Why Didn’t He Call You Back?

Even after you’ve scoured the best dating sites, spent endless time weeding through the potential princes and the frogs, spent even more time chatting with potential dates and narrowing it down to that one seemingly perfect date, sometimes it still just doesn’t work out. What if you went on a date with the man you’ve chosen, only to be ignore and never called back? Sometimes, there is more there than meets the eye. Before you start blaming yourself and thinking of things you could have done differently, consider the possible scenarios that could have prevented your date from calling you back:

  • He is Busy: As much as you may want your guy to call you back after what you considered a wonderful time together, it could be that he is just too busy at the moment to call you back. His work, friends, or other distractions could be preventing him from giving you a call back. Give it time before you throw in the towel.
  • He Moves Slow: Many guys choose to take things slowly, even in the fast-paced dating world. Your guy could be very much into you, but just needs the extra time to process his feelings and what’s going on. Make sure to give him ample time before you decide he just doesn’t like you. If he does like you, he will eventually call you. Keep in mind, however, that you shouldn’t wait around forever. If a month has passed, there is nothing wrong with moving on and finding other potential dates.
  • He is Playing Hard to Get: Unfortunately, men and women alike are given the ill advice of playing hard to get as a means to seem more desirable. However, this sort of game only works sometimes at best. Most of the time it leaves the other person wondering what went wrong. If your guy is playing the hard to get game, he may be purposely ignoring you just to pique your interest. The only way to truly find out is when he calls you back. If he acts cool and aloof, yet seems interested when he calls back, there is a good chance he has just been playing games with you.
  • Bad News or an Accident: Last minute work plans, illness, a death in the family, and other bad news can happen to anyone at anytime. Your date is no exception. He may not have called you back yet because he has been dealing with a demanding boss who sent him on a work trip, or perhaps his sister was in a car accident. The good news is, once his unexpected events have been taken care of, he will call you back if he is interested.
  • He Doesn’t Like You: Finally, there is a chance that your guy just isn’t into you. As much as we hate to think that, there is the possibility that he didn’t see the date in the same way as you did. He may have thought you were more of a friend than a potential partner, or maybe he just simply wasn’t attracted to you in person. Typically, many men would rather ignore you instead of you that he just isn’t into you. Unfortunately, the only way to really know is to call him and ask him yourself. Yet, if you feel uncomfortable doing this, then you should just move on and find a more suitable guy that’s going to call you back and enjoy what you have to offer.