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Top 100 Dating and Relationship Facebook Pages You Should “Like”

Love and marriage – go together like a horse and carriage. But who knows how a horse and carriage go together anymore? Finding lasting love remains a mystery to many, but we never stop searching. Fortunately, these 100 Facebook Pages remind us that we are not alone, and give us hope that even if we are alone for now, it won’t be for long.

Looking for Dates

  1. – 553,775 Likes: Full of useful information on how to make the most of your online dating account (including tips on profile writing and pictures), the Facebook page is a fun and useful extension of the dating site itself. It’s also a great place to meet singles and engage in social media conversations.
  2. eHarmony – 181,581 Likes: The official eHarmony Facebook Page is the destination for discussing dating, relationships, love and marriage. It’s also a great hangout for eHarmony members and Success Couples to connect, share and give tips to others looking for love. The page is also a great source for articles on relationships.
  3. YourTango – 64,673 Likes All the expertise you need about love, relationships and sex, no matter what stage you’re in. Singles, couples, engaged and married, or putting “it’s complicated” as your status, this Facebook page and site has the wisdom you need to find the right partner and live your best love life.
  4. HowAboutWe – 42,627 Likes: How About We, the innovative dating site set on the premise of suggesting unusual and creative outings, has a dating Facebook page. They make it easy to meet new people, or give those in relationships fresh ideas for wonderful activities.
  5. OKCupid – 34,731 Likes: OkCupid, the website that uses math to get you dates, has a Facebook page where they post frequent, funny articles and posts about dating. Check out their TED-Ed video with Christian Rudder that explores the math behind online dating.
  6. We Love Dates – 18,513 Likes: This Facebook page is ideal for those looking for love online in the UK, US, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Read dating articles and chat with other lovers of love.
  7. – 76,595 Likes: This Facebook page and website helps lonely locals find each other for free – no fee to use this dating site! The Facebook following is very involved, engaging in lively discussions on just about every prompt, question and discussion topic the site puts out.
  8. DateFit – 50,259 Likes: Fitness buffs need love too, which is the premise of this fitness dating Facebook page. It’s a community of singles who are interested in dating other singles who are health and fitness oriented.
  9. Dating & Waiting – 30,541 Likes: This Christian Facebook page and website is for singles who put God first, marriage second, and value abstinence until vows are spoken. The page encourages young people to pursue healthy and spiritual relationships.
  10. Samantha Daniels, the Matchmaker – 655 Likes: The matchmaker behind the TV Show Miss Match with Alicia Silverstone, and owner of Samantha’s Table, Samantha Daniels runs a high end matchmaking service. Her Facebook page not only posts her HuffPo articles, but also gives advice and ideas for those on the market.

Dating by Ethnicity

  1. Interracial Dating – 471,810 Likes: The mission of this website and its Facebook page is to bring together and connect interracial singles who are looking for love. The page is covered with success stories of interracial happy couples and multi-ethnic marriages.
  2. Indian Dating Community – 26,771 Likes: Indian online dating is different than the typical westernized version of dating, which is why this website and Facebook page specializes in bringing together Indian couples who share not only the same heritage, but the same values. Meet Indian singles living all over the world.
  3. AsianDating – 13,260 Likes: is dedicated to helping singles of any ethnicity to find Asian female partners. The site boasts thousands of personals ads for both love and friendship, along with quite a few pictures of Asian women in bikinis.
  4. Black Senior Dating – 4,859 Likes: This popular senior dating website and Facebook page is constantly updated with dating articles, news, and inspiration. The real action happens on the website however. The community is hopping, so check it out!
  5. Funky Brown Chick – 2,309 Likes: Personal updates from Twanna A. Hines about sex and relationships. She shares her opinions on celebrities, news, gossip, education, politics, and of course, relationships (both hers and others!).

