Top 100 Google+ Pages Worth Following for Love & Relationship Tips

Looking for advice on your relationship or how to find true love? The below 100 Google + pages are here to help! Find the best tips on dating, love, sex, flirting, relationships and so much more! Contact a psychic or a life coach or find out how to get your ex back and rock it between the sheets! Check out the below list for the best pages on how to love and be loved.

Advice Pages

  1. Dating & Relationship Advice  This Google Plus page is dedicated the LoveBlab website – your one stop shop for advice on Relationships, Dating, Love and Sex.
  2. Love Guru Tips: This is the Google Plus fan page of site Love Guru Tips which is fully dedicated to all lovers to discuss and understand how to make their love life successful.
  3. Love Relationship Management: This Google + page is based on a blog that was created with the intention of helping love birds who seriously want their relationships to work out focusing on giving advice for all those who are currently facing couple issues.
  4. Health Tips and Relationship Matters This Google + page is aiming at helping the world to know more about health and relationship matters, such as that eating oranges can help to keep the wrinkles away.
  5. Hope, Love and Healing Relationship Forum & Blog: The Hope, Love, and Healing Relationship Forum and Blog was started to pay forward the helpful advice received by providing a place that is filled with hope, love and healing.
  6. -: is a collection of love, romance and relationships resources including advice, poetry, quotes, dedications, chat, horoscopes, romantic ideas, message boards, free love postcards and much more!!
  7. Tips on How to Get a Girl: This is a casual page with little tips about things girls like and appreciate in a guy, or don’t like at all and some advice that men would be interested in hearing.
  8. Relationship Advice Cafe: Relationship Advice Cafe is an expert collaborated website that provides tips and advice on how to strengthen your relationships and marriage to help you find someone worth your tears, laughter and your heart and that loves you as much as you love them.
  9. Relationships and Love: Relationships and Love is a membership site where members can share their experiences, get relationship advice on common day-to-day issues, learn how to resolve their problems and create a happy and fulfilling relationships by learning to communicate, make time for each other and keep the spark alive.
  10. Violet Blues Relationship Simplified: Dating Advice, Love & Romance, Family Bonding, Breaking up, Relationship Issues, Parenting Tips and so much more from the Relationship School – the channel with an intention to bring to the fore the deteriorating element of inter-personal relationships, and to offer advice and suggestions to preserve the sanctity of each relationship.
  11. Relationship Counsillior: This page is a counseling service for a better relationship with your love partner and other loving people around you, focusing on love, marriage, parenting and managing your relationships.
  12. Creating Ideal Relationships, LLC: Relationship advice & inspiration to help build marriages and romantic partnerships brought to you by Joseph and Sarah Elizabeth Malinak, authors, and life coaches specializing in relationships by posting advice and inspiration that not only comes from them but from other experts in the field whose words of wisdom or work help people have more and better love in their relationships.
  13. Dating Tips: Best dating tips, useful dating advice, to improve your dating life and relationships and learn how to avoid dating failures and increase your chances for love!
  14. Beautiful planet Earth: A feel-good Google + page, they share photos or videos for your good feeling, fun and to bring some peace, love, freedom and happiness to our lives.
  15. Dating Tips For Finding Love: Dating and Relationship Advice for Single Women brought to us by Shana, a life coach working with women, helping them find success in all phases of their life, especially their relationships.
  16. PangeaRoam Online Dating Tips and Advice: Answers to insightful online dating questions and the love relationship advice from relationship problems to help you find love.
  17. Realdeeplove: This Google Plus page ascertains that love, a relationship and sex cannot be separated if you want to be happy and provides tips to achieve a stronger relationship and live happier and longer too!
  18. Mad Love Game: Donna & Cindy bring you the best love-tainment from around the world – all about love, dating and relationships. It’s a platform where you share your views, comments, advice and stories.
  19. Guy Stuff Counseling: Counseling for Men and the women who love them, their mission is to help men become the men they want to be, and their partners to get the man they fell in love with by providing Marriage Counseling, Relationship Advice, Anger Management Classes, Divorce Advice, Porn Addiction, Cheating Spouse, Abusive Relationships, Midlife Crisis and anything else having to do with men, women, and relationships.
