getting laid’ or how often their partner desires to engage in sexual activity. Increased frequency of intimacy between couples can improve your partners’ confidence.
Why Sex Is So Crucial in Relationships

Why Sex Is So Crucial in Relationships

Now to the most heated part of the discussion, is sex necessary in a relationship or dating? If yes, how essential is it? If no, why do people consider it such a crucial element? In simple words, sex isn’t necessary when dating, but it can affect a relationship.
Not every person on earth has the same level of sex-drive (also known as libido). It’s infrequent for two people who’re in a relationship or dating to have the same level of sex-drive. This often leads to cheating and unfaithfulness in a relationship. This is why it’s well-known and well agreed upon that sexual compatibility is important. Too much or too little sex can affect a person’s self-perception.
Moreover, some women suffer from endometriosis, which can cause extreme pain when having sex. When dating, if a partner really values and loves their significant other, in such cases, the desire to have sex can fall behind caring about your partner.
Secondly, some religions and cultures promote abstinence before marriage; does this affect the relationship’s outcome in the dating stage?
Several studies have shown it’s not the intercourse that’s crucial to the relationship but rather the affection, intimacy, and bond it brings with it. The same studies have shown that frequent intercourse when dating leads to better well-being, increased immunity, and a higher self-confidence level.
However, sex isn’t the only form of showing intimacy and affection when dating. There are several other ways to let the person you’re dating know you love them. You can cuddle, hold hands, kiss, massage, or even hug (as mentioned earlier, it releases the cuddle hormone!).