Relationship Advice For Men And Women

  1. Relationship Rules – 1,647,114 Likes: Funny, interesting, sensible and, most importantly, fun relationship advice, articles, studies and news are posted on Relationship Rules multiple times a day. The daily “rules” are a constant pep-talk to singles and the happily-coupled to always remember their self-worth and be the best partners they can be.
  2. – 233,291 Likes: The world’s largest men’s lifestyle site’s Facebook page not only talks about the SuperBowl, but also offers advice on fashion, beer, relationships, dating, cars, and everything else men love most.
  3. Dr. Laura – 132,855 Likes: Dr. Laura Schlessinger of talk radio fame dishes out tips and advice for just about every kind of relationship, from dating, to siblings, parents and children, and dealing with parents-in-law. You’ll either love her wisdom, or hate her conservative stance, but you won’t be bored.
  4. The Dating Divas – 87,815 Likes: Like hanging out with a group of outrageously fun friends, this Facebook page is a gab-fest of dating advice and date ideas (whether you’re married or single, everyone needs great date ideas!). Their tagline is “Fall in love with your spouse all over again.”
  5. Stephan Speaks Relationships – 64,326 Likes: Helping men and women experience happier and healthier relationships is Stephan Labossiere’s mission. As a certified relationship coach, speaker and author, Stephan helps singles and couples overcome what’s preventing them from engaging in wonderful relationships. His Facebook page is a daily dose of wisdom and humor.
  6. Dr. Diana Kirschner – 43,789 Likes: Dr. Diana Kirschner, author of several relationship books, offers dating, relationship and marriage advice, publishing snippets of wisdom on her Facebook page daily. Find out how to attract a great guy (or gal), read relationship stories, and stay up to date on the latest studies in love and romance.
  7. Courtship vs Dating – 40,225 Likes: A Facebook page and blog by Certified Christian Relationship & Life Coach Rickey Macklin who believes romance is not dead – or if it is, he’s single-handedly bringing it back to life. The page offers old-fashioned dating advice for those looking for marriage.
  8. Girls Ask Guys – 31,325 Likes: Girls Ask Guys is an interactive website where girls can get into the heads of the opposite sex by asking questions and seeking advice. Questions range from dating, to politics, to panties, and electronics – anything goes!
  9. Hooking Up – 13,448 Likes: The Frisky’s Hooking Up page is full of sex tips, in-depth interviews (like one with a man with two fully functional members), sex toy giveaways, and other racy posts, articles and how-to’s.
  10. Love Horoscope – 12,809 Likes: Get your daily Love Horoscope on Facebook by Liking this page! Unfortunately, it’s not by individual astrological sign, so it’s more like daily suggestions for romance, like opening up a new fortune cookie daily. Will it predict your love life? Who knows?
  11. Godly Dating 101 – 12,426 Likes: This site and Facebook helps train single and married believers how to be Godly spouses, promoting purity and chivalry. Get your daily dose of aphorisms like “Follow Jesus, not emotions,” which are sure to improve your current and future relationships.
  12. HeTexted – 11,963 Likes: How can you tell if he’s being friendly or flirting? What is he really after? What does that cryptic 2-word text mean? These questions are answered and more on the site and Facebook page of HeTexted.
  13. Jonathon Aslay – Relationship Confidant – 6,534 Likes: Aslay literally wrote the book on the mistakes women make in relationship, and his Facebook page aims to continue the theme for single women looking for, or already in, relationships. Why do men act the way they do? Find out here!
  14. Cyber-Dating Expert – 5,742 Likes: Cyber Dating Expert and relationship advice columnist Julie Spira posts daily tips, advice and articles for everyone looking for love online. She helps singles shorten the search so they can ride into the digital sunset together. Spira is also the creator of “Irresistible Dating Profiles” and “The Perils of Cyber Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking For Love Online.”
  15. Evan Marc Katz – America’s Leading Dating Expert – 5,054 Likes: Dating expert Evan Marc Katz teaches women to understand and connect with men, creating long-term, passionate relationships that make women feel safe, heard, and understood. He’s your personal trainer for love, and his Facebook page sends daily words of wisdom and reminders to empower women to get the relationships they want.
  16. Vanae – 4,427 Likes: Vanae is a dating and empowerment advisor, teaching social confidence skills for modern men and women. On her page you’ll find inspiration and resources for becoming your most confident and successful self.
  17. Dating and Relationship Advice for Women – 3,719 Likes: Dating in today’s world seems to get stranger by the minute, but this Facebook page and website aims to explain it all for you. Get real-world advice on how to come out on top with incredible dating secrets based in real psychology.
  18. Ms. Single Mama – 3,213 Likes: The author is a busy, dating, single mother to her 3 year old son. She blogs about being a single mom and gives dating advice for single mothers looking for relationships. Her Facebook page supports single mothers with inspiration, advice, articles, and other published pieces of interest.
  19. The Passion Doctor – 1,733 Likes: Psychologist and couples’ counselor, Dr. Adam Scheck, helps couples and singles deal with their issues about relationships, romance, intimacy and sexuality. The Facebook page is an extension of his blog where he shares tips, advice, and the latest studies about relationships.
  20. Love Engineer – Practical Dating & Relationship Advice – 1,673 Likes: Dating frustrations, relationships, falling in love, dealing with cheating, dating online, handling breakups and more are what the Love Engineer discusses on the eponymous Facebook page and website. Tips include kissing advice, breakup advice, texting etiquette and other vital knowledge.
  21. Dating Advice – 1,604 Likes: The experts at offer dating advice, tips, how-to’s, Q&A and more free dating advice for both men and women. Newsflash: chivalry isn’t dead, you should always post a picture on your personals ad, and crying is a turnoff.
  22. Relationship Tips & Advice – 1,411 Likes: Elizabeth Davis posts frequent graphic quotes on love, dating and relationships for those looking for romantic inspiration. She started the page to create a positive outlook on relationships by combining healthy relationship tips with a heavy dose of optimism.
  23. Geek’s Dream Girl – 1,019 Likes: Helping geeks find love since 2008, this blog and Facebook page is devoted to helping geeks find partners who support their interests. The business side focuses on geeky copywriters writing online dating profiles for less wordy geeks.
  24. Just Call Her – 395 Likes: This funny, insightful, and genuinely helpful blog is devoted to “Dating Advice For Awkward Guys.” Don’t let the tagline fool you though, it’s fun for everyone. With a style reminiscent of “Sh*t My Dad Says,” we can see this blog taking off, and you’ll enjoy the ride when it does.
  25. Debra Kunz, Transformational Coach, Speaker, and Author – 155 Likes: This transformational author of Love is Blind Only if You Are: A Woman’s Clear-Headed Guide to Deliberate Dating, Debra Kunz has a passion for inspiring personal growth and improving relationships.
  26. Diving Dating Diva Workshop – 101 Likes:The Divine Dating Diva strategy includes biology, psychology, metaphysics and even business strategy to successfully find a great life mate. Ellen Mahloy offers date coaching, dating workshops and matchmaking, but her Facebook page is devoted to inspiration for those looking for love.

