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Dating a Nerdy Guy: a List of Techniques

Not everyone’s a seasoned expert when it comes to dating, and even if you’ve got years of experience in arranging dates, not every experience ends up being the same. All this seems challenging on its own. Even the most confident of women lose their cool. One might question how do shy and introverted guys overcome these situations?
We know the struggles of dating as a nerdy guy, as he has trouble even saying “hi” first! They usually keep their head down and quiet, mostly unnoticed by society, so the best place to find a shy man to date is on nerd dating sites. Online dating communities are open-minded and accepting, liberating even. Some platforms are exclusively developed for nerdy dating. You’ll find unlimited options and tips on finding a geek and making him feel great in your presence.

1.Embrace the nerdiness

Tip for nerdy men and everyone who likes them: don’t pretend to be someone you’re not to fit the standard and be accepted or loved. Facades can only last so long. In this case, never settle for the “fake it till you make it” strategy. Love and relationships are about communication and honesty. Faking an attitude to keep relationships afloat will result in short-lived love stories and heartbreaks. So embrace the nerdiness. If someone can’t accept you because of your personality, they don’t deserve you.

2.Highlight other qualities of his

There’s more to one’s personality than just being introverted or nerdy, and it’s your job to highlight these traits when you’re with your man. You may have automatically realized the gem of personality he’s got, but talk not only about a nerdy aspect of it but his bubbly and loving nature or how smart he is.

3.Plan ahead of time

This tip applies to both parties involved in a relationship. Being well planned will help you continue conversations and will prepare you for scenarios you’d otherwise leave yourself dumbfounded. However, do things in moderation, never overwhelm the other person with your overly enthusiastic and eager personality.

4.Pick an ideal date spot

The best date spot when seeing a nerdy guy is one where there are more people. Public spaces provide room for more activities and fewer chances of encountering an awkward silent situation where you’d run out of things to do or do something that destroys the experience and become an embarrassing memory.

5.Read the body language

In the case of dating geeky individuals, spoken words aren’t the only form of communication. Introverted personalities don’t use words to express themselves. This might seem frustrating, but if you aren’t ready to accept that, don’t date.
Relationships require care, compassion, effort, and keeping a keen eye on any visual cues such as retracted body language, changes in eating and sleeping habits. Reading these signals is essential to maintaining a long and healthy relationship.

Reasons Nerdy Guys Are the Best

Nerdy guys aren’t only intelligent, but they’ve got this passion that no other guy brings to the table. So stop whatever you’re doing, reverse the gear. If until now you’ve only had your eyes on attractive men, then give nerdy men a chance they deserve.

1.They appreciate you

Star wars and quantum physics aren’t the only things that are on their mind. However, being shy is a common trait amongst nerdy guys, which means they’ve got minimal experience with women, making time spent with you something precious.

2.They’re easy to please

Nerdy guys aren’t hard to please. They love everything you do. Something as simple as making them breakfast or researching their topic of interest to hold a conversation with them is enough.

3.They’re adorable

Ever seen kids’ eyes glimmer as they speak about things they love most? That look in their eyes is similar to what nerdy guys have when talking about things they love. Doesn’t it make you want to pick them up and carry them in your pocket? It sure does for us! It’s freaking adorable!

4.When they dress up

Nerdy guys often just sit in comfy sweat pants and lounge around. But when the occasion arises, they dress up. Nothing’s hotter than a geeky guy suddenly rocking a suit and designer glasses. Even your friends will wonder who that hot guy is.

5.They’re funny

Dating a nerdy guy is like dating a comedian. No guys can match their humor. The way they’ve learned to build up their sense of humor and witty personality is thanks to years of having to deal with jerks, so ladies, be nice!

6.Real as it gets

Nerds aren’t trying to impress anyone. They won’t put on a fake show to grab people’s attention or behave like assholes to get acknowledged.