101 Pinterest Boards Worth Following for Love, Dating, and Relationships

Pinterest allows you to create your own virtual pin board and pin things that you find on the Web that interest you.  A hidden gem of Pinterest is the vast number of boards and pinners that focus on love, dating, and relationships.  Check out our list and learn more about dating, love, sex, and cute ideas to show your special someone you care. If you’re serious about dating and relationships, these 101 Pinterest boards are definitely worth following.

Pinners Who Love to Pin About Love

  1. Jamie Wyatt – 13813 followers: This Southern Writer and Speaker loves to share Traditions for building memories and relationships!
  2. Denise DivineD Spiritual Adviser – 5730 followers: Denise is a Professional Spiritual Adviser & Psychic Medium who pins about love and dating.
  3. Jenn @ Sweet T Makes Three – 3780 followers: Jenn is a mother, blogger, Southern homemaker pinning food, recipes, and ways to keep her love life going.
  4. Drewry – 2861 followers: Drewry is empowering others through useful information and he picks cars, banking, business, employment, education, photography, relationships and more.
  5. Sherry Senicar – 2002 followers: Sherry is a self-described Wiccan who is blessed by the Gods and Goddess to have a wonderful family and amazing friends in my life!  She features love and relationship pins.
  6. Abiola Abrams – 1903 followers: Abiola is a self-love coach and happiness educator. She writes and creates advice videos on healthy living and relationships.
  7. Intent.com – 1807 followers: Intent is an online community that finds the best content to help you fulfill your goals and aspirations in the love and dating space.
  8. Eugene Tan – 1423 followers: From Penang, Malaysia he is interested in Handmade, Custom-made, Jewelry, Lingerie Fashion, Collectibles, and lots of dating stuff!
  9. Victoria Morgan – 1053 followers: Victoria is a blessed wife, mother, and grandmother who has served on our school board for 27 yrs. and enjoys being actively involved in our community, through church and other activities—she especially likes pins about dating.
  10. Geneva D.  – 434 followers: this woman has it all.  Woman of God, Haitian Queen, who captures moments in time as a photographer who loves to feature topics on love and dating.
  11. Elly – 417 followers:  Elly says pinning is relaxing and she pins about life and love, Thanksgiving, Christmas, art and inspiration, jewelry, beauty, nails and much more.
  12. Sharlee Lou – 398 followers: Sharlee Lou has some awesome dating pins and she says “A bird does not sing because it has an answer, is sings because it has a song.”
  13. Leah Alexander – 318 followers: Leah loves fashion, crafts, true love, Disney, Nerdy things, and anything artsy. :] She enjoys single life while letting pinterest help her plan her future!
  14. Jamie Riley – 303 followers: Jamie inspires us to never have the kind of pride that turns away others but to rather be wise and humble yourself. Love the lord our God first and the rest will fall into place.
  15. Natalie Sander – 285 followers: Natalie is a 20-something year old Excel junkie and recent new homeowner who loves decorating, organizing, running, dancing, singing at the top of her lungs, and pining dating stuff.
  16. Marianne Avrutin – 284 followers: Marianne pins photography, interior design, great quotes, landscapes and much more!
  17. Lynne D — 266 followers: She describes herself in a cute way as: Floofypoofs (n): person who is a little bit girly and a whole lotta goofy.
  18. Callie Woodard – 223 followers: Besides love and relationships, Callie pins animals, future wedding plans, movies and much more!
  19. Steph Cammack – 218 followers: Stephanie pins beauty, beauty DIY, books worth reading, arts, animals, celebrities and many more hard-to-get-away from pins!
  20. Sheila Akin Pearl – 218 followers: Sheila is a Relationship and Life Transitions Coach and Wedding Officiant with 25 years of experience as clergy and family therapist. Sheila is dedicated to you living joyfully with loving relationships.
  21. Modern Love – 185 followers: Dating and relationship expert Cija (kee-yah) Black is a writer, blogger, speaker, webinar presenter and coach dedicated to helping people sort their relationship baggage, and find real love both on and offline and she writes about love and dating.
  22. Jessica Jane Bull – 118 followers: Jessica loves Pinterest and pins style, food, health and fitness, make up, hair, humor, love and much more!
  23. Emilee Eagar – 110 followers: Emilee has some great pins including clothes, church, accessories, dessert, Christmas, bachelorette party, and dating.
  24. Shannon Barr – 110 followers: Shannon says baby fever has struck. “I can dream can’t I?” and pin some really cute pins!
  25. Stacey Zimmerman – 111 followers: Stacey pins teaching stuff, wedding pins, my style, for the home, recipes and more!
  26. Kimbery – 57 followers: Kimberly pins cool inventions, clothes, cute kid pins, beauty and the beast, Adam Levine and tons of other cute pins!
  27. Brooke C —  35 followers: Brooke pins yummy cooking and recipes, her dream wedding, men, cute outfits, bucket list and much more.
  28. Amy Balancio – 33 followers: Amy is a nursing student, dancer, hoping to be a professional dancer someday, blogger, book lover and dater!
  29. Melyssa Douglas – 30 followers: Melyssa pins scrapbooking, recipes, bridal shower ideas, event planning, workout regimes, love and relationships, gardening and much more!

