It's incredible, but it turns out there are 100+ best dating sites out there. We divided the sites into various categories, divided them according to the interests and desires of each and selected the best dating sites that are not ashamed to show. Read us and you will find out who is the leader and who is just a cool dating site.

Best Anime Dating Sites

Anime has come a long way from simpletons hiding in basements playing games, and watching fantasy flicks. The new age of anime lovers is seeking a go-to spot to quench their thirst for love and companionship. Most importantly, anime lovers seek the best anime dating sites to meet similar-minded people with a keen interest in making friends.
Some even seek such dating sites to find lovers who understand their lifestyles and hobbies and accommodate them into their lives as a long-term partner. The best anime dating sites bring together similar-minded individuals from all over the world and different demographics.

Do Singles Benefit from Anime Dating Sites?

A resounding yes is the answer, and there are a few reasons why:
  • All singles, anime lovers or not, will benefit from these dating sites because they are unique from the chatroom contexts, the visuals, the concepts shared, and of course, the unique minds.
  • An anime lover is at her/his element when they join such a unique dating site. Here is where all their inhibitions come to life, no holds barred. There is no place more beneficial to a single than a niche dating site.
  • An anime dating site may be the only non-discriminatory platform you will encounter. People considered freaks outside, all in one place. Singles would thrive.
HornyAsia logo has nothing to do with debauchery. It brings young (primarily Asian) folks together for intimate chats, messaging, and gaming. Thousands from the LGBTQ community are represented, with a majority being Japanese animation lovers and those who love them.
  • Member Structure: 221,000 in the USA alone (interesting because it is called horny ASIA)
  • Age Range: 18-30
  • More females than males
  • User Base: Younger generation seeking NSA fun, flirting, and chatting
  • 1 Day - $0.99
  • 1 Month - $59.97
  • 3 Months - $64.90
Free Features:
  • Limited messaging options – default preset messages and winks
  • View other profiles and send pokes or play games of like or not
MaiOtaku logo

It is the perfect site for girls, and boys, looking to discuss anime series et al. The site has an incredibly large database, has grown since 2009. It is more oriented toward giving anime lovers room to engage, rather than focusing on sexual orientation.
  • Member Structure: 1,800,000 worldwide
  • Age range: 22-27
  • User Base: Anime lovers and those that love them
  • 1 Month - $3.50
  • 3 Months - $9.49
Free Features:
  • Messaging to all other anime dating site members on
  • View other profiles and amend your profile, adding normal dating site related photos
Match  logo

Anyone with a diversified taste in relationships, sexual activities, and hobbies will enjoy It is a renowned site with years of experience facilitating hookups and long-term unions. The site is a must-try for anime lovers as well.
  • Member Structure: 4,000,000 Americans; 3,000,000 logins daily; approx. 20million global subscribers
  • User Base: Older men and women varying tastes
  • Age Range: 35-55
  • 3 Months - $14.99; Total = $44.97
  • 6 Months - $11.49; Total = $68.94
  • 12 Months - $8.99; Total = $107.88
Free Features:
  • Send likes for free
  • Browse member profiles
  • Free registration
TenderMeets  logo

There are gays, lesbians, straight as an arrow, and the kinkiest all under one platform. It plays host to a few manga lovers and wouldn't fall under anime dating sites.
  • Member structure: 1,600,000 in the USA alone; 260,000 newly registered monthly
  • Age range: 25-40 years of age
  • User Base: Mostly serious folks, seeking long-term partners; few anime lovers
Pricing Plans:
  • 1 Month - $34.99 per month
  • 3 Months - $19.99 per month; Total = $59.97
  • 6 Months - $15.99 per month; Total = $95.94
Free Features:
  • Like gallery games – heart or X
  • Safe mode to block unwanted messages
  • Video/photo uploads
KosuApp logo

This site plays host to more than just anime lovers. It is an anime dating site at its best, catering to video game lovers, cosplay enthusiasts, and avatars of all kinds. Chatrooms incorporate everything considered geeky.
  • Member structure: limited number registered as users on the app – less than 20K
  • Age Range: 18-25
  • User Base: Youngsters looking for a manga dating site to share similar interests
Pricing Plans:
  • It is free to download and use from Google Play Store.
Free Features:
  • Messaging other anime lovers
  • Participating in fun chats, cosplay talk, and everything anime-oriented


This site compiles feedback from known users of said sites and feedback from professional analysts to produce complete reviews. reviews sites based on value for money, time, and energy spent subscribing and unsubscribing from age-old sites.
The reviews are meant to guide new users into the world of anime dating sites, allowing them to choose what suits them best.
Our reviews are not in any way based on race, gender, religious affiliations, or paid feedback. The information here is simply meant to put the pros and cons of these sites into perspective. Once that is accomplished, it gives the potential subscriber room to make an informed decision.

Are Anime Dating Sites Different from Other Sites?

These dating sites are worlds apart from any normal site out there. For starters, anime dating sites have a unique form of entertainment. You have cosplay, gaming, fantasy play, and such events to keep you engrossed. No single ladies, or gents, will ever be bored on an anime dating site.
The uniqueness of the contexts also plays a huge role in the membership base. All users will have a unique approach to problem-solving, relationship involvements, and the general manner they deal with others. Manga dating sites also boast smaller numbers of members because they are more of a niche site/market.

The Verification Process on Anime Dating Sites

Like any other normal dating site, anime dating sites present the same verification process to their users. There is no favoritism based on sexual preferences or, indeed, choice in hobbies. Once you decide to join, any legit anime site will ask for personal details to verify one's identity.
The majority of sites, including manga dating sites, take verification seriously, sending email notifications that serve as the verification process's final leg. If the email link isn't used, or the code therein becomes invalid, then registration is null and void. However, as is with all anime dating sites, a new member will rarely be dismissed based on failed email verification. A small glitch isn't enough to close off the verification and registration process.
On that note, some anime dating sites allow Facebook syncing, which is not common with legit dating sites. Anime dating sites may divert from the regular verification process, but it only makes for easier registration of new members on a lighter note.

Are Anime Dating Sites Members Real?

First and foremost, no site can fully guarantee members' authenticity within their platform; no matter the security measures are taken. In anime dating sites, the scene can get pretty complicated.
It is profoundly harder to identify who is real and who is a fake when the majority of the members use avatars anyway. On manga networking forums, the exception becomes the rule as everyone posts pictures of avatars rather than their own. However, it is important to note that the same profiles with avatars had to undergo a verification process before being approved.
With time, all profiles have to be vetted. Whether an account has a cartoon character as its profile pic or not, the account will be frozen based on shady and suspicious activities. The only real way to know if Japanese anime forum members are real is to engage them. It is easier to tell if you are chatting with a bot, scammer, or timewaster if you use your intuition.
  • Fake accounts answer back in an automated manner, like default settings.
  • Unreal people won't have the passion you have for anime; they will insist on meeting sooner rather than later.
  • As you chat with members, keep track of safe mode and blocked member reports. They will help deter people from your inbox and leave you with a better anime dating experience.

Online Dating Tips for All Daters

Here are a few surefire ways to ensure your anime dating site experience or any other online dating experience remains a good one:
  • Join forums with a reputation for offering the best of what you seek. If it's anime dating sites, find the renowned ones, not something unheard of.
  • Never share too much online, particularly when it boils down to financial and residency information.
  • Keep it candid, honest, and real. No one joins online to experience the same games they went through in real life. It pays to be honest in your profile and your communication. Happy hunting!
Try these dating sites for free today – they may provide the humor needed in your relationship!