Top 100 Blogs by Relationship Experts: 2013 Update

Updated: April 23, 2013.

Is your current relationship on the rocks? Does your partner just not understand? Or do you want to find a new relationship that will last? Seeking out dating advice online can be quite a chore, so we’ve compiled this list of the top 100 blogs by relationship experts to help you rebuild, renew, or begin a more healthy, loving relationship. Please note that the blogs are presented in no particular order.

33 New Blogs for 2013

Since we originally compiled this list in 2012, dozens of other blogs have come to our attention. Here are our favorites for 2013.

  1. [thumb][/thumb]Alison Says: relationship expert and coach Alison Robertson provides tips on dating and friendship.
  2. [thumb][/thumb]The Tantra Fusion Blog: written by sex therapist and relationship coach Jacqueline Hellyer, this blog and accompanying podcast focus on sexual intimacy within relationships.
  3. [thumb][/thumb]Annie’s Blog: the confidence expert and leading relationship expert in the UK, Annie Ashdown offers free tips, techniques, and tricks about dating and relationships.
  4. [thumb][/thumb]EPIC Dating Love and Relationships: dating artisan Dina Z Colada offers free advice on dating, love, and relationships.
  5. [thumb][/thumb]Gay Dating Expert: this popular gay dating advice blog features stories of real-life experiences and expert tips on how to successfully date other gay men.
  6. [thumb][/thumb]All Women Stalk: a veritable treasure trove of thoughtful blog posts on almost everything about love, fashion, weddings, parenting, personal care, and much more.
  7. [thumb][/thumb]The Problem with Women… is Men: relationship expert and bestselling author Charles J. Orlando offers insight into modern relationships.
  8. [thumb][/thumb]Cupid Blogger: Introducing relationship advice with down to earth approach on dating, love, marriage and relationship.
  9. [thumb][/thumb]Understand Men NOW: dating and relationship coach for women Jonathon Aslay blogs about what men are really thinking when it comes to love, sex, and commitment.
  10. [thumb][/thumb]The Unconventional Matchmaker: Singapore love coach Elyse-Anne blogs for smart and successful single women looking for success in dating and love.
  11. [thumb][/thumb]Hooking Up Smart: read about how to navigate the hostile terrain of the contemporary sexual marketplace in this smartly written blog by Susan Walsh.
  12. [thumb][/thumb]The Love TREP: This newly launched blog by Boston dating expert and coach Neely Steinberg helps the modern-day woman find the love she’s always wanted by learning how to date entrepreneurially.
  13. [thumb][/thumb]Dr. Pat Allen: author of the popular book and seminar Getting to I Do, Dr. Allen’s methods promise engagement (to the right man!) within a year.
  14. [thumb][/thumb]PinkBlitz Magazine: dare to be pink when you read this blog about sex, relationships, parenting, healthy living, entertainment and more.
  15. [thumb][/thumb]Marriage Issues: geared toward couples, Nace Volcic blogs about wedding planning, marriage, and — yep — even divorce.
  16. [thumb][/thumb]Joy of Romance: founded by Joy Nordenstrom, Joy of Romance offers matchmaking and coaching and also has a blog about all things dating.
  17. [thumb][/thumb]TheFeminineWoman: the Love & Attraction blog offers dating and relationship advice geared toward the naturally feminine woman seeking love.
  18. [thumb][/thumb]Ernest Quansah: author of Do’s and Don’ts of Relationships: Nine Steps to a Deeper, Richer Love Relationship and How to Identify Your Soulmate, discusses topics that affect millions of people; dating, relationship and marriage success, how to find your soulmate, personalized match systems and interracial relationship success.
  19. [thumb][/thumb]Getting to TRUE Love: previously single but now happily married for over 10 years, blogger Jane Garapick has been there before and uses her experiences to write her blog about how to find true love.
  20. [thumb][/thumb]Liberating Choices: Marci Payne writes about growing yourself so you can have more intimate and cooperative relationships.
  21. [thumb][/thumb]The Guy’s Perspective: these good guys in touch with their inner bad boy deliver straight talk and insightful commentary on dating, relationships, and sex.
  22. [thumb][/thumb]Life of Josie M. | Design. Style. Life: geared toward women, this blog written by marketing visionary Amy B. Perrault started as a single girl’s survival guide but now helps women improve both their personal and professional lives through style, education, and self-empowerment.
  23. [thumb][/thumb]Relationship InSite Blog: the Relationship Couple, Dr. Chani and Rabbi Shmuel Maybruch, help you achieve the ideal relationship you’ve always dreamed about. Learn practical tips to enhance emotional intimacy and happiness in dating and marriage.
  24. [thumb][/thumb]Free & Connected: heart-opening insights to create a relationship you love, by married couple Jerry Duberstein, PhD and Mary Ellen Goggin, JD.
  25. [thumb][/thumb]Couple Cards: not a blog, per se, but this technique helps couples grow stronger in their relationships, and perhaps best of all, it’s really fu, too!
  26. [thumb][/thumb]Loving Korean: answers to all of your questions about Korean guys and dating Korean men.
  27. [thumb][/thumb]Relationship Love Advice: Marlon Raye blogs about the real secrets to getting back your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.
  28. [thumb][/thumb]Coaching with Roy: award-winning author Roy Biancalana blogs about a spiritual path to relationship bliss, from being hooked to being happy.
  29. [thumb][/thumb]Advice Sisters: credited with bringing the advice-infotainment genre online, this blog is geared toward women ages 20-55 and some adult men. The focus is on beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and relationships.
  30. [thumb][/thumb]DateMasters: a blog for men, on how to attract women and enjoy a better dating lifestyle and better sex. DateMasters is authored by Douglas Hall, a licensed NLP master practitioner, and his team.
  31. [thumb][/thumb]Couples Committed to Love: for couples who are committed to ensuring that their relationships endure, this blog is written by Leon Scott Baxter, who is neither a therapist nor a psychologist, but he does give very good advice.
  32. [thumb][/thumb]Kelly Speechless: a blog that provides relationship advice to women, on how they can “look, feel, survive, thrive, and activate their smart bitch inside”. Written by relationship advice coach Kelly Sowell.
  33. [thumb][/thumb]Romantico Brazil: not a blog, per se, but a fun dating site for those looking for Brazilian dating and romance. This is one of the most popular Brazilian dating sites on the Internet.