  20. iDiva: Everything you need to know about beauty, fashion, careers, relationships and Bollywood, is officially the No.1 Indian lifestyle portal for women in India bringing interesting content, valuable information and entertaining features on a host of topics, we have captured the attention of the modern Indian woman.
  21. Life Love Beauty: Life Love Beauty is a beauty and lifestyles website devoted to all the best things in life — children, relationships, vacations, pets, health, beauty, fashion, as well as product reviews and first-hand stories and general articles and advice.
  22. Truth About Deception: Advice about Lying, Infidelity, Love and Romance and how to deal with a cheating spouse or a boyfriend/girlfriend who lies, rebuilding trust, dealing with jealousy, resolving conflict, falling in love & creating a healthy relationship.
  23. Ask a Bouncer and a Blonde: Ask A Bouncer And A Blonde is a weekly column providing advice on life, love, work, sex, relationships, fun and anything else people can conjure up the nerve to ask brought to us by two people who give funny and insightful answers to reader submitted relationship and dating advice questions.
  24. Wisie For Relationships: Wisies are 90 second Relationship Videos that offer Real Advice on Relationships that you will LOVE so you can get more satisfaction, less strife in every relationship, Communication, Marriage advice that resolves strife/renews trust and Inspiration.
  25. Dating Tips For-Single And Looking!: This Google + page is dedicated to Love And Relationship, based on a Blog For Single And Looking, also for a Healthy Life and How To Get Love and Building  a Relationship.
  26. Love So Wifi: Being in a relationship requires another kind of TLC – trust, communication, and loyalty and Love So Wifi helps to solve relationship problems with advice.
  27. Datenlove: Provides advice on love, date and relationships tips never before seen or heard elsewhere as well as helpful tips about women.
  28. Get Love help – Make Your Love Life Hot: Love life tips to help spice up your relationship through fantasy, fictional characters and so much more!
  29. The Love Digest: The Love Digest provides its readers daily advice and information on a wide variety of topics related to love, dating, relationships, and marriage.
  30. i give tips and wanna know your opinoion: Wants to give tips on love/relationship problems/dates as well as school – getting in trouble, -how to get to know a person and to share much more.
  31. SexandLoveLife: Get top rated sex, love, dating, marriage and relationship advice all for free to find the love of your life!
  32. Save Your Relationships: Tips On How To Save Your Relationships and get your Ex Back without the heartbreak and helping bring more communication to relationships.
  33. Bao’s Beauty: This Google Plus page gives plenty of beauty tip, Makeup Fantic, Love, Hate, Relationship advice, Random stuff, Rants and much more!
  34. Geek and Jock: This page is a place for your change to a healthy relationships and to reshape your value and success brought to us by a husband and wife who have been through a whole pile of different challenges throughout their own separate lifes.
  35. Modern Love Daily: Find your Daily Dose of Relationship, Love and Dating news and advice on dating, Love, Marriage with Modern Love Daily insight and all about the art of staying together or breaking up!
  36. Manifesting My Destiny: Learn answers to How to Find Love, How to Instantly Find a Girlfriend/Boyfriend in 30 Days,  The Truth About Law of Attraction Relationships, How to Beat Being Single and Proven Ways to Find Expat Community and Embrace Western Dating Practices.
  37. Have the Best Relationship: Get your share of Relationship & Love advice 2 repair relationship problems & prosper in life!
  38. Finding Your Love Now: If you are looking for advice on love, dating and relationships, then you found the right place. Here you can discover how a passionate team of relationship experts is committed to helping you find the love of your life and to achieving higher levels of fulfillment with your partner.
  39. How to Get My Ex Boyfriend Interested in a Relationship and like Me Again: Tips on how to talk to an ex boyfriend, relationship advice on how to get an ex boyfriend to forgive and fall in love again, or at least to get his attention back, then you are already on the right track.
  40. Your Beauty Advisor: Your Beauty Advisor is your “BBF” – Beauty Best Friend, giving you the latest and greatest information on skin care, hair care, makeup and wellness.
  41. Relationship Rewind: Relationship Rewind is the process of rewinding your relationship to an earlier time, perhaps when you first met and fell in love to teach couples who are on the verge of divorce, to reconcile their relationship and fall in love all over again.
