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Top 200 Dating Experts to Follow on Twitter

Dating today isn’t easy – it is so complex that it makes ordering a beverage at Starbucks look like a cakewalk. From understanding online dating to picking the right dating site for you to getting a date to planning a date to conversation topics to communication and just understanding what a potential life-mate might want, there’s more to dating than simply meet cute, fall in love, live happily ever after. Thankfully, there’s a plethora of dating advice, stories, and research on Twitter to make sure everyone has a fair chance at finding a partner and falling in love. Below is a list of our favorite 200 dating experts to follow on Twitter.

Dating Stories

  1. @50Dates_States: shares dating wisdom and wisecracks across the 50 United States.
  2. @The50Dates: exclusively goes on dates to food trucks in San Francisco.
  3. @TNTML: curates and shares dating and life stories from nerds and tech-geeks .
  4. @awkward_photos: tweets photos and quotes from some of the worst dating profiles.
  5. @50_dates: explores dating in the 50 states as a 40-year-old.
  6. @52FirstDatesTO: goes one date a week in Canada and blogs her story.
  7. @creepydaters: showcases creepy dating messages sent to women engaging in online dating.
  8. @singlemuch: a sassy single gal in NYC looks for love in all the wrong places.
  9. @datehater: confessions and tales from a self-proclaimed online dating junkie.
  10. @lipstickandplay: is the adventures, mishaps and observations of a single mom in NYC.
  11. @mylifeonmatch: chronicles the true tales of an LA based online dater.
  12. @KellySeal: writer and former speed-dating host who curates stories about the single life.
  13. @carrieblogshaw: a serial singleton, loves shoes, likens herself to Carrie Bradshaw.
  14. @SingleCGirl: great tales of singlehood from the flats of crisp Canada.
  15. @singlegirlie: is a blogger posting tweets about dating in Los Angeles, California.
  16. @loribizz: shares dating-related stories and includes lots of celebrity dating and relationships news.
  17. @by_simone: real-time stories of dating and life from Canadian based author.
  18. @singlegirllife: daily wisdom on dating, love, life, relationships and sometimes even sex.
  19. @onlinehating: is dating online and telling horror stories so you don’t have to.
  20. @DatingDallas: mysterious author Addie tweets about her dating life in Los Angeles.
  21. @SingleSassyBlog: shares the good, bad and the ugly on dating in Boston.
  22. @my50onlinedates: a rare male author offers the tale of 50 online dates.
  23. @soloat30: is a 30-something single woman living with her dad and dating online.
  24. @metanotherfrog: tweets about dating in the UK from a variety of perspectives.
  25. @elizabethrose_m: is an unabashed sex-worker who shares bedroom tricks.
  26. @themansamsharpe:  is a man about town who loves fine drinks and fine women.
  27. @skyemetafrog: is a writer with a penchant for love, sex, dating and relationships.
  28. @the_second_wife: married, divorced and remarried the same man – her story continues here.
  29. @jilliandates: tweets about the single life from the point of view from a divorcee.
  30. @genakaufman: writes for Glamour Magazine, chronicling her dating adventures.
  31. @DateDaily: has dating tips, sex tips, and entertainment news of the dating variety.
  32. @girlsguide2date: curates dating stories and advice from women over the years.
  33. @males_thoughts: is dedicated to providing content only for men about women.
  34. @20sdatingdrama: two women in their 20’s tell the story of their dating lives.
  35. @EXGFprblms: is a chronic ex-girlfriend who shares her hilarious thoughts on Twitter.
  36. @LisaJey: a single parent finds her path in the online dating world.
  37. @mscheevious: tweets about her incredible zest for life that makes grown men cry.
  38. @sassy_divorcee: shares her story about divorce and getting back on the dating horse.
  39. @badonlinedates: a social network designed to help you share dating horror stories.
  40. @LaProvocateur: shares tales of love, lust and lingerie from the San Francisco area.
  41. @man_shopper: tweets stories of her dating escapades in the nation’s capital of DC.
  42. @follyofone: follows stories of dating triumphs and tribulations in LA.
  43. @AccidentallySxy: writer and famed Chicago Single tells all about dating in Chi-town.
  44. @BrandonHoang_: a newbie dater turned pro, he dispenses advice and stories for men and women.
  45. @Melysa_S: inspiring adventures and misadventures in dating as a single mom.
  46. @singlemomdate: a 40-year old single mom recounts tales of her sex and dating life.
  47. @datediva: a dating maven not only dishes on her dates but gives advice, too.
  48. @oneguytalks: tweets tales from a man’s point of view on life, love, dating and relationships.
  49. @PlentyofFail: a travesty of dating in Vancouver BC, a blooper reel of one girl’s dating life.
  50. @TheBacheloretta: tweets and retweets the dating shenanigans of herself and single girls.
  51. @snglegrlprblms: single women rejoice, but of course share their dating stories too.
  52. @BostnSingleGirl: true stories of dating in Boston, from good to bad and back again.
  53. @kissnblog: when the dating gets tough, the tough tweet about their love wonders and woes.
  54. @LifeByteStory: gals who date in real life then share their real stories with the twitterverse.
  55. @JYDatingBlind: dating expert author shares embarrassing stories so they may resonate with other online daters.
  56. @1SingleLadyBug: shares the personal laughs, triumphs, hearbreaks, success and failures at dating.
  57. @DoomedSingleB: a thirty-something singleton gripes and giggles her way through online dating.
  58. @MissSpecialSoph: from single to in-a-relationship, follow Sophie’s dating adventures on Twitter.
  59. @singlegalnyc: a New York City transplant notes her search for love in the Big Apple through dating.
  60. @girlsgotshine: online dating, meetups, tweetups and blind dates equal good blog fodder for this single gal.
  61. @DivorcedD20: a recently divorced father discusses dating, divorce and parenting in California.
  62. @dudesonokcupid: real guys tell stories about their online dating adventures using OkCupid.
  63. @okcupidkillme: being a cognizant female on OkCupid means one thing: weird stories.
  64. @OKCupidCouch: three gals all online dating and the quotes this endeavor inspires.
  65. @CheapDatePhila: has cheap date ideas and tips for the Philly area.
  66. @ItsNotOkayCupid: a bold, hilarious webseries based on 100% true OkCupid dating stories.
  67. @SSDated: the dating and sex life of comedic graduate student looking for love.
  68. @FirstDateHell: summing up really bad dates in 140 characters or less.