Original Top 100 List from 2012

Below is our original list that we compiled in 2012.

Relationship Personalities

  1. [thumb][/thumb]Dr. Seth: a licensed clinical psychologist, author, blogger, and TV personality, Dr. Seth provides relationship advice, including articles on how women can stop failing for unavailable men.
  2. [thumb][/thumb]April Braswell: dating and relationship expert April Braswell provides tips for singles in this informative blog, including online dating profile writing tips and posting attractive photos.
  3. [thumb][/thumb]Dr. Wendy Walsh: seen on the Today Show, CNN, CBS, Good Morning America, and The View, Dr. Wendy Walsh writes a helpful blog about finding and keeping healthy relationships.
  4. [thumb][/thumb]Stephan Speaks: certified relationship expert and coach Stephan Labossiere’s blog is on a mission—to help men and women experience authentic, successful relationships.
  5. [thumb][/thumb]Dr. Michelle: with advice for improving your relationship, first date tips, and other though provoking articles, Michelle Callahan provides readers with a “tell it like it is” approach.
  6. [thumb][/thumb]Dr. Karen Ruskin: Dr. Karen’s blog covers such topics as monogamy vs. polyamory, men standing by women, cheating, and the relationship advice that can be gleaned from blockbuster “50 Shades of Grey.”
  7. [thumb][/thumb]Matt Townsend: renowned relationship coach Matt Townsend shares his thoughts on relationships in this revamped blog. Visitors are treated with an intuitive menu of articles that provide a “one stop shop” for relationship advice.
  8. [thumb][/thumb]Stephany Alexander: the founder of, dating expert Stephany Alexander publishes a blog that discusses breakups and makeups, and dating do’s and don’ts.
  9. [thumb][/thumb]Evan Marc Katz: this down-to-earth dating coach’s blog focuses on helping smart, strong, successful women understand and find great guys.
  10. [thumb][/thumb]Gil Rio: dating coach Gio Rio shares his secrets of meeting women learned by living on four continents and interacting with women from all cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
  11. [thumb][/thumb]Barbara J. Peters: relationship expert Barbara J. Peters writes an informative blog that span numerous topics including age and romance, the keys to successful marriage, and how to recover after an affair.
  12. [thumb][/thumb]John Aiken: dating expert John Aiken lays out topics that need to be discussed in the dating game—the dangers of the one night stand, why nice guys come in last, and decoding players.
  13. [thumb][/thumb]Sabrynne McLain: relationship expert Sabrynne McLain shares her thoughts on friendships, our public and private selves, meeting your man, and other interesting tidbits.
  14. [thumb][/thumb]Allen Berger, PhD: using a “Dear Abby” format, Dr. Berger responds to readers inquiries concerning relationships, love, and harmony in the home.
  15. [thumb][/thumb]Marlo Thomas: she hosts Dr. Sue Johnson, who writes about tips to make marriage last, couples in crisis, family communication, infidelity, and dating after divorce.
  16. [thumb][/thumb]Francis Nmeribe: relationship expert coach Francis Nmeribe provides helpful articles on relationships, dating, courtship, love, integrity, purpose of marriage, and fidelity.
  17. [thumb][/thumb]DeAnna Lorraine: relationship coach for the smart, successful man, DeAnna Lorraine’s blog is dripping with sage advice for the guy who wants to get the girl.
  18. [thumb][/thumb]Chuck and Jo-Ann Bird: every week, relationship counselors and board certified clinical sexologists Drs. Chuck and Jo-Ann Bird blog about relationships and how to improve them.
  19. [thumb][/thumb]Dr. Joy Davidson: Dr. Joy Davidson’s blog is her place to muse on empowering men, women, and couples in their search for connectedness and understanding as the build relationships together.
