It's incredible, but it turns out there are 100+ best dating sites out there. We divided the sites into various categories, divided them according to the interests and desires of each and selected the best dating sites that are not ashamed to show. Read us and you will find out who is the leader and who is just a cool dating site.
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Dating Sites for Gay Men in 2022

As the years go on, online dating is becoming increasingly popular. While straight singles have plenty of options to try, LGBT singles generally benefit from using dedicated gay or lesbian hookup sites (or dating services) if they’re trying to quickly meet other LBGT singles. Online dating is an easy way to meet a potential partner, but it can also be a quick way to find a hookup for the night. Why should straight people have all the fun? Using one of the services listed below, you’re sure to find the perfect guy for you online with ease!

Are Dating Websites Dangerous?

Online dating is generally safe, but it can be unsafe or dangerous sometimes, especially for gay men. Unfortunately, although society as a whole has become much more accepting of gay, lesbian, and bi people, there are still many people who don’t approve of the lifestyle and will act aggressively. These people don’t frequent gay dating services, but they are present on many mainstream dating services, which is why we highly recommend gay men use dedicated gay dating services instead of for all of their online dating needs! Remember: when it comes to online dating, safety is key, so use your best judgment and don’t be afraid to use the “Block” button! logo

Starting off our list of great gay dating sites is GaysTryst. This dating service provides a superior online dating experience to both gay and bi men who are looking for any type of relationship, from simple hookups & casual dating to serious romance! The service is fairly popular, currently claiming a user base of over 350,000 from the United States alone. Unlike some gay dating services, this site only allows men to join, so you’ll never have to filter through female members when searching for the perfect match. In terms of originality, there isn’t much to talk about. However, the site does include all of the features you’d expect to find on a dating site, such as multiple ways to contact other members, a matchmaking feature, and the ability to send “Winks.” Free members won’t be able to enjoy all of the options but still have access to the search “Wink” and “Favorites” features. Premium members can enjoy an unlimited chat, full-sized pictures, “Safe Mode,” and extended search options. Photos/videos can even be sent in a message, which gives any conversation loads of potential. Membership prices are decent, with the three-month plan providing the best price per month ($16.20/month, $48.60/total). Unfortunately, there isn’t currently a mobile app available, but you can use GaysTryst on any device with a web browser. logo

Another great site is GaysGoDating. Although not quite as large as GaysTryst, GaysGoDating still maintains a respectable user base, with over 250,000 gay men from the US on the service. Members can self-identify using the “Tribe” feature, which allows you to categorize yourself as a “Twink,”” Geek, “and “Jock,” among others. Just like the previous service, only men are allowed to join this site, which saves you the trouble of searching through female members to find a perfect match. One downside of GaysGoDating is that the messaging feature requires a membership; free users can still use the search feature and add members to their “Favorites” list, though. In terms of price, GaysGoDating is average, with plans varying from $13.80 to $24.90 per month. There is also a weekly plan available for only $6.02. As is common among many gay dating sites, a dedicated mobile app is lacking from GaysGoDating, but you can still access the site from any browser (desktop or mobile).
Adam4Adam logo


Gay dating is usually a process that requires you to invest a bit of money for a top-tier experience, but that’s not the case on Adam4Adam (it’s actually one of the few free gay dating sites!). This majority of this site is completely free, although you will have to deal with targeted ads that are displayed through the site. On the other hand, if ads really take away from your fun, you can choose to purchase a VIP experience. Prices vary, starting at $6.67for the VIP plan up to $20 for the Premium plan. Beyond removing ads, VIP gives you a few other benefits as well, such as an unlimited friends list, an unlimited amount of blocks, and the ability to save more messages/conversations in your inbox. This dating service has proven to be quite popular, with over 6.3 million users from the US alone! It’s a great place to find a non-white partner, as white members account for a little bit less than half of this site’s user base. As usual, you can use this dating service from any browser, but you can also enjoy gay dating via a dedicated mobile app as well (available for both iOS and Android).
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If you’re looking for a gay dating site that’s been around since the beginning, GayFriendFinder could be just the site you’ve been looking for! Interestingly enough, despite being a gay dating site, GayFriendFinder is open to singles (or couples) or both genders, so that’s something you will want to consider when joining this site. The user base also isn’t as large as many other gay dating sites, with only about 60,000 members currently being present in the United States. Interestingly, although you can join and use the site for free, most features aren’t available to free members, which means you’ll definitely want to purchase a membership if you’re serious about finding a partner on GayFriendFinder. Membership prices vary widely, but you can pick up a Silver membership for only $8.33/month. Despite being one of the oldest gay dating sites around, GayFriendFinder still hasn’t made a dedicated mobile dating app.
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The lack of a mobile app is a common theme with the gay dating services above, but the same can’t be said for Hornet! This service provides a great experience when you’re using the mobile app (available on both iOS and Android devices), although you can still access it from a standard desktop browser. Hornet is unique because not only is it a gay dating app, but it also doubles as a gay social network! This means you can message one of its 3.25+ million members for anything from a casual conversation to a serious romantic pursuit, making it ideal for gay men who aren’t quite sure what they’re looking for. Unlike many other services, personal messaging is a free feature, although you can enjoy a few different benefits if you upgrade to a premium plan (which will set you back a minimum of $4.67/month). Benefits include an ad-free experience, the ability to upload an unlimited amount of profile photos, and access to advanced search functions. Overall, we’d highly recommend Hornet for anyone reading this article. If not for dating, you can always use this service to meet new friends online!

Why Do People Use Gay Dating Sites?

As you could probably deduce from the name, gay dating sites are generally used by gay singles to find potential partners online. Unlike mainstream services, these gay dating services generally only allow gay singles on their sites, which saves users the trouble of scrolling through straight men in search of other gay men. Beyond providing far more potential partner options, these sites also have a much friendlier atmosphere than you’ll find on most mainstream services. This allows users to fully express themselves without fear of judgment, which fosters a friendly and supportive online community.


How Can I Find A Gay Partner Online?

You can find a gay dating partner on most dating sites. However, the easiest way is by using one of the dedicated online gay dating sites listed above!

Are Gay Dating Sites Safe to Use?

Most gay dating sites are safe to use. However, if you want to be 100% sure, then we recommend sticking to the services included in our list of safe sites.

Where Can I Find Local Gay Men?

The quickest way to meet local gay men is by using gay male dating sites. We recommend trying multiple services for the best results.