Advice Columns and Help

  1. @TheGuyFriends: weekly dating advice from two straight males who are friends.
  2. @penmyprofile: expertly handwritten dating profiles, tailored to your unique self.
  3. @fakedansavage: responds to questions about straight, gay, bi, and out of the box dating.
  4. @datingguide: offers free advice, support and information to all things dating.
  5. @neilstrauss: shares secrets of professional pick up artists and dating gurus worldwide.
  6. @smfmarcus: tweets about the dos and don’ts on modern heterosexual dating.
  7. @welovedates: daily dating advice and tips, plus a free e-book download.
  8. @chiaraatik: dating expert and author of Modern Dating: A Field Guide.
  9. @melanie360: shares tweets about relationships, great date ideas, and dating theory.
  10. @DearMrsD: is the author of acclaimed dating book, “Spin Your Web.”
  11. @thedatingtruth: is a dating coach and champion for all people who are single.
  12. @ScotMcKay: dating coach and the author of “Deserve What You Want.”
  13. @theartofcharm: is teaching men to meet women and manage stable relationships.
  14. @datingtips101: dating advice and info for people in the dating world.
  15. @datingexpert: author Stephanie Alexander helps women Google their dates before they go out.
  16. @atwysingle: offers dating advice for non-students (high school and college kids need not ask).
  17. @LindsayChrisler: relationship and love coach based in both NYC and LA.
  18. @sexwithemily: sex and relationship advice from sexpert and co-star of Miss Advised.
  19. @datingstylist: is giving online dating a makeover and putting fire into the lives of singles.
  20. @singledatingdiv: an award winning dating expert and managing editor at Singles Warehouse.
  21. @whitegrlproblem: tweets about problems with dating in the first world – and any world.
  22. @datingadvicecom: shares advice about love in the time of boyfriends and girlfriends.
  23. @singlegirlguide: a twitter-space for women who love men and themselves, too.
  24. @iBoyFriendTips: a group for tips to how to stay happy in your relationship.
  25. @mydevina: the musings about love and sex from an irreverent fun 30-something in Orange County.
  26. @1stsightdating: a man gives other men advice on online dating dos and don’ts.
  27. @LasciviousAriel: gives dating and love advice as the female half of “Ken and Ariel.”
  28. @Tenacious_Ken: gives dating and love advice as the male half of “Ken and Ariel.”
  29. @URwingman: professional dating coaches give advice as to presenting your best self.
  30. @datingformen: one stop site for info and resources on dating just for men.
  31. @DeniseMWade: is a relationship counselor who helps singles and couples find love.
  32. @QuickieChick: posts ideas and news on staying fit and sexy for bed time activities.
  33. @Dear_John: a forum for recently singled folk to get and share advice and tips.
  34. @NickNotas: dating coach and confidence boosting specialist tells it like it is.
  35. @Feisty_Woman: a sassy advice columnist who takes questions about love and dating.
  36. @GirlsAskGuys: an ongoing series of questions from the female species to the males.
  37. @DatingForWomen: a resource for the latest tips and advice on dating for women.
  38. @ReIgniteRomance: professional sexpert tweest relationship, sex and love advice for women.
  39. @samanthafraser: a life and relationship couch shares advice on sexuality and dating.
  40. @TheSenorCGW: doles out relationship advice from the male perspective  on City Girls World.
  41. @thecollegecrush: dating coach Kira and her team of co-ed geniuses dish advice to college kids.
  42. @kirasabin: love enthusiast and dating coach talks being single and dating.
  43. @DudeSociety: blatantly encouraging men to be their sexiest, most masculine selves.
  44. @BobbiPal: tweets to the over 40 singles crowd about how to find a man, and find yourself.
  45. @BreakUPclub: advice on the breakup blues and using your ex love to move onto your new love.
  46. @wotwentwrong: a new take on dating advice: crowd-sourced answers to love’s questions.
  47. @DenverDateDr: dating expert and author Christine busts out dating advice from Denver.
  48. @FantasyDaters: make dating fun with this part real-life, part fantasy online dating game for women.
  49. @FindKeepLove: tweets about the “simple” formula of finding love, then keeping love.
  50. @DatingInStyle: here to help people understand and thrive in the online dating world.
