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Blacksingles is a site that focuses on securing long-term love and dating for African Americans. It is one of the best black dating sites because it is open to all ethnic groups and is a good site to form interracial partnerships. It’s a dating site at heart, with plenty of LGBTQ members. Its drive is to form meaningful and long-lasting relationships.

Pros and Cons

Open to all ethnicities
Minimum bots
No timewasters
Has formed several marriages
LGBTQ inclusive
Wide range of search options
Linked to Elite Singles
Dated site
Long-winding setup process
Must complete profile all at once, no option to return to it later
Not guaranteed to find different ethnicities
No app available

About Blacksingles

Blacksingles started in 2002 as a site aimed exclusively at black singles. Since then, it has grown to encapsulate a lot more dating potential and has become popular with other races seeking relationships with black singles. Free accounts can set up profiles, browse through users, and answer personal questions about yourself and your ideal match.

Membership Base

The membership on the Blacksingles base does consist widely of African American members. Many of the testimonials you read are by black couples who successfully got together, started dating, and stayed together, thanks to Blacksingles. When searching through profiles, you come across several users of different ethnicities, particularly Caucasian. A lot of the white members go on the site to look exclusively for black dating. There is no use going on this site as a Caucasian person expecting to find a Caucasian match!
Members all seem pretty serious about finding long-term partners on Blacksingles dating, although some with bios and pictures suggest they are looking for something more short-term.

Blacksingles App

Unfortunately, given that Blacksingles is an older dating website, no app is available for it currently- not on the App Store or the Play Store. It’s not a particularly fast-paced website, so there’s no need really to be using it when you’re on the move. Plus, it gives you something to look forward to when you do get round to visiting the site on your computer! Perhaps Blacksingles will make the jump to mobile dating one day, but this has not yet happened.

Costs and Prices

There are several different price plans on Blacksingles dating. Like most dating sites, the longer you stay with them, the better your rate becomes!
Duration Cost
1 month $9.99
3 months $20.97
6 months $29.94

Blacksingles Special Features

The site particularly thrives on its dating message board service. The message boards have given the site a community feel, where members can meet each other and chat as a group. There are also private messaging functions and the ability to ‘wink’ at profiles you’re particularly attracted to.


The site has some level of bot problem, but this can normally be curbed once a moderator has been informed and alerted to the issue. Other than that, data protection is guaranteed. Plus, you don’t need to fill your profile out with a lot of info if you want to extra cautious over your safety and security.
Our Experience on BlackSingles
The old-school messaging board stuck out about this page. It makes it stand out next to its competing dating profiles and creates a different user experience. Users will feel more comfortable on this site getting to know people gradually, without the pressure to message them privately as soon as you are interested in them.
Sign-up Process
Blacksingles Sign-up Process
Pretty long relative to other sign-up processes, Blacksingles takes you to EliteSingles to fill out a profile whenever you hit the ‘start browsing button.’ Here, you complete a long personality test that goes through personal details, height preferences, marital status, and picture association games. A drawback of this segment is that there is no option to skip or cut down the size of the personality test. If you are short on time, or if you want to get straight to matchmaking and dating, maybe black singles isn’t the site for you.
However, if you have already used an EliteSingles dating site before, you can skip over this process and login with that account instead.
Profile Creation
Blacksingles Profile Creation
As we’ve said, set aside plenty of time to complete your dating profile, as it will take between 10 and 20 minutes to fill out the whole thing. The profile generated will be based upon everything you fill out, and Blacksingles’ dating algorithm will expertly pick the profiles you get matched with.
You can also fill out a biography to give your profile that extra, must-needed personal touch. You can fill this box out with whatever you want, especially if you have something, in particular, to express to your potential partners.
Uploading photos is another component to the profile creation but easy enough to carry out.
Searching and Matching
A lot of the searching on the site gets taken over by the algorithm and bases it upon what you selected when setting up your profile. This will suggest you matches that will appear on your home screen as you log in.
Alternatively, you could fill out the matched filter, which will show you more profiles that may not appear on your home screen. You could also fill out things opposite your preferences to open up a wider pool of potential matches. Filters include age, distance, and character traits. For the latter, you can select a few at a time.
Contacting with Other Members
Many members of Blacksingles dating stick to the messaging boards for meeting new people, and from there, they can switch to private messaging. It’s straightforward to talk to matches privately, without any preliminary approval required. It’s one of the more easy-going dating sites out there, with little done to modernize. There are no gimmicky ‘swipes’ or suchlike. Blacksingles lets you know who is online and when, so you know the right time to message someone and when would be best to avoid them!
Experts Conclusion
If you’re looking for a dating site that has truly stuck to its routes, definitely set up a free account today on Blacksingles. Dating has never been easier and more organic than getting to know somebody on one of Blacksingles many different messaging boards. If you’re looking for something a little more authentic, a little more life-like, then definitely set up a Blacksingles premium account. It’s got one of the best rates for long-term users, reaching unbeatably low levels after 6 months. It’s the kind of site you’d want to spend a bit of time on, too, as it offers a lot in the form of socializing.


Will you find a lot of U.S.A.-based members on Blacksingles Dating?

Yes, the users of Blacksingles dating are mostly made up of single Americans.

Are There Real Profiles on Blacksingles Dating?

You may encounter a few bots on Blacksingles. However, most of the site is populated by genuine accounts.

Would You Consider Blacksingles to Be a Safe Dating Website?

Yes, Blacksingles is safe! It protects your data, and fake accounts are taken care of instantly.