Vicarious Dating – Great Stories About Bad Romances

  1. Baggage Reclaim – 28,595 Likes: Offload your baggage so you can have a healthier and happier relationship, says author Natalie, who writes about being who you are, recovering from breakups, dating, and being a modern woman. It’s not easy!
  2. FB Love Stories – 1,515 Likes: Facebook Love Stories features real-life people have met and fallen in love on Facebook. They welcome new stories! Couples of all ages, orientations, and ethnicities contribute their romantic stories of falling for each other on Facebook, providing daily inspiration for social media hounds looking for love.
  3. Lies and Dating in the City – 1,368 Likes: Real stories about dating, relationships and sex in New York City. Truth is more interesting than fiction, especially when it’s related in a clever, funny way. The Facebook page doesn’t disappoint, publishing quotes, articles and thoughts that are of interest to anyone trying to make it in the city.
  4. My Lack of Sex and This City – 917 Likes: The blog and Facebook page track Jayla’s failed attempts at getting laid in Los Angeles. Follow her through glamorous and disastrous Mr. Right Nows in tinsel town, but what you won’t get are sex stories. After all, the point is her not getting laid.
  5. 50/50: A Dating Documentary – 540 Likes: One cute girl, 50 first dates, one in every state is the theme of this Facebook page, blog, and upcoming documentary. The dater in question is the immensely entertaining Alicia, who goes on her cross-country journey to find out what the U.S. has to offer.
  6. The Date Report – 476 Likes:  How About We’s blog, The Date Report, publishes posts and articles about love, dating, and relationships. It’s an entertaining read, written by people out in the trenches of dating. Smart, funny, honest – and single.
  7. Life Between the Sheets – 221 Likes: One woman’s Titanic is another’s Love Boat, according to the author of this dating saga and Facebook page. She publishes her own and her friends’ successes and misfortunes in love, dating and sex with the hopes of helping other girls find the path to true love.
  8. My Pixie Blog – 187 Likes: The author started her blog after the demise of her long-term relationship. She invites readers to follow her as she navigates the rough terrains of dating and lessons learned.
  9. Cupcakes and Shoes – 180 Likes: A Georgia peach in D.C. writes this savvy, sexy blog and Facebook page, documenting her life, loves, and what it’s like to date in the Capital. Recently, she posted a life Q&A with Patti Sanger’s favorite dating coach, which is full of great tips for single gals.

