100 Best Blogs To Get Over A Breakup

Whether you’ve been dumped, or were the dumper, breakups are hard, horrible, soul-crushing, ego-shattering experiences. But, we’ve all been there, and more than a few of us have lived to blog about it. As you’re licking your post-breakup wounds, here are the top 100 blogs to help you get over the guy or gal who broke your heart. You’re better off without them anyway. You know that, right?

Fresh Wound (Still Mad)

  1. [thumb]http://www.thebreakupcenter.com/[/thumb]The Break Up Center: offers a unique approach to breaking up, providing a place for women to release negativity, get inspired and feel empowered.
  2. [thumb]http://www.breakupeasy.com/[/thumb]BreakUpEasy: a social network website that specializes in “online relationship resolution.”
  3. [thumb]http://badassbreakup.tumblr.com/[/thumb]Bad Ass Breakup: is a tumblr and Twitter account devoted to breaking up like a badass.
  4. [thumb]http://www.thestranger.com/seattle/SavageLove[/thumb]Dan Savage: For when you’re ready to laugh, but not quite done with crying, Dan Savage will explain love to you with humor and sarcasm.
  5. [thumb]http://thebreakupmermaid.co.uk/[/thumb]The Breakup Mermaid: is the blog of a breakup coach who wants to help you move on from your unhappy relationship.
  6. [thumb]http://breakupsareabitch.com/[/thumb]Breakups Are A Bitch: Relationship expert Ellen Smoak shows you how to survive your breakup and come up better than ever.
  7. [thumb]http://www.wakeuptoabreakup.tv[/thumb]Wake Up to Break Up: a show devoted to understanding how men and women get along and what happens when they don’t.
  8. [thumb]http://plentyoffail.blogspot.com[/thumb]Plenty of Fail: frank and hilarious, this chronicle of online dating will leave you in stitches, nodding your head because you’ve dated that one too.
  9. [thumb]http://break-upclub.com/[/thumb]Break Up Club: relationship experts Janis and Tristan will get you over your relationship and back to being better than ever.
  10. [thumb]http://wotwentwrong.com/[/thumb]Wot Went Wrong: ask for advice, give advice, and most importantly figure out what went wrong.
  11. [thumb]http://thereismoretolovethanlife.blogspot.com/[/thumb]There’s More to Life Than Love: dating tips and relationship advice from a girl who was single for a long time and now isn’t.
  12. [thumb]http://www.huffingtonpost.com/divorce[/thumb]HuffPost Divorce: the grim legalities of divorce are explained by the Huffington Post team.
  13. [thumb]http://chelseatalkssmack.blogspot.com/[/thumb]Chelsea Talks Smack: the online diary of a broken-up 20-something who’s intelligent reflections will absorb hours of your time.
  14. [thumb]http://simplysolo.wordpress.com/[/thumb]Simply Solo: after she broke up with her fiancé, Catherine had to start fresh after a 7-year relationship (and cancel a wedding). Now she’s learning to love being Simply Solo.
  15. [thumb]http://thebreakupblogger.tumblr.com/[/thumb]TheBreakupBlogger: Insightful 25 year old Kellie lets loose on how much it sucks to break up, from day one (sobbing in the shower) to getting over it and getting better for it.
  16. [thumb]http://www.thebreakupblog.com/[/thumb]The Breakup Blog: with an entire tab devoted to the theme of “get her back” this blog is strictly for ex-boyfriends with tips and advice.
  17. [thumb]http://www.brokenheartedgirl.com/[/thumb]BrokenHeartedGirl: is where you can give and seek breakup advice and cry over your ex to a sympathetic audience.
  18. [thumb]http://breakupquotesforgirls.tumblr.com/[/thumb]Breakup Quotes for Girls: when you’re looking for just the right words to capture your breakup, this Tumblr blog has them all.
  19. [thumb]http://www.soyouvebeendumped.com/[/thumb]So You’ve Been Dumped: gives support and videos about being dumped, telling dumpees that the end of their relationships are really just the beginnings of better days. And better dates.
  20. [thumb]http://hollywoodlife.com/[/thumb]Hollywood Life: you think your breakup was bad? Tune in to Hollywood Life where blogger Bonnie fills you in on the epic breakups and makeups of celebrity couples.
  21. [thumb]http://www.breakupgirl.net/[/thumb]BreakupGirl: gives advice, posts comics and animation, and real stories making breakups as fun as possible.
  22. [thumb]http://thebreakupbitch.com/breakup-blog[/thumb]The Breakup Bitch: will get you from breaking up to breaking free – it’s the smart woman’s breakup.