Wacky Pinners Who Give You All You Need on Love and Dating

  1. CELEBUZZ – 4902 followers: Get the latest in celebrity news, gossip, photos and videos. Because we can’t get enough.
  2. Ernesto Galgana – 3317 followers: Ernesto is interested on almost anything under the sun he is a self-confessed pinterest addict who loves to pin dating and relationship stuff.
  3. Jamie Brown – 1929 followers: Jamie is a small town country girl who loves Pinups, Greasers & everything else Rockabilly and she swoons over bearded, tattooed men with fast cars!  Check out her great date ideas.
  4. Lori Gunter – 1636 followers: Lori pins puppies, favorite recipes, for the home, bread and muffins, style, craft ideas, love and relationships and much more!
  5. Sara Cobb – 1352 followers: Green living, movie loving, traditional foods cooking, massage therapist, library worker, reader, traveler, essential oils enthusiast, fermenter, DAR member & dater!
  6. Tara Nichelle – 973 followers: Tara loves travel, the arts, positive energy, great conversation, learning & creativity, and dispensing relationship advice.
  7. Leighanne Stainer – 559 followers: She’s an SEO Manager for Popular Online Dating company, Photographer, Traveler, Art Lover, Glass Bead Maker, Wine Taster, Mother, Daughter, Friend, Jokester…
  8. Nakia H – 463 followers: Nakia is a Southern Girl with charm, loves God, loves her family and awesome friends, and pins lots of dating and relationship topics.
  9. Elizabeth Anne – 441 followers: Elizabeth is all these things: Redhead. Caring. Opinionated. Adventurous. Religious. Enduring.  Loving.
  10. KnowMore TV – 271 followers: KnowMore all about healthy living! They pin tips, stories & advice on all things health and wellness. Live Smart. Be Healthy. Know More.
  11. Joanna Laznicka – 217 followers: Joanna, the owner of several websites, keeps her viewers engaged with pins on love, life, and everything in between.
  12. Amanda Williams – 164 followers: Amanda is Saved by Him and that is the most important thing about her. She pins worship, celebrity love, hair, nails, skin and beauty and more!
  13. Olivia Rose – 160 followers: Olivia is living her life in the best way she can: dating, loving, and spending time with those she cares about.
  14. Barbara Pence – 153 followers: Stay home mom of 2 kids that are the center of her life! Loving all the different ideas and recipes and extras that she has found here!  Find relationship and dating pins.
  15. Sheila P – 135 followers: Sheila pins quotes, saying, philosophy, food, travel, dating, home, bucket list, supporting the troops and much more!
  16. Amelia Weatherbee-Ronco – 136 followers: Amelia pins breakfast, bread, appetizers and dip, chicken, cool home ideas, crockpot, engagement photos and more.
  17. Renee Vibrant – 129 followers: Renee pins hairstyles, funny pics, health, dating, and fitness, quotes and all kinds of great, fun stuff!
  18. Sha – 111 followers: Sha pins good looking food, girl swag, shoes, home décor, drinks, crafts, jewelry, and dating ideas.
  19. Angie Marie T – 106 followers:  Angie is an english bulldog mommy, housewife, artist, and she pins all kinds of hard-to-look away from pins about life and love.
  20. Kathleen Cochran – 98 followers: Kathleen pins DIY crafts, quotes, hair, fashion, things you should know, fitness, kids, technology, DIY jewelry, Asian men, wedding and more!
  21. Dawn Breitzman – 70 followers: Dawn pins cleaning, organizational and storage, budgeting and planning, arts, crafts, DIY, bathroom, bedroom styles and much more!
  22. Caroline Reid – 57 followers: Caroline pins nail art, design and color, wedding dresses and bridal dresses, celebrity hair styles, relationships, love, date night and heart break.
  23. Jenn Schultz – 37 followers: Jenn pins clothes and accessories, food, relationship advice quotes, decorating, home décor, art, animals, cute kids and others!
  24. Jaclyn Sony – 28 followers: Jaclyn pins tattoos, holidays, foods, crafts, babies, children, holidays, travel, love and marriage and other cute pins!