Marriage Advice

  1. Husband and Wife for Life – 155,029 Likes: Encouraging, inspiring, and guiding couples to overcome obstacles so they can create and sustain healthy, loving, long-lasting marriages. As a Christian based organization, Husband and Wife for Life challenges couples to love each other just as God loves them.
  2. 31 Days of Prayer for Your Husband – 150,395 Likes: This 31-day challenge is to not say anything negative about your husband or to your husband for one solid month. Instead, say something that you admire or appreciate about your husband – to your husband and to anyone else! See your relationship improve.
  3. Husband Revolution – 76,633 Likes: This Christian blog and Facebook page has a mission: to start a revolution of Christ-like love and leadership in marriage. The page is filled with affirmations for husbands to say to their wives, tips on improving marriages and showing appreciation, and being better husbands and men in general.
  4. Ingredients of a Happy Muslim Marriage – 72,292 Likes: This page caters to devout Muslim couples and singles, giving advice and providing a place to discuss matters of religion and relationships. Learn how to make your spouse happy and overcome conflicts in your relationship.
  5. Healthy Marriages – 25,589 Likes: The Health Marriages page posts Marriage Counseling Blog articles about improving the health and quality of married life, with subjects like “Emotions are contagious: What does this mean for your marriage?” and “11 Common Problems that Marriage Counselors Can Help With.” Their mission is to support marriages through works written by professional therapists, as well as the occasional inspirational message.
  6. Couples Therapy – 20,131 Likes: The first reality show to examine first-hand the real life experiences of couples in the limelight, this TV show and Facebook page brings together salacious celebrity gossip with serious relationship issues to create completely addictive entertainment.
  7. A Practical Wedding – 6,948 Likes: Meg and her team of feminist wedding bloggers discuss not only how to make bouquets, but how to make relationships succeed before, during, and well after the wedding. Insightful posts by brilliant women make the APW blog shine, and their Facebook following is smart and lively.
  8. Dr. Sara NasserZadeh – 4,155 Likes: Dr. Sarah NasserZadeh is a Social Psychologist and Couples Counselor and uses her Facebook page to promote her own work, the work of her peers, and to support couples around the world in improving their relationships.
  9. Christian Wives That Love Their Husbands – 2,390 Likes: A great way for Christian wives and brides-to-be to have a place to talk, encourage each other and pray for one another, this page, created by Jen, is a wonderful resource for women sharing their joy in marriage. Questions and prayer requests are welcomed, cursing is not.
  10. Marriage Academy – 1,381 Likes: Dr. Jose Gomez, best-selling author and practicing marriage counselor and psychiatrist, has helped hundreds of couples learn to improve and heal their marriages. His theory is that there are four main drivers – motivations – and to understand what your partner needs, you must first understand their driver.
  11. Happy Marriage – Happy Home – 842 Likes: This page publishes advice, things to think about, and words of wisdom on relationships. The author, a marriage counselor, gives tips for marital bliss and his recipe for a happy home.
  12. Relationships in the Raw – 527 Likes: Ever wonder if you’re wasting your money on couples counseling? Having trouble navigating the waters of step-parenting? Want to know how to handle an anxious partner? These questions and more are addressed in this very interesting Facebook page that delves into psychology and relationship counseling.
  13. Lyndra Hearn Antonson – Love Relationship Coaching – 351 Likes: Lyndra helps both men and women to heave healthy, fulfilling love relationships. Her approach is inside-out and step by step, with the goal of attracting and sustaining extraordinary love. Her Facebook page contains wisdom and inspiration daily.
  14. The Marriage Restoration Project – 347 Likes: Rabbi Shlomo and Rivka Slatkin started the Marriage Restoration Project to save marriages with good old-fashioned advice and wisdom. That’s what you’ll find on their Facebook page too, with daily posts and tips for how to improve, and even save, your marriage.
  15. The Happy Marriage Project – 216 Likes: Marriage can be great! Except when it isn’t. This Facebook page goes into the art and science of building strong relationships to help readers develop a plan for positive action. The website provides free webinars, online training and connections to relationship experts.

