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EbonyFlirt Review

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The diversity that comes with the black community is harnessed on EbonyFlirt, and it allows you to access thousands of sexy and single black potential partners. The best part about EbonyFlirt is that it has dozens of filters to allow you to meet your preferred partner. The good thing is if you are trying to find love and settle for the long term, there are thousands of people looking for that on the dating site, and if you want to flirt around and have some fun, you can do that in Ebony Flirt.

Pros and Cons

Customer support
Sleek Profiles
Diverse membership structure
Live Chat Rooms
Amazing matching Algorithm
App not available on IOS
Not very secure
Lackluster user interface

About Ebonyflirt

One thing you need to know about EbonyFlirt is that it does exactly as the name suggests. The platform is an interactive online platform that allows single black men and women to find love or a one-night stand if they are not ready for commitment. Most dating platforms are just dating platforms, but EbonyFlirt is more of a community, thanks to group features like the group chat. It is not the icing to this cake, though; there is more.

Membership Base

The EbonyFlirt “community” as the members of the dating service are often referred to might be a bit more diverse than the name suggests. The membership structure is not entirely black. There are other ethnicities on the platform, although they make up quite a small fraction of the membership structure. The dating site has mostly men, which is quite not the ideal structure you would want on a dating platform. Women only make up 37 percent of the EbonyFlirt members, but the numbers have been improving lately. There are people from different countries on the platform, but most of the members on the platform are from the US and Canada.

EbonyFlirt App

The EbonyFlirt app is still in beta testing, but it seems to be quite promising. Most of the reviews from people that have used the app are positive. However, the downside is that people using IOS might have to wait a while longer before getting access to the app. The app's beta version was only released on Android. Still, the company has promised to expand and make the app available on as many platforms as possible. The app is sleek with a simple user interface that is in desktop mode. It is quite simple and easy to use.

Costs and Prices

EbonyFlirt is quite an exclusive dating service with very few competitors providing a similar dating service. Most people would think that company is charging a fortune for access to the dating service. They are doing just that. To access the premium dating service from EbonyFlirt, you have to part with $28.80 a month if you are paying every month. It is quite high compared to other competitors in the dating market. However, you will get a significant discount if you take out the 6-month package, with the package asking for $79.20.

Special Features

Most dating services have been accused of lacking innovation. We can’t accuse EbonyFlirt of the same problem. The company has some of the most innovative features at the moment. Ebony Flirt has group chat features strongly enforced, the community vibe that the dating service is known to provide. There is also the account promotion feature. That allows you to access more visibility for your account and, in the end, more potential partners.


Online dating is not as safe as it used to be, and there is a need for dating service providers to go out of their way in providing the much-needed security. Ebony Flirt puts a lot of work into ensuring that the dating service has a robust security system that protects user data. There has never been a data leakage at EbonyFlirt, which shows just how serious they are about security. However, more could be done, like adding the two-step verification feature to ensure that user accounts are not hacked.
Our Experience with EbonyFlirt
We took some time and gave EbonyFlirt a try. We have to say the experience was a bit more exciting than we had anticipated. We managed to go through the sign-up, profile creation, matching, and get a date out of the experience. The experience was thrilling, to say the least, but here is a detailed review of our experience.
Sign Up Process
EbonyFlirt Sign-up Process
The sign-up process has to be one of the easiest that we have seen on dating websites. Once you have opened the app or the dating site simultaneously, select your purpose, for example, “a woman is looking for a man”, and it will lead you to a sign-up form. The only personal information you have to provide when signing up is your age, location, email address, and preferred password (try to make the password for people accessing your account). Once you are down, click the verification link that the company will email you, and you are good to go.
Profile Creation
EbonyFlirt Profile Creation
One thing that stands between you and finding a partner on EbonyFlirt is a great profile. It means that it is essential to have a well-defined profile on the dating site. The secret to making a great profile is to be as honest as possible. There is a need to add more information about yourself: your hobbies and general information that makes you stand out. A picture is also essential, a sexy picture, to be exact. Most people are attracted by what they see, and your profile picture is the first thing they will see.
Searching and Matching
There are several filters that you can apply when searching for a partner. Some of the filters available on the dating site include the age and the location filter. These filters allow you to streamline your matches to the exact perfect candidate. The matching algorithm that the dating dating site uses is not terrible. It's pretty good. You need to work on your profile, though, if you want it to work well for you. A completed profile will give some pretty perfect matches, and it is quite impressive.
Contacting with Other Members
It has to be one of the areas that EbonyFlirt has the edge over other competitors. EbonyFlirt has several communication tools to make your dating experience a roller coaster ride. The flirtcast tool allows you to send a message to many users with just a single click. You can use the chat feature, which allows not just sending texts but pictures too. Another interactive method you can use to contact other users is the “Like Gallery”. The feature allows you to vote on whether a user is cute or not based on their profile picture. It means even if you are shy, there is bound to be a communication method that works for you.
Experts Conclusion
There are very few dating sites that are as specific as EbonyFlirt. The experience was quite thrilling with the simple user interface. You can easily access all the features and use them without struggling. The only downside was that there are fewer females, which makes the pool smaller if you are looking for women. Overall, the dating site is top tier. The pricing, though, might need to be reviewed for $28.80 a month. We have to admit that the price might be a bit of a rip-off. If you are willing to splurge, though, we recommend that you give the dating site a try because it provides exactly what it says on the box.


Is EbonyFlirt popular in the USA?

EbonyFlirt ranks highly in terms of dating site popularity in the USA.

Are the profiles real on EbonyFlirt?

Most of the profiles on EbonyFlirt are real, although some accounts on the dating site are ghost accounts.

Is EbonyFlirt safe to use?

Some improvements can be made to ensure maximum safety, but the platform is still quite safe to use.