Pinners Who Have the Expertise

  1. Cosmopolitan – 154384 followers: the official Pinterest for Cosmo Magazine and they pin hot guys, fitness tips, cocktails, quotes, & more.
  2. Us Weekly – 40790 followers: Us Weekly and Cosmopolitan join forces to share relationship info, dating tips and glimpses at their favorite celeb couples — follow along and enjoy!
  3. Becky H – 671 followers: Becky pins Christmas, health items, Thanksgiving, fitness, love and missing loved ones and many more irresistible pins!
  4. Liz – 548 followers: Whether you’re dating, falling in (or out of) love, or experiencing sexual freedom for the first time in a while, Liz hopes you’ll enjoy her board all about dating, love, and sexual liberation within relationships.
  5. Brandon-April Drew – 506 followers: Mom, teacher, and daycare provider! She pins health and beauty tips, cleaning and getting organized and lots more!
  6. Sara Brown – 51 followers: Sara pins fitness, style, products she loves, healthy living, love, dating and relationships and much more!
  7. Stephanie Dolce – 31 followers: Stephanie’s sassy novels are now entertaining millions of readers worldwide, along with her knowledge and expertise in relationships with her first book of nonfiction, A Bird’s Eye View, which was released in March 2011.

Boards on Dating and Relationships

  1. Plus One Style – 976 followers: find your secret to healthy relationships, dating, love, and important articles like “100 Questions Couples Ask Before Getting Married.”
  2. Luuuurve – 563 followers: Beth Ann Mayberry pins about love, romance, dating, relationships, mushy stuff, romantical happenings, happily ever after stuff, weddings, couples, and fun dates.
  3. His & Hers – 364 followers: at His & Hers, couples visit for advice on relationships, dating, date nights, marriage, and finding and keeping your soulmate.
  4. Lover – 267 followers: your place on Pinterest for dating, love, and relationship ideas. Pins include “30 date nights at home” and “The Top 50 Date-Night Ideas of All Time.”
  5. All You Need is Love – 203 followers: Alicia shares her thoughts on date nights, gift ideas, relationship advice, and other cute ideas, like Valentines Day meal ideas.
  6. Truly Madly Deeply – 201 followers: the ultimate pin board for love, romance, falling in love, dating, and relationships.
  7. To Love and Be Loved – 143 followers: this pinner offers readers a host of thoughtful texts, images, and more on love, crushes, couples, cute, love quotes, kisses, cuddling, relationship, dating, intimacy, in love, and falling in love.
  8. Love to Love & In Love <3 – 131 followers: pins for relationships, date ideas, gifts, and other things that are related to love.
  9. Jerms {My Love} – 128 followers: this board is all about hubbys, marriage, dating, relationships, and religion.
  10. Just Richard and I – 106 followers: this pin board is a cleaver mix of something nice, something special, and great date ideas.
  11. Love Is – 94 followers: this pin board discusses valentines day, date nights, and ways to keep the relationship alive.
  12. In Love We Trust – 86 followers: Pinner Shiyana realized that she’s at a point in her life when it’s time to consider what makes a strong relationship.  Find out what she found.
  13. Find love & soulmates – Cupid dating – 63 followers: your place to find your single date love, meet someone new, and start life with someone who shares your passions and interests.
  14. Love – 40 followers: Kristina Wood pins her favorite trends on love, dating, relationships, happiness, and life.
  15. Date Night – 43 followers: Jessica Higgs keeps things light with her board all about fun dates.  Keep him guessing with cute activities that will spice up your love life.
  16. Double dates – 30 followers: this pin board will help give you ideas on how to successfully double date and expand your social network in the process.