  20. [thumb][/thumb]Tara Fields: a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Tara Fields writes an informative blog on relationships, passion, conflict, and affairs.
  21. [thumb][/thumb]David Wygant: dating expert David Wygant hosts a blog full of dating tips and advice. His posts include discussions on how to approach a group of women and the best places to meet women.
  22. [thumb][/thumb]April Beyer: relationship expert April Beyer has been called one of the best in the business of dating and match making. Her mission is to change the way women in American date and relate.
  23. [thumb][/thumb]Shela Dean: this blogger gets tremendous joy helping couples have better, happier, more intimate relationships. Let her teach you the lessons she learned the hard way.
  24. [thumb][/thumb]Have the Relationship You Want: this blog features the musings of Rori Raye, who explores breakups, age in relationships, and other provocative topics aimed at helping you find and keep that special someone.
  25. [thumb][/thumb]Lovepost Blog: At Lovepost, readers of relationship expert Clio Garland share in her advice on love, relationships, and romance. She is a trained marriage and family therapist and provides tips on helping couples with engagement and marriage.
  26. [thumb][/thumb]The Relationship Doctor: in his relationship blog, clinical psychologist Dr. Bruce Derman confronts important topics including the quest for Mr. Right, divorce, and dealing with stress in relationships.
  27. [thumb][/thumb]Arnie Singer: through his blog Jcoach, Rabbi Singer helps his readers picture their dream partner and develop a plan to find them, attract them, and begin a relationship.

For Women

  1. [thumb][/thumb]Jane on Top: offers relationship and life advice to women who want to be in control of their lives in a fun and practical way.
  2. [thumb][/thumb]Platinum Girl Celebrity Blog: in this cute and hip blog, dating expert Vanessa Taylor explores celebrity romances to discover what famous women do to get and keep their lovers–and reports on the fatal mistakes that lead to heartbreak.
  3. [thumb][/thumb]Blonde Bronzed Twenty Something: dating and relationship expert Jen Kirsh offers women sage dating advice in this provocative blog.
  4. [thumb][/thumb]Blog Her: the bloggers at Blog Her revel their thoughts on love, sex, relationships, and romance. With over 50 million readers, Blog Her is the source for women to find community and connection.
  5. [thumb][/thumb]I Want Closure: this relationship blog is concerned with providing women keys to change the dynamics of their dysfunctional relationship. Topics explored include online dating, friends with benefits, and communication.
  6. [thumb][/thumb]Relationship 101 For Women: a relationship advice blog for women, Relationship 101 For Women engages women in topics ranging from emotional abuse to cheating.
  7. [thumb][/thumb]Love Overrated: this blog chronicles a woman’s journey through love, life, and relationships. She provides anecdotes that teach important relationship lessons.
  8. [thumb][/thumb]Dating Without Drama: this blog, written for a female audience, provides lessons on first dates, how to find and keep a man, and understanding how men think.
  9. [thumb][/thumb]Queen Bitch: not for the faint of heart, this blog goes right into the relationship issues women care about but are afraid to talk about.
  10. [thumb][/thumb]The Sexy Single Mommy: told with plenty of sass, this blog helps women empower themselves to realize love, success, and confidence, all while having a blast.
  11. [thumb][/thumb]Single Mom Seeking: relationship blogger Rachel Sarah muses about new ways of seeing motherhood, love, and family. Find articles on dating a single mom and becoming a step parent.
  12. [thumb][/thumb]Ms. Single Mama: Ms. Single Mama blogs about the things she has learned as a single mother and offers insight on life, love, and relationships.

