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BBWtoDate Review

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If you are looking for sexy big women with an amazing body to kick it with for a long-term commitment, then the site might just be the perfect site for you.

BBWtoDate Pros and Cons

Easy sign-up
Efficient messaging
User-friendly user interface
Lack of diversity
Some scammers on the site
Porous privacy policy
No App available

About BBWtoDate

As the name suggests, BBWtoDate is a goldmine if you are looking to get a relationship going with a plus-sized woman or if you are a plus-size woman looking for love. The site offers a premium service, and for a site that has to be around for quite a while, the growth is quite amazing. The growth spurts can easily be attributed to the availability of free services, which we will be getting a bit deep on later on.

Membership Base

The most important thing about a dating site is the mode that is on the site. BBWtoDate happens to excel in this regard. As the name suggests BBWtoDate is a gold mine for “big” girls who are looking to find a hook-up or relationship and for men interested in BBWs. The site has thousands of women with amazing boobs and even better asses for dating pleasure. We have to admit that the ideal dating site must have a 1 to 1 ratio, but there seems to be a larger number of men looking for love than BBWs looking to offer some affection and provide an amazing dating experience. The good thing, though, is the disparity is quite marginal, and it seems over the past few months there has been an avalanche of BBWs joining the site. As a side note, though, it is important to understand that most people on the site are looking for something a bit serious. Do not be disappointed if your hookup offers are brushed off.

BBWtoDate App

For a dating site that ticks all the boxes, it is disappointing to note that the site does not have a mobile app. The people at BBWtoDate have promised that the dating service will develop an app. The downside, though, is due to some content that is available on the site, the app might not be available on the Playstore, but you can download it from third-party apps stores. Alternatively, you can use the desktop profile on any browser. The dating mobile web version of the BBWtoDate dating service is quite commendable, and you can use it effortlessly on any web device.

Costs and Prices

In terms of costs and prices, BBWtoDate happens to have one of the worst pricing structures available on the online dating scene. Paying more than 3 dollars to access a whole catalog of sexy BBWs is one thing you will have to do to access the best the dating site offers. Thanks to the overpricing that people have become accustomed to on the dating scene, most people won't mind paying that much to get the BBWtoDate dating. If you want to access the premium service from BBWtoDate, you would have to part with just $2.97 a day for the 3-day trial. For the six-month package, you need to part with $95.94. In terms of affordability, BBWtoDate is one of the most expensive dating sites out there. The good thing too is the quality of the service does match the high price tag.

Special Features

Apart from the basic feature of allowing you to meet and access BBWs with a huge chance of dating them, BBWtoDate also has a couple of features you won't find anywhere else. Private videos and photos are one of the features that are a fan favorite. The premium feature allows you to view some pretty intimate pictures of members on the site. The downside, though, is that if you are not a premium member you won't be able to access this feature. The matching algorithm is also another special feature that deserves a mention. It makes finding the perfect partner a whole lot easier. Another feature which is also amazing is the “online feature”. You can see who is online and not waste messages on inactive people.


One thing that has tainted the online dating scene is cybercrime. There seems to be an increase in fraud and some instances of identity theft on dating sites. The team at BBWtoDate understands just how important security is. The company tries to collect as little personal data as possible to avoid data leakages on their part. The company has also created an easy-to-use but robust login system. The last thing you have to worry about is anyone else accessing your account. The login system is great, but improvements could be made. A two-step login system would make the dating service more secure, and that is what we would expect for a service that charges nearly three bucks for the three-day trial.
Our Experience with BBWtoDate
The buzz around the site has been growing over the years. We just could not resist, and we decided to give the site a try. We have to say we were quite wowed by the site. Although there are areas we feel could have been improved, our overall feeling after using the site was, Wow!
Sign Up Process
BBWtoDate Sign-up Process
As soon as you get onto the site, the sign-up button is located on the top part of the interface. The sign-up process is easy and quick. The only questions that you have to answer have to do with your gender, location, and your age. We also had to provide our email address and our preferred password. The process is easy and will take not more than five minutes, and we had to get to the date.
Profile Creation
BBWtoDate Profile Creation
The profile page on BBWtoDate has to be one of the most minimal yet attractive profiles on any dating platform. The information you use to sign up is automatically added to your BBWtoDate profile. You can change it though if you want to. We had to add a picture, and we did choose one of the best pictures. The import process is easy, and the cropping is not that bad. You can also add a bit of information on your bio page. It's not compulsory, but we feel it's necessary. It gives you an edge, and we did fill up our bio page.
Searching and Matching
It is important to create a good profile before moving on to the matching part. This coupled up with the matching algorithm at BBWtoDate uses will get your BBW partner list from zero to a hundred, real quick. There are many filters that you can use to get the perfect match you want. If you are looking for someone close to you, you can see the location filter to only see people in your area. If you are a bit concerned about age, there is an image filter. You can lock your preferred age and location to narrow down your matches. The algorithm also uses some of the information on your profile to match you with some of the best matches.
Contacting with Other Members
Well, we can guarantee that you will find some mouth-watering potential partners on BBWtoDate. The best part is there are some ways to communicate with members that you like. The most popular communication method on BBWtoDate has to be in-site messaging. The chat feature is amazing and is quite easy to access, thanks to the amazing user interface. You can have conversations on live video with your potential partner. With advancements in tech right now, it would only be right for the site to have video and audio capabilities on the sites.
Experts Conclusion
BBWtoDate is ok. The site is not as good as most sites on the internet right now. The site offers a service that has been lacking on the internet, and with dozens of improvements, the dating site can become the epitome of perfection. If you want to access BBWs, this is the site, but it will come at a hefty price. Besides the price and a bit of a lax in terms of security, BBWtoDate is perfect.


Is BBWtoDate popular in the USA?

In terms of popularity, BBWtDate fares quite well, especially with the body positivity movement gaining steam.

Are the profiles real on BBWtoDate?

There are some fake profiles on BBWtoDate, but most of the profiles are real.

Is BBWtoDate safe to use?

It is safe to use BBWtoDate.