Insights into The Opposite Sex

  1. [thumb]http://blogs.psychcentral.com/[/thumb]PsychCentral: when you’re left wondering “why?” – you just might find the answer on Psych Central which devotes a number of posts to relationship dynamics.
  2. [thumb]http://www.scienceofrelationships.com/[/thumb]Science of Relationships: takes a scientific look at relationship advice, looking at psychology, family studies, sociology and evolutionary biology.
  3. [thumb]http://www.ex-back.com/[/thumb]Ex-Back: is a website devoted to helping you get your ex back, with articles like “how to text your ex back.”
  4. [thumb]http://breakupthebook.com/blog/[/thumb]Breakup the Book: is a book and blog by Leo Averbach, full of statistics and reasons why relationships fail.
  5. [thumb]http://www.guyfriendspodcast.com[/thumb]Guy Friends Podcast: the Guy Friends answer love, dating, relationship and sex questions via podcast with varying results.
  6. [thumb]http://www.straightmalefriend.com[/thumb]Straight Male Friend: this guy duo wants to be your “straight male friend” to give you the guy’s perspective on dating and relationships.
  7. [thumb]http://www.thesinglegirlsguidetomen.com/[/thumb]Single Girl’s Guide To Men: covers sex, celebrity gossip and dating advice in a fun and frisky format.
  8. [thumb]http://www.chacha.com/category/relationships-dating[/thumb]ChaCha: this site has a great blog for younger dumpees with tips on first dates and first relationships.
  9. [thumb]http://forthemen.com/[/thumb]Men’s Thoughts: a picture-board of what men think about, in case you were wondering.
  10. [thumb]http://www.girlsaskguys.com[/thumb]Girls Ask Guys: ask any question you have of the opposite sex and it will be answered.
  11. [thumb]http://www.thedatingspecialist.com/[/thumb]Nick The Dating Specialist: teaches men to become irresistible to women by becoming more confident and developing an appealing lifestyle.
  12. [thumb]http://guycodeblog.mtv.com/[/thumb]GuyCodeBlog: brought to you by MTV, it’s what the doctor ordered when you need to get back to your guy roots (or understand the roots of your guy).
  13. [thumb]http://www.therulesrevisited.com/2013/02/the-importance-of-silence-after-break-up.html[/thumb]The Rules Revisited: is a blog written by a guy who wants to bring back some of the old relationship rules.
  14. [thumb]http://advicefromasinglegirl.blogspot.com/[/thumb]Advice from a Single Girl: gives advice to people who ask and to those who don’t on life and love.
  15. [thumb]http://sheversushe.blogspot.com/[/thumb]SheVersusHe: is a fantastic blog about communication, break ups, dating and relationships.
  16. [thumb]http://www.susieandotto.com/[/thumb]Love and Relationship Advice: with relationship coaches Susie and Otto Collins has tips to help you keep your next relationship together.

Need Reminders Why You Left

  1. [thumb]http://confessionsofaserialdaterinla.com/[/thumb]Confessions of a Serial Dater in LA: think you can’t find a decent date? Try dating in LA. This blog will make you feel better about wherever you are, unless you’re in LA too.
  2. [thumb]http://www.lovehazardblog.com/[/thumb]Love Hazard Blog: real life stories that prove love doesn’t kill, though it might maim.
  3. [thumb]http://www.creepydaters.com/[/thumb]Creepy Daters: aren’t you glad you’re not dating anyone from this collection of creepy dating stories? Could be worse.
  4. [thumb]http://andthatswhyyouresingle.com/[/thumb]And That’s Why You’re Single: hilarious blog by a girl who dates a lot of guys, and knows first-hand why they’re still single.
  5. [thumb]http://onlinehating.com/[/thumb]Online Hating: when the frustrations of online dating get to be too much, you’ll be in good company with this blog.
  6. [thumb]http://www.metanotherfrog.com[/thumb]Met Another Frog: dating stories from the trenches ready to make you feel like you’re not alone in a world of frogs.
  7. [thumb]http://okcupidkillme.tumblr.com/[/thumb]Ok Cupid Kill Me: pokes snarky, marvelous fun at OK Cupid profiles. Great for a quick laugh when you need it!
  8. [thumb]http://www.itsnotokaycupidtheseries.com/[/thumb]It’s Not Okay, Cupid: a comedic web series born out of 100% real and scary OkCupid messages.
  9. [thumb]http://www.somethingshedated.com/[/thumb]Something She Dated: for those who’ve remembered a date and wondered “what the f-ing f- was I thinking?” this is for you.
  10. [thumb]http://www.crapdates.co.uk/[/thumb]Crap Dates: remind you of anyone you used to know? If so, you’re well rid of them.
  11. [thumb]http://www.abadcaseofthedates.com/[/thumb]A Bad Case of the Dates: provides a daily dose of bad dates – and the great stories they turn into.
  12. [thumb]http://date-blog-perils.blogspot.co.uk/[/thumb]Internet Dating Disasters: is the UK blog of a single girl in London reporting on her less than great dates.
  13. [thumb]http://baddatesgoodpeople.com/[/thumb]When Bad Dates Happen to Good People: brings stories from all over New York city of bad dates, often with pictures.