For Men

  1. [thumb][/thumb]Braddock’s Blog: a blog designed for men.  Braddock teaches you how to get confident and have the time of your life dating and building relationships.
  2. [thumb][/thumb]Single Dad House: let the relationship experts at Single Dad House give you the confidence to get back on the saddle and into the world of dating again. This blog is written with the divorced father in mind.
  3. [thumb][/thumb]Adam LoDolce: as the author of Being Alone Sucks and The Offline Dating Solution, Adam LoDolce writes a great blog that teaches men to abandon the same old tricks and truly connect with women.
  4. [thumb][/thumb]AnonymousMale1: this blog pulls no punches in describing the dating and relationship game from a male’s point of view.
  5. [thumb][/thumb]Crush Club Game: written by a relationship expert, this blog is geared towards guys. The author shares information that will help a guy with his pickup game and help him improve his existing relationships.

Online Dating Advice

  1. [thumb][/thumb]eFlirt Expert: Laurie Davis embraces the world of online dating with this funny look at eFlirting.  She also explores dating in a world of social media.
  2. [thumb][/thumb]Cyber Dating Expert: features a blog and weekly dating advice radio show that combines love and technology to help singles look for love online.
  3. [thumb][/thumb]Pro Dating Info: blog that discusses the multiple facets of online dating. Readers will find articles on the new rules for online dating and the latest news on the online dating providers.
  4. [thumb][/thumb]JMag: the offical blog of JDate, the leading Jewish singles network.  Features articles from relationship experts that discuss landing the first date, and many other fun topics.
  5. [thumb][/thumb]eHarmony Blog: the official blog for eHarmony, features numerous postings by relationship experts that teach ladies how to tell if he’s a good guy and discuss living together before marriage.
  6. [thumb][/thumb]Online Dating Post: blogger David Evans explores and analyzes the business of online dating since 2002. His insight is a great way to learn more about online dating.
  7. [thumb][/thumb]Online Dating Guide & Blog: relationship expert Brad shares his successes, thoughts, and experiences with online dating with the hope that others will find the same kind of success.
  8. [thumb][/thumb]Your Online Relationship Guru: a blog with hundreds of articles tailored towards online dating. Read about winning him back, dating etiquette, and inexpensive date ideas.