  42. LoveLearnings: The official page of – expert love & relationship advice, designed to be a one-stop destination for informed and trustworthy relationship advice.
  43. WHAT’S WRONG WITH OUR LOVE LIFE?: What’s wrong with our love life? is a TV show in development stage about two single girls questioning why dating, love & relationships don’t always work out.
  44. The Mind ReAligned: Relationship Advice for Individuals, Couples, Teens & Families focusing on individuals, Couples, Families, anyone struggling with: Relationships (Family or at Work),  Marital Problems, Communication, Depression, Spiritual Dryness, Love Addiction / Love Avoidance, Substance Abuse Recovery and so much more!
  45. The Love Safety Net: Love is Not a Game of Luck but can be a similar game, and unfortunately hearts get broken in ‘practice’ and there’s no rule book to discover your mistakes but you can learn to develop deep and lasting bonds of affection and create a stable and loving home for yourself.
  46. Kaptivate Inc.: Get your Deep, Honest Online Relationship Advice for Women, also a Love Book, a Relationship Chat Room, and Blog
  47. Nouveau Dating: With a mission to provide the best information on dating and relationships to the public through articles, video, products and reviews of experts in the field of love, Nouveau Dating is dedicated to helping people improve their personal lives in dating and relationships and never feel lonely again.
  48. Bring Back Desire: Bring Back Desire is where you’ll find tips, tools and resources for increasing intimacy, sensual pleasure and sexual excitement in your life.

Psychics and Life Coaches

  1. Psychic Light: This is the foremost international company for psychic readings, mediums, telephone psychics, horoscopes, love advice and relationship advice.
  2. Kasamba: Kasamba has the best psychics – highly skilled, top-rated and are here to provide the info you really need — on demand for a price range that’s right for you, and get great advice on love, career, health, relationships and more.
  3. Geli Heimann: With an excellent educational background, Geli is a Holistic Therapist & Coach, and a Sexuality Intimacy Transformationalist who assists couples, especially those in long-term committed relationships, to reach their highest dreams.
  4. Sophie King: A professional psychic-medium-clairvoyant and reader/teacher of Tarot cards with areas of expertise including: relationships, love, family, career advice, soul direction, money, work, business, clarity, spirit-spiritual counsel, Reiki/natural healing, and more.
  5. PANDITH RAVINDRA SHASTRY: He was born in generations of astrologer families and is an expert in reading face, palm and horoscope as well as predicting your past, present and future to give you advice in love, relationships, marriage, financial and other issues.
  6. Your24hCoach: allows you to speak instantly with the best Business Coaches and Life Coaches via online, Text, Chat & Voice Chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can live an Exceptional Life!

People to Follow

  1. NaijaLyfe: Jaija brings you the Latest News and Information on Celebrities, Entertainment, Gossips, Fashion, Beauty Tips, Relationship And Love Making Tips.
  2. Marika Dye: This page is dedicated to Marika, who is the creator of,which is a website dedicated to health, love, spirituality, lifestyle and all types of relationships by educating others through people’s stories, interviews, articles, and expert advice.
  3. TotalMind AndBodyTV: Follow Natalie as she guides you to a better you by giving advice on various topics including travel, love, relationships, mental health, physical fitness, kayaking, canoeing, and tips for a better life.
  4. Ramble Love: Started by a couple in love traveling the world, Ramble Loved is based on a travel blog that document their travels and provide not-so-expert advice on a variety of topics including packing, preparing, and budgeting.
  5. Craig Nobles: Craig Nobles was once a DJ in Los Angeles, entertaining the likes of David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen while growing up in Pasadena, he fell in love with music and developing relationships with artists, promoters, and executives alike.
  6. Mandy Kloppers: Psychologist, Counsellor, Author, Blogger, Online Advice Agony Aunt, Life Coach, Entrepreneur out of Woking, Surrey, she specializes in helping people who are experiencing difficulties in their relationships as well as people who are dating and finding it hard to be successful in finding a partner to love and share their life with.
  7. Lee Smallwood: He has worked with major clients in the pas and loves helping people, organizations and businesses increase levels of visibility and engagement.