Empowered Singleton

  1. [thumb]http://breakupandshine.com/[/thumb]Break Up And Shine: is the blog of Marissa Walter who shares her breakup story, and how she turned it into a positive force (and a book). She says “the end of your relationship is the making of you!”
  2. [thumb]http://www.deservewhatyouwant.com[/thumb]Deserve What You Want: you have to be the person you want to be to find the person you want to find.
  3. [thumb]http://www.singleedition.com/media.html[/thumb]Single Edition Media: maybe you’re marketing to singles? This company is here to help you reach them.
  4. [thumb]http://www.singleinstilettos.com[/thumb]Single in Stilettos: this show isn’t just another dating advice website – it gives you the secrets to meet and attract the right man.
  5. [thumb]http://www.singlegalnyc.com/?cat=1696[/thumb]Single Gal in the City: offers a guide of where to go and what to do in New York City if you’re single.
  6. [thumb]http://girlshrink.com/[/thumb]GirlShrink: From what to do when you can’t find a Christian Grey of your own (hint: go battery-operated) to sex and dating advice, the doctor is in for all your single gal problems.
  7. [thumb]http://thebreakupguide.com/[/thumb]The Break Up Guide: helps you enrich, empower, and restore your life after a breakup, helping you find balance again.
  8. [thumb]http://www.thebreak-updiet.com/[/thumb]The Break-Up Diet: is the blog and book of Annette Fix whose humor will get a girl through the toughest of times, along with lots of chocolate.
  9. [thumb]http://singlegirlblogging.com/[/thumb]Single Girl Blogging: is the blog of a single girl living and dating in Los Angeles, filled with humor and painfully true stories.
  10. [thumb]http://maneaterme.com/[/thumb]Man Eater Me: is a blog about men, food, and making positive life change on both counts.
  11. [thumb]http://lifebetweenthesheets.blogspot.com/[/thumb]Life Between The Sheets: is about love, sex, dating, exes, and everything else life throws at you.
  12. [thumb]http://thesinglewoman.net/[/thumb]The Single Woman: Mandy Hale inspires single women to live their best lives ever.
  13. [thumb]http://adventuresaurusgirl.blogspot.com[/thumb]Adventuresaurus Girl Dating Blog: is your chance to live vicariously through this San Francisco based single girl as she meets guys, makes new friends and has fun.
  14. [thumb]http://thegirlwhowilldateforfood.wordpress.com/[/thumb]The Girl Who Will Date For Food: is a humorous look at dating, food, and working out from a Midwestern single girl.
  15. [thumb]http://justanotherdoomedsingleb.blogspot.com/[/thumb]From Bitter Bitch to Party of One: a bigger single b- commits to being a happy single b-.
  16. [thumb]http://thissinglelife.com/[/thumb]This Single Life: is funny, quirky, brazen, and totally enjoyable read with posts like “why we’re obsessed with douchebags.”
  17. [thumb]http://thecurrentconscience.com/blog/[/thumb]The Current Conscience: is an empowering website with a strong dose of feminism, talking about smart subjects to an audience of smart women.

