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FetLife Review

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FetLife is a social network site as well as a dating site for people who are into BDSM and kinks. As would be expected, many people are on the platform for casual and adventurous interactions, not serious relationships. Members are free to use many of the features on the platform, making it one of the best kink dating sites.
This extensive review of FetLife dating sites seeks to inform readers what they should expect from this kinky site full of curious and adventurous singles. Get informed about the registration process, creating a profile, matchmaking, pros and cons, making contact, and pricing for the premium plans.

Pros and Cons

Large user base
Welcoming and fun environment
Active kinky community
Many free features
It is both a dating site and a social network
Mobile app
Lots of fetishes and kinks
Free membership
Affordable premium plans
Easy signup
The website is updated regularly
Free messaging
The site has an oldskool look
Many members don't show their faces
The app cannot be downloaded through App Store or Google Play Store
Impossible to search posts by keywords
Unequal gender distribution

About FetLife

FetLife was founded in 2008 as an adult dating site and a community of kinksters.
The dating site has managed to gain a large user base of members worldwide. The website focuses on fetishism, BDSM, and kink.
The way this platform functions and the features available are similar to those of Facebook. For example, you can add friends, post on other users' walls, and follow members. In addition, most features are free. You only have to pay if you want a specific badge on your profile, go back 25 times in your friend's feed, and check out the day's most loved videos and pictures.

Membership Base

FetLife has over 4.5 million users from the United States. The dating site has millions of users from other countries, but the US makes up more than 50 percent of the total user base. The platform is made up of an extended user base of like-minded people who are into various fetishes and kinks.
Men make up 75 percent of the total user base, with only 25 percent being female. It presents a challenge for the men who are competing for the ladies on the dating site. However, this 25 percent means that there are around 2 million women at FetLife, which is a significant population of users on a dating site by any standards. A majority of members are millennials who are between 24 and 35 years.

FetLife App

Members can access FetLife on their phones through the mobile app. However, the app is not available on App Store and Google Play Store. You’ll have to download the app in .APK format from Furthermore, this app is only compatible with Android devices. iOS users may have to download the .APK version using their Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox browsers.
You can also access FetLife through a mobile site. The mobile version has all the features and functions of the desktop dating site. You’ll also find and enjoy all these features on the mobile app. About 70 percent of users prefer to access FetLife through their mobile phones.

Costs and Prices

It is a free dating site. However, you can buy credits to access specific services.
Duration/Credit/Coins Cost
6 Months 30.00 USD
12 Months 60.00 USD
24 Months 120.00 USD

FetLife Special Features

A Special feature on this dating site is ‘Fetishes.’ This feature allows members of FetLife to explore the fetishes they’re interested in. You can choose among the various choices of fetishes available, which are around 60 in total. There is also a discussion group on the platform.


Data on the dating site is secured through SSL encryption. In addition, members are required to sign up through phone numbers that are verified, therefore minimizing the number of fake accounts on the platform. As a user, you can block offensive members.
Our Experience on FetLife
It is an easy dating site to work with because it functions like a social network platform. It has some fun features that make it an interesting platform to interact with other adventurous singles out there. It is easy to connect with some like-minded singles on the platform.
Sign-up Process
FetLife Sign-up Process
Signing up with FetLife is easy, fast, and free. You’ll be required to provide basic information like your birthdate, role, email address, gender, sexual orientation, location, and nickname. You’ll also be required to provide your mobile phone number, where FetLife will send a verification link to verify your profile.
Although you cannot register through any social media site like Facebook, you can post the link to your various social media accounts so that your friends can access your profile. You can share the link on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Profile Creation
FetLife Profile Creation
Members are allowed to share as much information as they want on their profiles. There is a profile section where you can write a bit about yourself. The short narrative may include what type of fetishes or kinks you’re into. You can also upload photos and videos on your profile.
Your various activities at FetLife will be displayed on your profile. If you prefer anonymity, you can make your profile to be private. But if you want to have as many followers as possible on the dating site, you’ll have to let your profile be open. Like on social media sites, other members can post on your wall, and you can also post on theirs.
Searching and Matching
Use the search bar to look for specific members of FetLife you’d like to connect with. Alternatively, you can engage random members that you come across in the group or on the explore tab. Viewing profiles and photos is free, and you can therefore check out as many members as you like.
Members who prefer to connect with singles near them for convenient dating should click on Perv Kinkster Nearby. It is available on the conversation page. Ensure that your location is accurate so that you get appropriate results.
Contacting with Other Members
Not all members are responsive on the dating site. You’ll have to read a member’s profile first before messaging them so that you minimize contact with people who are into different things from your interests. Because messaging at FetLife is free, some users are paranoid that they may get many unwarranted messages from people they’re not interested in dating.
Experts Conclusion
It is the best dating site for adventurous singles looking for people who are into similar fetishes. And because most of the features are free, you’ll have a good time exploring what the platform has to offer as you interact with fellow kinksters at FetLife. The large user base increases your chances of finding people who are into similar kinks.


Is this a safe dating site?

Yes, FetLife is a safe and secure platform.

What fantasies are not allowed at FetLife?

The dating site does not allow pedophilic fantasies, zoophilia, incest, scat, animal cruelty, and necrophilia.

What video formats can be uploaded on the website?

The dating site is compatible with all video formats.