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Blackpeoplemeet Review

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Blackpeoplemeet is more than just a black dating site. It has grown into a dating site for all races. The main drive of Blackpeoplemeet is to secure long-term dating for black singles, but it is also a great place to go for Caucasians looking for one-night stands with black members or vice versa. For people not interested in dating, it’s also great for forming friendships.

Pros and Cons

900,000 U.S.A. based members
The main dating site for African Americans
Open to all races
Majority of members are female
Can connect with Facebook
Modern app available
Modern dating sites generally
No on-site or in-app help from moderators
The majority of the users are U.S.A. based – not a worldwide dating app
A premium account is required to communicate
Majority of usership is over 30
Some fake accounts

About Blackpeoplemeet

Surprisingly, Blackpeoplemeet has been running as far back as 2002! However, unlike some other dating sites that date to the early 00s, Blackpeoplemeet has managed to stay on top and modern.
Free accounts can set up a profile and browse through people they’d like to start dating. Premium accounts can search more accurately and start messaging members.

Membership Base

Most of the membership you’ll come across on Blackpeoplemeet are of African American descent. You’ll come across many Caucasian members, as well as the odd Asian member while browsing casually through dating profiles. Blackpeoplemeet allows you to search accordingly for whatever race you are looking for specifically.
Most non-black accounts will state why they are on the site in their bio and explain exactly what they are looking for.
It’s a recommendable site for single black men looking for black single women, as it is mostly single women who populate the page. The majority of which are seeking long-term relationships.

Blackpeoplemeet App

Blackpeoplemeet dating app is high recommendable for featuring a very attractive interface, almost the same features as found on the browser edition, and high-speed searching.
It is available on both iPhone and Android and can be found in the App Store and the Play Store. The app boasts a high rating of 3.8 on the App Store and 3.2 on the Play Store. 5-star reviews on the Play Store claim that the dating app helped them find multiple black lovers and that great conversations can be had. Negative reviews claimed that some messages disappeared over time, while others didn’t like the fact that any premium account could message you.

Costs and Prices

You can upgrade to a premium dating account on Blackpeoplemeet at any time. You can use your free account for as long as you like, but to message other users, you’ll need a premium account.
Duration Cost
1 month $16.75
3 months $12.99 per month ($38.97 in total)
6 months $10.99 per month ($65.94 in total)

Blackpeoplemeet Special Features

The unique component of Blackpeoplemeet’s features is the ProfilePros feature. This service helps you to pen an interesting and alluring bio to your page. Blackpeoplemeet also has extensive virtual gift offerings, where users can give each other virtual tokens of love and interest, such as virtual chocolates.


Users can easily block accounts that they feel may be bots or otherwise are acting against the site’s policies. Otherwise, the site is well monitored and safe. High security is provided for, with little risk of data being leaked to third-party sources. You also don’t have to disclose too much information if you don’t want to.
Our Experience on Blackpeoplemeet
This dating site excels the most as an application. Not so much due to the special features, perse, but just due to how smoothly it runs. Not even the most modern dating apps have such a clean interface, with as minimum lag as Blackpeoplemeet does. Sign up for a free account just to experience this exceptionally good application.
Secondly, the features do add some amount of merit to this app. The fact that they have a writing assistant is unique and helps to improve your dating potential. If you’re worried about how to come across well on dating sites, Blackpeoplemeet will give you the confidence to talk about yourself confidently.
Sign-up Process
Blackpeoplemeet Sign-up Process
The sign-up process is crystal clear and easily done within a few minutes. It starts with what your sexual orientation is and what your dating preferences are. The front page advertises that you can ‘search now’ after you fill this stage out. However, there are several other questions that you must fill out afterward to generate a free profile. The other questions you need to answer are basic formalities, including the ZIP code and your date of birth. Lastly, Blackpeoplemeet dating will request you to fill out your e-mail, from which point you’ll be transported to your new dating profile.
From this point, Blackpeoplemeet will send you an e-mail verification code. This e-mail may not arrive immediately and can take between 5 and 10 minutes. After verifying your account, you will be granted access to the dating site.
Profile Creation
Blackpeoplemeet Profile Creation
After you’ve filled out the preliminary sign-up section, Blackpeoplemeet allows you to get right to the dating. However, if you’re not so eager, you can spend a bit of time filling out the rest of your profile. This will make it easier for other users to decide whether to message you. You can get creative in the bio section and express your likes and interests, occupation, and, more specifically, the kind of partner you are looking for. You could also upload some photos to give your profile more character. This makes things easy by allowing you to upload them directly from Facebook.
Searching and Matching
There are two ways to browse members on Blackpeoplemeet dating. You could either just settle for the suggested matches that the algorithm throws at you each day. This list will consist of 11 different users who have been matched based on your location or preferences. From here, with a premium account, you can start messaging any of these matches that particularly pique your interest.
These matches tend to be accurate and are well worth checking each day. Alternatively, users are free to browse through the entire list of online profiles if they so wish.
A matchmaking feature called ‘I’m interested’ allows you to swipe and potentially match with users.
Contacting with Other Members
Blackpeoplemeet Contacting with Other Members
One thing that puts people off using the site is the fact that premium accounts can message anyone they like at any given moment. Although there is an extensive amount of matchmaking games that can be played, these are useless besides bringing people together. Users don’t necessarily have to approve other members before they can start conversing.
This may be a huge plus point for those who are sick of the approval-based matchmaking that has taken over many dating sites. It allows users to show their charm purely based on messaging and not to be judged just on their profiles.
Experts Conclusion
To expand, Blackpeoplemeet is a site for those who want to impress other members before they get to the dating part. It is a site for people who want to have a more traditional engagement first before getting to the flirting. This is why there are writing assistants so that they can help you produce a high-quality bio that will, hopefully, secure you a wide variety of dates. Plus, you don’t even need to match with a profile to start messaging them. This makes the site a little more like real-life dating, as there are no barriers in the way to stop you from going up and speaking to people.
Start a premium subscription to this site to experience authentic online dating.


How Popular is Blackpeoplemeet in the U.S.A.?

Blackpeoplemeet is, in fact, only popular in the U.S.A. The vast majority of dating profiles on this site are U.S.-based.

Are all Profiles on Blackpeoplemeet Dating Authentically?

You may find a few bots on Blackpeoplemeet, but they will be dealt with swiftly.

How Safe is Blackpeoplemeet for Online Dating?

Blackpeoplemeet is very safe and secure, with little risk to your data.