  8. Lynsey Diosa: With a background and degree in psychology Lynsey Diosa is a Life Coach assisting people with advice on love and relationships and she looks at all angles with a compassionate soul. She believes in helping females empower themselves in order to attract healthy relationships into their lives and to help with relationship advice.
  9. Nerd Love: Nerd Love is a book started by 2 nerds who fell in love and decided to collaborate on a project of writing a book together about love for nerds.
  10. Jerome Hegan: A professional blogger who gives free tips and tricks on the topic love and relationships, Jerome loves writing and it has been his strength from my childhood.
  11. Lisa Nelson: A homeschooling Mother of 3, Lisa cares about strengthening the family unit, and she blogs about children, health, parenting tips, relationship tips and family togetherness ideas.
  12. Ellen Gerst: Ellen Gerst is a Grief and Relationship Coach, an occupation born from both her personal experience as a young widow and her professional expertise and now she is providing assistance on coping with grief and finding love after loss.
  13. Tony Robbins: For over 30 years Tony’s passion has been helping people BREAK THROUGH and take their lives to another level – no matter how successful they already are – in the areas that matter most: their business, personal finance, intimate relationships, families, careers and health. He’s been honored to help over 50 million people from more than 100 countries transform their lives and their businesses through my live events, books, audio programs, health products and personal coaching.
  14. Rosemary Breen: Advice is an internet marketer, author, and website owner and she blogs about the paranormal and relationships.
  15. Happy-Healthy-Successful: Elena Lee is the author of Healthy Lifestyle Blog dedicated to providing people with optimistic outlook on life and this page is dedicated to living a Healthy Lifestyle, Personal Finance and Relationship Advice Blog with best life quotes, hilarious jokes, motivational videos, fashion tips, adventure travel and celeb gossip info.
  16. Marissa’s Well-being and Health (MWAH!): This page encourages us to Get Holsitically Hot: Make Men Swoon and Your Friends Want What You Have Health secrets, get-fit tips and the cooking expertise that has inspired countless women to end their love/hate relationship with food and turbocharge their health to become holistically hot in a way that’s fun and fearless.
  17. Yifat Cohen: Yifat is your G+GoTo Gal, helping you with Google plus marketing for business, strategies and engagement and she also shares about how much she loves her family and her life.
  18. Peter Bromberg (Wrong is Right): He mostly posts about politics, climate change, or economics, as well as .NET, programming, science and funny quotes.  He is also single, and believes love is still out there somewhere.
  19. Marc Chernoff: Personal Development Blogger at, Marc’s blog is Marc and Angel Hack Life so that you too can improve your life to enjoy it more.
  20. Dan Savage: This page is dedicated to Dan Savage, who is a writer, TV personality, and activist best known for his political and social commentary, as well as his honest approach to sex, love and relationships.
  21. Sanaya Irani: This is a fan page boasting to be dedicated to the world’s most beautiful television actress, Sanaya Irani, an Indian actress who loves her fans. They can come together and discuss topics relevant to Sanaya.
  22. Susan Preston: Susan is a Mindset Motivator  & a Relationship Consultant who empowers her clients to master their mindset and ignite their Relationships with ourselves, our partners, perhaps with our children or extended families and with friends, as well as with business partners and associates, clients and with our social media friends
  23. Regal Hawke: Regal Hawke overcame inconceivable odds to become the woman she is today and is therefore coined “The Beacon of Inspiration”.  She is committed to empowering women and young girls to shape new beliefs about love, life, relationships and themselves.
  24. Mari Smith: an active leader in the social media space since early 2007, Mari loves teaching businesses of all sizes how to full integrate social media in order to become much more successful and she especially enjoys working with companies dedicated to making a difference and creating positive change on the planet.
  25. Noah B Brown: a freelance writer with wide experience in writing about parenting advice, success and self improvement and relationship advice for building better relationships, get your daily wisdom and inspiration for greater self improvement for the whole family, parenting tips, success secrets and love and relationship advice.
  26. Mark Jala: With a passion for cooking, Mark founded the Home Cooking Academy in early 2012. As an upcoming author, Mark is tapping into his collegiate background in Psychology by revealing how to craft everlasting relationships through constructive communication during family meals focusing on building a new generation of strong families through constructive communication during family meals.