Ready to Move on

  1. [thumb]http://www.gettingpastyourbreakup.com/gettingpastyourpast/[/thumb]Getting Past Your Breakup: tells readers how to turn a devastating loss into the best thing that ever happened to you with solid advice in every post.
  2. [thumb]http://www.fiftydatesfiftystates.com[/thumb]50 First Dates in 50 States: When Alicia got dumped, she decided to take a joy ride through all 50 States dating men (and some women) coast to coast on the road to heal her broken heart.
  3. [thumb]www.havetherelationshipyouwant.com/[/thumb]Have The Relationship You Want: Rori Raye shows you how to attract a committed relationship into your life.
  4. [thumb]http://www.ablogaboutlove.com/[/thumb]A Blog About Love: is what you need when you’re ready to heal and move in a positive direction. It covers love, family, marriage, happiness, choices and how to live a happy life.
  5. [thumb]http://www.penmyprofile.com[/thumb]Pen My Profile: a team of pro-writers writes your online dating profile for you, so you don’t end up on “OK Cupid Kill Me.”
  6. [thumb]http://www.okcupid.com[/thumb]OKCupid: one of the top dating sites on the web for when you’re ready to jump back in the saddle.
  7. [thumb]http://www.match.com[/thumb]Match.com: a dating site that matches you with someone with whom you hopefully have things in common.
  8. [thumb]http://www.eharmony.com[/thumb]eHarmony: a dating site that strives to match compatible daters with one another.
  9. [thumb]http://www.plentyoffish.com[/thumb]Plenty of Fish: with an advanced matching system and a wide variety of daters, Plenty of Fish aims to become a big fish in a big pond.
  10. [thumb]http://matchmakerintheknow.blogspot.com/[/thumb]Matchmaker in the Know: celebrity matchmaker Samantha Daniels blogs about love and dating – but why stop at reading her blog when you can hire her to hook you up?
  11. [thumb]http://www.theartofcharm.com[/thumb]The Art of Charm: if you have “bad luck” with women, it might not be a lack of luck, but a lack of charm. This website aims to eliminate that and make you charming indeed.
  12. [thumb]http://www.sparklife.info[/thumb]SparkLife: is a blog and resource for people ready to get proactive about dating.
  13. [thumb]http://www.ihate2date.com[/thumb]IHate2Date: an online dating junkie confesses all including rants and dating polls.
  14. [thumb]http://singlegirlsguidetodating.com/[/thumb]Single Girl’s Guide to Dating: no one knows dating like this single girl, and she has plenty of wisdom to share.
  15. [thumb]http://manshopping.wordpress.com/[/thumb]Man Shopper: this DC-based blogger has traveled near and far to find the perfect accessory-of-the-opposite-sex.
  16. [thumb]http://findkeeplove.wordpress.com/[/thumb]Find and Keep Love: has insightful tips and thoughtful discussions on what it takes to find and keep that special someone.
  17. [thumb]http://www.datinggoddess.com/[/thumb]Adventures in Delicious Dating After 40: the dating goddess answers all of your questions about dating in your 40s and beyond, having done it herself and had a blast.
  18. [thumb]http://www.baggagereclaim.com/[/thumb]Baggage Reclaim: is the guide to dating, relationships, single living and man taming with videos, comics, books and even self-improvement courses.
  19. [thumb]http://www.lovestruck.com/blog/[/thumb]LoveLife: is a blog about love, life and all things dating, from the first kiss to breakup…um…we mean happily ever after.
  20. [thumb]http://www.theover50womensguidetodating.com/[/thumb]The Over 50 Women’s Guide to Dating: a dating veteran and woman over 50 navigates the minefields of dating and tells others what it’s really like out there.
  21. [thumb]http://singlenomoredating.blogspot.com/[/thumb]Single No More:  is a dating network with advice, quizzes, and relationship tips for when you’re ready to get back in the game.
  22. [thumb]http://www.howtogirlfriend.com/[/thumb]How To Girlfriend: gives dating advice to men on how and where to find a girlfriend, and how to keep her.
  23. [thumb]http://thedateover.com/[/thumb]The Dateover: is a full scale lifestyle makeover company specializing in making you more dateable than ever!
  24. [thumb]www.yourtango.com[/thumb]Your Tango: is an online dating site with advice and insightful articles ranging from how to breakup to how to make a fresh new start.
  25. [thumb]http://www.onlinedatingsucksbook.com/[/thumb]Online Dating Sucks Book: is the result of John Gavin’s frustrating, but ultimately successful search for love. A must-read for anyone who’s ready to give up on online dating.
  26. [thumb]http://getthegirlofyourdreams.com/[/thumb]Get the Girl of Your Dreams: Dating coach and author Elaine Davis has a program to help you attract beautiful, intelligent, classy women.
  27. [thumb]http://www.freshstartafterdivorce.com/blog/[/thumb]Fresh Start After Divorce: is a website with resources for divorced women (and children), providing mentoring, e-courses and blog posts on surviving and thriving.
  28. [thumb]http://lovein90days.com/relationship-advice-blog/[/thumb]Love in 90 Days: when you’re done fooling around, Dr. Diana Kirschner’s advice will come in handy to sand your next significant other.
  29. [thumb]http://theurbandater.com/[/thumb]The Urban Dater: covers dating, sex, relationships, love, and unmarried life in general.
  30. [thumb]http://www.citygirlblogs.com/home[/thumb]City Girl Blogs: is the humorous and wicked smart advice of sexuality educator Stef Woods.
  31. [thumb]http://relationship-architecture.com/[/thumb]Relationship Architecture: let’s be honest, your last relationship didn’t end well. This time around, consult the pros with relationship counseling.
  32. [thumb]http://thepathtopassion.com/blog/[/thumb]The Path to Passion: love doesn’t have to be that hard! Mika and Clay make it simple to be loved for who you are.