Fun Stuff, Matchmaking, and Movies

  1. Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Foods – 1,216 followers: if you’re looking for ideas on how to make Valentine’s Day a tasty day to remember, this is the pin board for you.
  2. Marriage – 357 followers: discover the best advice for husbands, gift giving, relationships, sex, diy projects, and anniversary ideas.
  3. The Best Dating Movies – 246 followers: blogger April Braswell provides her best dating movies, to teach women lessons on modern love, romance, and relationships.
  4. Laugh + love – 244 followers: this pin board seeks to find the humorous side in love, dating, and relationships.
  5. Dating Rescue Success Tips – 230 followers: this board will help you accelerate your success at finding your ideal relationship partner.  Take the step to start your path towards happiness!
  6. Love and Lust: Dating and Relationships – 140 followers: find your path to true romance with this thoughtful, sexy pin board.
  7. Dating and Matchmaking Blog – 85 followers: this pin board features excerpts from the blog, which provides tips and insights into love, dating, and relationships.
  8. Love/Boyfriend Ideas – 81 followers: find ideas for giving thoughtful gifts to your love, tips for great relationships, ideas for cheap date nights, and more!
  9. What I like about You! – 43 followers: find gifts, date ideas, relationship stuff, and a whole lot more.
  10. Love and Laughter – 39 followers: discover ways to relationship build, teach lessons, and read some great stories that are sure to bring laughter.
  11. Keeping the love alive! – 33 followers: check out Kady’s latest fashions, relationship tips, dating ideas, and things that make you go “oooh”!

For Men, Weddings, and Fun Date Ideas

  1. Let’s Have a Picnic – 515 followers: one of the world’s most perfect dates is settling in and enjoying a great picnic. This board provides some great picnic ideas that can turn a glorious Sunday into a magnificent first or fiftieth date.
  2. H u s b a n d – 347 followers: this pin board hits on such topics as men, gifts, marriage, relationships, sex, dating tips and tricks, birthdays, Valentine’s Days, romance, couples, boyfriends, and love.
  3. Love Tokens – 276 followers: whatever stage of your relationship you’re in, Love Tokens has the recipe you need for success.
  4. For My Man – 262 followers: find love, dating, marriage tips, advise, columns, sexy time, and all the crazy things your man will love.
  5. My future prince and out fairytale – 207 followers: Sarah dreams of one day finding her true love. Follow her search as she pins romatical adventures and cute pics.
  6. I’m In Love, I’m In Love – 172 followers: this is not just another wedding planning board—it’s a cornucopia of date ideas, fun pastimes, and simply cute ideas for keeping that wedding day energy alive.
  7. Love and Marriage – 97 followers: check on this boards great little relationship stories, cute love stories, and dating tips.
  8. Love – 94 followers: this board is filled with—you guessed it—LOVE.  Come for ideas, pictures, quotes, friendships, and romance.
  9. Love, Relationship, Dating – 94 followers: this board examines both the good and the bad with dating, including tips for successful marriages and how to get over a breakup.
  10. Flirting and Dating <3 – 86 followers: full of naughty, flurty, passionate pics, quotes, and lessons for sex, life, love, and relationships.
  11. Things to Do With Love – 81 followers: this board is full of cute pics, dating stories, dating tips, and the odds and ends that make relationships tick.
  12. Love – 76 followers: ah the board of love.  Find love tips, date ideas that don’t suck, and relationship advice for all ages.
  13. Relationships – 57 followers: relationship tips, relationship ideas, date ideas that will knock your socks off, this board is chalk full of 100% love.
  14. Love – 39 followers: find a bunch of great relationship advice links, cute love stories, dating tips, and much more.