It's incredible, but it turns out there are 100+ best dating sites out there. We divided the sites into various categories, divided them according to the interests and desires of each and selected the best dating sites that are not ashamed to show. Read us and you will find out who is the leader and who is just a cool dating site.
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Hookup Sites for Lesbians in 2022

Chances are, you’ve probably joined one of the many gay dating sites before, but have you ever joined a service specifically for lesbian singles? If not, you’re in for a treat! Below we’ve listed some of the best lesbian dating sites that can help you easily find a partner. Whether you’re looking for lesbian hookups or long-term relationships, you’ll definitely find the perfect site for you on the list below. in 2022, online dating is becoming increasingly popular, which makes finding love (or lust) an easy task. All you need to do is jump online & join one of these lesbian dating services!

What Are Lesbian Hookup Sites?

As you most likely already know, hookup sites are sites where singles can go to find one-time sexual partners; lesbian hookup sites work the same way, but they’re specific to lesbian singles only. While most lesbian hookup sites offer the same features, they usually vary in terms of the user base, ease of use, and membership costs. Some sites almost require a membership if you want to find a spicy hookup, whereas others provide a decent free experience. logo

Starting off our list of lesbian dating sites is, a popular lesbian dating service. This site has thousands of members from around the world, making it an easy way to meet other lesbian singles no matter where you live. Generally speaking, the members on this site are somewhat younger (ages 25-44), but you’ll still be able to find members outside of this age range by using the search filters. This lesbian dating service can be used for hookups as well as dating, making it a great multi-purpose option. The overall layout of the site is fairly standard, which can be a good or a bad thing (depending on how you look at it). On one hand, the site looks nearly identical to many other dating services on the market. On the other hand, since the layout is very familiar, basically, anyone who’s ever used a dating service before will be able to figure out how to use LesbieDates. Currently, the service is only available via a browser; you won’t be able to download a specific mobile app for your iOS or Android devices. Premium membership is very affordable, costing as little as $0.54 per day. We recommend LesbieDates for lesbian singles who are looking for a quick hookup but are also open to the option of pursuing a real relationship! logo

Close in name as well as functionality to LesbieDates is, another popular lesbian dating service that offers its services around the world. The site hasn’t released the exact number of members it has, but it’s currently in the thousands. LesbieMates bills itself as more of dating service than a hookup service. However, the members themselves will tell you a different story! Overall, the site is much better suited for finding quick hookups (or, at most, casual dating) than pursuing a serious romance. As mentioned above, the name is very similar to LesbieDates; the design is identical as well. This is fairly common among lesbian dating sites, but the layout still works fine, and the site offers plenty of features to keep you busy interacting with the local lesbian community. In terms of premium membership, LesbieMates has a variety of plans ranging from the $.99 daily plan to the extended three-month plan. You get a better price with the longer plans, which can cost as little as $3.78 per week! Benefits of membership include unlimited messaging, the ability to send pictures/videos in chat, and extra search filters (among others). Sadly, there isn’t a mobile app available for this site either, so you’ll need to use a browser if you want to flirt with local lesbian singles while on the go.
Fling logo


Next on our list is This site isn’t actually specifically for finding lesbian hookups, but since it has a large lesbian community, we figured it was worth including anyway. As the name would suggest, Fling is not for serious relationships; it’s all about finding a quick fling! The site itself is fairly popular, currently holding a user base of over three million singles for the United States alone! You’ll definitely be able to find a lesbian partner on here if you’re younger, but the ideal age for Fling is between 30 and 35. This site is definitely different from the services listed above, but that comes at a price: most features require a paid membership! Unfortunately, free users are pretty limited, with registration, “Who’s Cute,” and uploading photos being about the only features they get. Paid members, however, can enjoy “Safe Mode,” unlimited contact privileges, video chat (which is a perfect way to get to know a potential lesbian hookup partner!), and even cam chat with models! Pricing varies widely, with the monthly plan costing a whopping $34.95 per month. However, the yearly plan offers a much better value for your money, averaging out to only $6.67 per month. Fling is currently only available via a web browser, so you don’t get the option of downloading a dedicated app.
GirlfriendsMeet logo

Another lesbian exclusive online community is GirlfriendsMeet. Since the site is one of the few free lesbian hookup sites, it has attracted a large user base which means you won’t have any trouble finding a lesbian partner no matter when you live! The free membership offered by the lesbian dating website is quite unique since most similar services charge a fee to use their platforms. However, it does result in ads & an increased fake account presence, but fortunately, this is fairly well contained by the moderators. You shouldn’t have much of an issue with fake lesbian accounts and can report one if you encounter a fake anyway. GirlfriendsMeet does have a coin system: this original system requires you to earn coins, though, not buy them! Coins can be used to boost your account in the rankings or purchase digital gifts and are earned by simply staying active on the website. Sadly (and most likely due to their non-existent membership plans), GirlfriendsMeet doesn’t offer a mobile app at this time.
PinkCupid logo

Last on our list is PinkCupid, a fairly popular lesbian dating website that also has a mobile version available. Claiming over one million members worldwide, you’ll have 315,000 over users to chat with if you live in the United States. Interestingly, PinkCupid doesn’t limit membership solely to women despite being a lesbian dating site. This is arguably the biggest downfall of the service since people looking for a lesbian exclusive service won’t be able to use PinkCupid. Despite that, the majority of users on here are women looking for women, so you should still be able to find a match quite easily. PinkCupid is fairly multi-purpose, so you can find everything from quick hookups to personal relationships using this service. Premium membership prices vary widely from $8.33-$24.98/month, depending on which plan you choose. Benefits include unlimited messaging and an ad-free dating experience.

What Are The Main Advantages Of Lesbian Hookup Sites?

Obviously, the main advantage of using a lesbian hookup site is that the only members are lesbians! This works great because (unlike traditional services) you won’t have to sort through all the users to figure out who’s straight and who preferes the company of ladies. Since there’s no sorting required, you’ll be able to message with more LGBT singles quicker, which means you can enjoy more hookups on a regular basis. Since the site is specifically for hookups, you won’t have to worry about any miscommunications or hurt feelings after meeting. Another bonus? They’re an easy way to connect with your local queer community!


How Do I Find A Lesbian Partner On Hookup Sites?

Although you can find a partner on more traditional hookup services, the easiest way to find a lesbian partner is by using one of the dedicated sites above!

Are Lesbian Hookup Sites Legit And Safe?

Like most things on the internet, not all hookup sites are created equal. While the services above are both legitimate and safe to use, you’ll want to use caution if trying out a site not included on the list above.

Where Can I Find Local Lesbians?

The easiest way to find local lesbian singles is by using one of the hookup services above. Site popularity will vary by region, so you may need to try a few different services to get the most profile results.