  51. @findingcupid: a simple guy on a simple mission: to inspire the world with love.
  52. @Women2Date: relationship services plus social tips for Russian brides and their grooms.
  53. @Tristan_Coop: be unlucky in love no more with love stylist Tristan grooming your for success.
  54. @lastfirstdate1: it’s never too late to find the love you deserve.

Online Dating and Matchmaking

  1. @howaboutwe: helping active people find friends and love locally through online dating.
  2. @okcupid: shares the  best online dating profile practices based on numbers.
  3. @match: shares success stories from the world’s largest online dating company.
  4. @eharmony: tweets about stereotypical normal dating, love and relationships.
  5. @zoosk: connects millions of singles with specialized behavioral matchmaking technology every day.
  6. @plentyoffish: connecting singles for free daily with a unique matching system.
  7. @jdate: premiere destination for Jewish singles looking for dates and love.
  8. @grindr: the world’s largest all male location-based adult friend finder in the US.
  9. @girldateforfree: exists to promote online dating where women do not pay.
  10. @AMillionMatches: real relationship talk from a matchmaking company who introduces singles.
  11. @lavalife: find dating and relationship tips, tidbits and musings plus special offers.
  12. @sparklife: dating and relationship coach Samuel McCrohan doles out advice.
  13. @datinginternet: one of the web’s first online dating sites, operating since 1996.
  14. @The_Matchmaker: tweets about dating, romance, love and relationships from NYC.
  15. @SingleStilettos: offers tips on what men think and want from women dating experts.
  16. @thedatecoach: a third generation matchmaker offers her talents to the USA.
  17. @stagdining: tweets about dining and dating in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  18. @MarniBattista: is a zen dating and life coach helping people find sustainable partnerships.
  19. @matchmakerSD: a celebrity matchmaker and love expert dishing about dating, romance.
  20. @Chemistrydotcom: a hub of online dating news, matchmaking, and personality tests.
  21. @FindingLove14: where a relationship coach teaches couples to maintain relationships.
  22. @crushhub: an online application made specifically to help you set up your single friends.
  23. @FriendFlirt: a social application that uses your Facebook friends to help you find love.
  24. @pattistanger: the owner and CEO of Millionaire Matchmaker and
  25. @dateover: dedicated to helping you become the most dateable version of yourself.
  26. @DinaZColada: tweets about being a dating coach and offers tips for daters.
  27. @thelovetrep: is a dating coach and relationship expert who shares her wisdom.
  28. @eFlirtExpert: dating consultant agency is ready to help you meet someone online.
  29. @eflirtjillofall: a dating consultant always sharing good ideas for dating online.
  30. @dawoonis: the founder and CEO of Coffee Meets Bagel, a new way to online date.
  31. @coffeembagel: Meet one friend of a friend, everyday at noon. 100% Free.
  32. @arumkang: co-founder and online dating enthusiast with Coffee Meets Bagel.
  33. @GinaKerrigan: a bold dating consultant shares innovative ideas for your dating profile.
  34. @JulieSpira: top dating consultant and coach shares information about building relationships.
  35. @letsdate: is an application for online dating on your mobile phone – date everywhere!
  36. @grouper: a low pressure dating concept fleshed out: 3 friends meet 3 other friends.
  37. @hurrydate: a unique speed dating and matchmaking system to help you meet the one.
  38. @meetjuliet: an online dating site and daily article generator about dating and relationships.
  39. @whatthelove: Houston based relationship coach helps people go from struggle to snuggle in dating.
  40. @Train_Spottings: love conductor Erika takes matchmaking to the subway system in NYC.
  41. @JoelBild: encourages successful singles to break out of their shell and start meeting people.
  42. @DatingAdviceGrl: single life consultant and dating expert Erin brings her expertise to you.
  43. @BestDatingSites: a conglomeration of online dating sites that talks all things online dating.
  44. @FirstDateCoach: tweets online dating advice from a first date coach’s perspective.
  45. @DatingInsight: brilliant Stephen offers popular dating, love and sex advice online.