Same Sex Relationships

  1. Lesbian Secrets and Relationship Advice – 3,244 Likes: This LGBTQ page was created for discussions on sex, gay rights, relationships, love and other topics, inviting fans to share their deepest secrets and ask questions anonymously.
  2. Interracial Lesbian Dating – 1,616 Likes: Meet and greet lesbians of all races and engage in lively discussions about dating, as well as hang out, chat, and socialize. Questions are welcomed, advice is given, and everyone has a great time.
  3. GLBT Twinflames, Soulmates, and Life Partners – 734 Likes: There isn’t much conversation around twinflames, soulmates and life partners in the LGBT community, and it’s that lack that this page is trying to fill. The author asks for stories and shares inspiration for romantic same-sex couples.
  4. LGBT Life Partners – 378 Likes: Meet someone special on This page’s goal is to make it easy for lesbian, gay, and bisexual people to meet each other. It’s free to look, free to flirt, and free to reply to messages. Thousands of members are already on the site, so what are you waiting for?
  5. Your Daily Lesbian Moment – 217 Likes: Arlan is a touring production coordinator for live music events and an LGBT advocate. Her Facebook page is as much about these things as it is about inspiration, freedom, and fun.
  6. The Lesbian Dating Project – 202 Likes: The Lesbian Dating Project’s catchy challenge is “25-50 dates before your mates,” encouraging singles and couples to be creative, sincere and thoughtful when planning dates. Whether you want to find a date, plan an awesome date, or spice up your current relationship, this Facebook page has lots of tips and inspiration.

Dating Over 40

  1. – 18,136 Likes: Mature singles, 55 and older, come together in this community to look for love online. The page provides a fun and safe atmosphere for mature singles to meet and talk, while the website offers more advanced methods of communication like video, audio and photo albums. Their senior dating service allows you to find thousands of attractive and active singles in your area.
  2. Dating for Seniors – 13,331 Likes: This page brings searching singles ads to your Facebook account with frequent postings of mature men and women looking for companionship, romance and fun. The people are real, their descriptions are lovely, and to find out more, you just have to sign up for
  3. Over50sDates – 797 Likes: This Facebook page and dating site from is especially for the 50 and over crowd, aka. “mature singles.” The Facebook page publishes dating articles and posts covering modern dating etiquette (such as when, and when not to text), and what dating rules should be broken.
  4. Mature Singles Connect – 730 Likes: Singles over 40 who are looking for a meaningful relationship are encouraged to join this page. Although it’s a newly created community, it’s quickly expanding with mature men and women searching for friendship, partners, and stimulating conversations.
  5. Mature Singles Dating – 305 Likes: This community page for is a great dating site for mature singles over 40 who are looking for high quality romantic partners. Pictures of mature single women showing more cleavage than is decent grace the page daily. Definitely not a safe feed if you surf your Facebook account at work.
  6. My Dating Prescription – 126 Likes: Overweight and 44 years old, facing divorce, she decided that dating 100 men before getting serious was her dating prescription. Her blog and Facebook page documents her journey of self-discovery over the course of 100 men.

Breaking Up / Making Up

  1. Don’ – Helping Women Date Safer and Smarter – 12,277 Likes: This powerful online resource is for women and men looking for counsel about love, dating, relationships and marriage. Users are both men and women who share their experiences with the hope of helping others.
  2. Loves a Game – 1,388 Likes: Eddie Corbano, Breakup Coach, founded because overcoming breakups is an important step to developing autonomy and independence. Eddie has developed coaching programs that focus on inner strength and developing the power to set and reach any personal goal.
  3. The Breakup Mermaid – 2,308 Likes: Breakup coaching for women includes helping women to let go and move on from unhappy relationships, and that is what the Breakup Mermaid does. The Facebook page encourages women to rebuild their lives and their confidence after relationship breakups, and author Emma is always ready to offer a coaching session.
  4. Text Your Ex – 1,030 Likes: Text Your Ex shows you how to win your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend back through the power of text messages. This shockingly effective texting technique will start the healing process and put you back on track for relationship bliss.
  5. Sex and Food – Georgia’s Down South Recipes & Sex Tips Club – 520 Likes: Southern recipes and sex tips share space on this racy, raunchy, downright delicious blog and Facebook page. The page shares recipes for dieting, health tips, and information that’s less work-friendly, but all with a sense of humor.
  6. Wake Up to a Break Up – 107 Likes: You’ve survived, or you will survive. Probably. This page encourages the recently broken to look up, gain courage, and believe in themselves in spite of rejection and heart break. In fact, you might even be able to laugh at yourself. Eventually. Probably.