  27. Joanne Cipressi: Personal Life Coach and Trusting Advisor for successful entrepreneurs, victims, couples, singles, and fellow life coaches since 1998 Joanne’s specialties include: relationship help for rebuilding trust and passion, Dating Support for self-confidence and truly valuing who you are to attract the best mate for you, helping you to re-discover the ‘Inner You’ that was lost by experiences, hurts, and helping you to build the bridge to feel save being vulnerable and do much more!
  28. Renee’s Advice – Fashion Trends: Renee believes in building personal relationships and that comes through in her work where she provides you as customized and personalized an experience at Renees Advice as possible, instead of giving you an automated, impersonal suggestions.
  29. Aaron Anderson: Aaron is a marriage counselor, writer, speaker and relationship expert giving advice and information about love, life and relationships without all the psychobabble. He helps you keep your relationship real and real fun.
  30. Kurt Smith:  as a specialist in Counseling Men and the women who love them, Kurt discusses Men, Women, Relationships, Love and Health in a quest to understand better.
  31. Jonathan Huie: Author of personal-development books and creator of Daily, he has been dubbed “The Philosopher of Happiness” in recognition of an on-going commitment to seeing Joy in all of life. His intention is to share his insights for Joyful Living with the widest possible audience.
  32. Jamal Douce: He shares his life adventures, photography work, weekly advice to help inspire and motivate those who need some in their lives, and weekly intake on popular topics like love and relationships.
  33. Alfred Dato: Alfred is the Online Dating Expert and Relationship Guru who people affectionately call Dr. Dato since he loves to solve relationship tangles and giving expert dating advice.
  34. Paul Simbeck-Hampson: Paul is about nurturing symbiotic relationships with those interested in the many facets of Social Business and he posts and discusses relevant topics on this community.
  35. Melody Chase: Relationship Expert and Writer For The Centre For Life Management/ LMC Relationship Centre, she co-authored several Relationship and Self-Growth Advice E-books and Programs including our Counsellor in a Box Home Study Relationship Program, our Love By Design Relationship Program and our Better Parents, Better Kids Parenting Program.
  36. Nikki Brown: Entrepreneur and Co-Host of were they give advice on Love, Sex, Relationships and Hot Topics.
  37. Mani Curiously: Started by 2 friends who found that they spent more and more time on the phone talking, texting and sending pics of their nails than ever before, it just seemed logical to put it in one place to share with others so they bring you their love of nails, nail art as a fun way to impress your man!
  38. Marion Dunkley: Marion sees her work here on Earth as to guide people through challenges such as about love and relationships, or clarity on issues involving career and money.
  39. Emilie Eggleston: Self-described hippie mamma in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, she usually post about Education, Organics, Nature, Music, Psychology, Science, Math, Technology, G+ Tips and Tutorials, Coding, Design, Art, Healthy Living, Liberty, Love, Eternal Life.
  40. Margie Hearron: She is a Jesus only Christian who enjoys intelligent and sincere people that love to have civil discussions and discusses issues pertaining to women, Jesus and much more.
  41. Praveen Kumar Yadav: an expert in Relationship Conflicts and Real Estate and Internet Marketing, he decided to set up this site to share the upcoming real estate opportunities in Jaipur, as well as discussing Relationships and How to get Back Together, helping those who are facing the relationship crisis, break up and Separation and Conflicts with their Ex.


  1. Seventeen Magazine: The official Google+ page for Seventeen Magazine brings you quizzes, games and fun, fashion, beauty tips, celebrities, advice on love, health, college and so much more!
  2. The Frisky: The Frisky tackles topics of love and sex, pop culture, health, politics, fashion, dating, and travel but with a sexy, carefree, and most of all, relatable twist.
  3. Love Erotics: This is home to Your Favorite Adult Sex Shop. Love Erotic is one of the Uk’s most popular adult sex shops where you can buy sex Toys Online.
  4. is a Youth Volunteer Magazine for career advice, education advice, love and relationship advice, young talent, latest information on movies reviews, technology, events, news and more by youth writers.
  5. Planet Love Match: The Google + page for an online dating website that simplifies the process of finding the right match and provides the tools to make lasting connections as a social online dating site that provides singles with an immersive and interactive way to find and meet people online, no matter where they are.