Dating Theory and Articles

  1. @nerve: revolutionized online dating, shares thoughts of love, sex and culture.
  2. @smartdatinguk: shares information for comparisons sake on dating in the US and UK
  3. @theurbandater: shares dating advice and articles for real people written by yes, real people
  4. @yourtango: gives advice to couples and people in peculiar dating situations
  5. @cosmopolitan: tweets about culture, celebs, lifestyle and dating in America
  6. @glamourmag: the latest on relationships, health, dating beauty and being a woman
  7. @datinginsider: is the primary resource covering the online dating industry daily.
  8. @singleedition: is a collection of writers and bloggers who talk dating shop every day.
  9. @thesingleshub: an online forum for singles- they hope you only stay a short time.
  10. @swexperts: is an amalgamation of online dating writers sharing relationship advice.
  11. @BlogHerLove_Sex: creates opportunities for millions of women to share their dating writing.
  12. @marieclaire: a woman’s guide to dating, relationships, fashion, careers and more.
  13. @forthemen: photos for men about dating and women – safe for work.
  14. @DateDaily: provides up to date celebrity hook up and break up news to kill time at work.
  15. @DatingRev: shares information from the datingverse and an avid online dating proponent.
  16. @singlewomenrule: advice and articles for women interesting in love and dating.
  17. @JessDowney: shares articles and writers her own stories about dating in NYC.
  18. @cupidspulse: a place where celebrity relationships and couples are discussed constantly.
  19. @notebook: tweets sentimental and inspirational quotes about all things love.
  20. @omgfactssex: tweets that center around sex, dating and relationship facts.
  21. @Redolpho: master of social dynamics and taking charge of your life, Eric, tweets dating.
  22. @nympsam: tweets about how to rock happy, healthy open relationships for adults.
  23. @PostDating: articles and intel on dating in New York City.
  24. @jozenc: a New York Post relationship writer talks dating, pop culture, and humor.
  25. @NakedWithSocks: award winning relationship consultant posts and reposts articles on dating.
  26. @GoodMenProject: tweets genuinely earnest ideas on how to be a good man in today’s world.
  27. @gurldotcom: tweets and retweets articles all about those pesky things we call relationships for women.
  28. @ThoughtCatalog: custom articles on the best, worst, and weirdest parts of dating.
  29. @HuffPostDivorce: curates and produces articles about divorce and the dating that happens after.
  30. @stellasingles: free online dating advice for men and women about dating, relating and love.
  31. @ElizbethLManess: relationship expert and business diva helps people meet their perfect match.
  32. @365CheapDates: tweets cheap date ideas from LA because money can’t buy love.
  33. @DatingChronicle: tweets about 100 dates in around 18 months around the country.