The Funny, Quotable Side of Love

  1. Shit My Husband Says – 291,422 Likes: The author’s husband has a lot of shit to say, and she shares the best parts with her readers on this hilarious Facebook page. She also urges other wives to do the same, so there is a constant flinging of funny in all directions!
  2. The Husband Chronicles – 207,847 Likes:  Living life with the world’s most under-appreciated husband can get funny at times, very funny. If your hubby is driving you crazy, you might enjoy this daily reminder that you’re not alone – but it’s all in fun. Nobody gets hurt.
  3. Cutest Couples – 164,259 Likes: In a Facebook page that seems like it was torn straight out of your high school yearbook, Cutest Couples posts pictures of extremely (sometimes revoltingly) cute couples. The kind of couples who either give us hope that romance will never die, or instigate the urge to yell “get a room you two!”
  4. Romantic Poetry – 149,310 Likes: This interest page on Romanticism and Romantic Poetry is sure to steal any English major’s heart. Natural, emotional and artistic themes run throughout the poems posted in part or in full on this page, adding some culture to your Facebook feed.
  5. Love & Relationship Quotes – 83,706 Likes: The number one spot for the cutest, most inspirational quotes about love, relationships and romance on the internet. Get your daily dose of warm-fuzzy feelings from the Facebook page and start your day off right.
  6. Blog Her – 35,507 Likes: The largest community of women bloggers is an incredible resource for humor, stories, and heartfelt accounts of relationships and love. Every possible subject is covered, and the Facebook page is where readers come for advice, opinions and recommendations.
  7. Fuck Relationships, I’m Single – 24,552 Likes: You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, maybe you’ll realize your self-worth and heal your pain. That’s the goal of this page for singles. Funny quotes and thoughtful posts about single life, love, and looking for the right one all make this page a great read.
  8. Romantic Love – 19,215 Likes: Get inspiration for when you want to express your love to that special someone with quotes, poems, notes, and romantic stories. The same people also do Great Romantic Ideas, Broken Heart Quotes, Love Defined, Friendship Messages and SmileQuotes.
  9. Alisa Bowman – 1,772 Likes: Alisa Bowman is a blogger, journalist, meditation teacher, mother, wife, and runner. Her mission is to spread happiness, peace, love and good humor with every status update. This page is for fans of, where she dispenses marriage advice, among other things.
  10. Couples Who Hunt Together – 12,244 Likes: This page, for happy couples who love the outdoors and have it out for Bambi, is a joyful frolic through the hunting, country, and outdoor lifestyle. Expect wedding cakes with antlers and camouflage motifs, pictures of gals with guns, and other fun posts.
  11. Seriously – Maybe – 260 Likes: Taking a look at relationships from the subjective male’s perspective, Seriously Maybe is unapologetic, sometimes in appropriate, unpopular, and definitely controversial. It’s also funny, insightful, clever, and well worth reading.
  12. Partners in the Gym, Partners for Life – 236 Likes: Gym rats need love too – that seems to be the theme of this Facebook page that celebrates couples who make health and strength their shared priority. Hey, couples need hobbies they can do together – why not working out at the gym?
  13. Blog with Benefits – 209 Likes: A blog about love, dating and all the stuff that makes us feel psychotic has expanded to a Facebook page with the same theme. Blog with Benefits is funny, girly, and just as much fun as a coffee chat with a friend.

Scientific Approach to Dating

  1. Psychology Today – 1,670,066 Likes: Psychology Today is a popular magazine, but you can read its articles and insights even more easily via its Facebook page. Many of the studies and research it reports are about relationships, love, marriage, and social psychology.
  2. – 66,975 Likes: Psych Central is the internet’s leading independent mental health and psychology network, and publishes interesting social studies and research that run the range from academic to delightfully salacious. Find out about the psychology of breakups, or how psychologists really feel about their patients.
  3. PsyBlog – 63,482 Likes: This psychology blog by Jeremy Dean is full of research and studies of why we do what we do. Many of the studies and research reported are about relationships and social behavior, giving keen insights into the mating habits of the human.
  4. Science of Relationships – 5,804 Likes: Because the important things in life deserve data, the Science of Relationships blog publishes articles that explore the physiology, psychology, numbers, measurements, studies, research and data about love. The site is dedicated to providing high quality, research-based information about relationships.