Advice for Couples

  1. [thumb][/thumb]Pat and Mary Save Their Marriage: a no-nonsense look at dating, romance, love, marriage, and survival told by Pat and Mary—a couple with a heartfelt story.
  2. [thumb][/thumb]Gottman Institute: the experts at the Gottman Institute Relationship blog are focused on strengthening and restoring marriage and relationships.
  3. [thumb][/thumb]Erwan Davon Teachings: this informative blog explores the more transcendent side of relationships, with articles on reality, character development, and touch.
  4. [thumb][/thumb]Relationship Problems Solved: this blog discusses online dating, tips, words of advice, and explains how to make the holidays special.
  5. [thumb][/thumb]Love and Relationship Advice Blog: relationship experts Susie and  shares her thoughts on how she has helped hundreds of individuals and couples successfully conquer their dating and relationship issues.
  6. [thumb][/thumb]Mid Love Crisis: blogger Kristen Crockett shares her passions of writing and helping people create healthy relationships.
  7. [thumb][/thumb]Relationship Coaching Directory: this helpful guide can be your answer to pressing questions about love, relationships, marriage, and dating.
  8. [thumb][/thumb]Sow Peace, the Relationship Doctor: let Rhoberta Shaler help your relationship through her interactive blog. Find articles on anger management, loving relationships, and peace.
  9. [thumb][/thumb]Relationships 101: this blog was created for couples and future couples to help them find the way in as opposed to the way out.
  10. [thumb][/thumb]Relationships 360 Blog: this blog is the webspace for the talk show with the same name that airs on BlogTalkRadio. Tiffany Williams-Jallow provides relationship advice on race and gender.
  11. [thumb][/thumb]The Relationship Coaching Connection: chalk full of helpful words of advice for saving and strengthening relationships, including articles on things you should tell her and why he stopped calling.
  12. [thumb][/thumb]La Clef D’or: relationship expert Phyllis discusses the inner workings of relationships and how to keep them healthy and happy over the years.
  13. [thumb][/thumb]Considering the Lily: taking its title from a Bible verse, Considering the Lily is a blog told from the heart. The author passes on relationship wisdom gained from failure, heartbreak, and the will to keep moving forward.
  14. [thumb][/thumb]Relationship Renovation: the author of this blog understands that all relationships are present with challenges, and offers solutions to couples as they navigate those challenges.
  15. [thumb][/thumb]Turning North: written by relationship expert Chris Daniels, Turning North discusses the challenges of building and sustaining relationships.
  16. [thumb][/thumb]The Couple Connection: relationship and dating experts write about turning off work while at home, improving apologies, healthy dating, and much more.
  17. [thumb][/thumb]Relationships Ireland: the relationship experts at Relationships Ireland have one goal—to help everyone with their relationships.
  18. [thumb][/thumb]Win Your Ex Back Today: for those of us pinning after an ex, this blog offers numerous tips and tricks for getting them back.
  19. [thumb][/thumb]Poised Affluence: on this blog, several relationship experts thoughtfully share their personnel stories and provide analysis on lessons learned.
  20. [thumb][/thumb]Baggage Reclaim: written by author and relationship expert Natalie Lue, Baggage Reclaim offers helpful relationship tips for both men and women.
  21. [thumb][/thumb]Loves a Game: a breakup recovery blog, Loves a Game teaches readers how to prevent rejection from crushing them and how to rediscover themselves post breakup.
  22. [thumb][/thumb]Improving Relationships: this blog’s mission is to teach tools for personal growth, life enrichment, and supporting individuals achieving lasting, stable relationships.
  23. [thumb][/thumb]Hitched Mag: this blog’s mission is to entertain, educate, and inspire marriages. Readers can browse a host of relationship topics written by several relationship experts.
  24. [thumb][/thumb]AARP: AARP’s sex and relationship expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz has written 16 books on the dating habits of couples and singles and through her blog provides help to improve the relationships of those 50+.
  25. [thumb][/thumb]From Monogamy to Something More…: a couple blogs about their transition from monogamy to an open relationship and all of the bumps along the way. Warning: contains some adult topics.
  26. [thumb][/thumb]Fearless Love: the Fearless Love relationship coaching blog explores how anger and love interact, and whether you can define your love.

General Dating Advice

  1. [thumb][/thumb]Ask April: nicknamed “the new millennium’s Dear Abby”, April Masini is a best-selling author of several dating books and offers fans a fun blog that teaches how to date and find your soul mate.
  2. [thumb][/thumb]Your Date Coach: professional dating coach Christine Hart takes readers on a witty ride through the pleasures and pitfalls of dating. She empowers readers to jumpstart their single life.
  3. [thumb][/thumb]Dating Guide for All: the experts at the Dating Guide for All blog provide a variety of articles you need for success in dating.  The blog is both funny and informative.
  4. [thumb][/thumb]Master the Art of Dating: this blog features articles geared towards both men and women. Written by a relationship expert, this blog will get you on the right track towards finding your special someone.
  5. [thumb][/thumb]Dating With Dignity: relationship coach Marni Battista writes in her blog that you should date fast, create your “who”, create your list of negotiables and non-negotiables.
  6. [thumb][/thumb]Advice for Dating at author Lisa Daily, known for her best selling dating and romantic comedy book, offers up commentary on relationships, life, and love.
  7. [thumb][/thumb]Cupid’s Coach: At Cupid’s Coach, relationship experts come together to share their secrets on finding passionate, lasting love.
  8. [thumb][/thumb] Dating: this dating site blog features dating experts talking about real relationship topics, including finding true love and happiness.
  9. [thumb][/thumb]LA Dating Blog: dating expert teaches singles in the LA area how to discover fun and unique ways to date on a budget in Los Angeles.
  10. [thumb][/thumb]Vanae: dating and empowerment coach Vanae provides a helpful blog that can give you added insight into what makes relationships works. She also hosts a video series.
  11. [thumb][/thumb]Advice from a Single Dating Expert: relationship expert Barry takes readers on a journey through getting the first date, to looking beautiful inside and out to find the love of your dreams.
  12. [thumb][/thumb]Astra Match Blog: the relationship experts at the Astra Match blog about all sorts of online dating related topics—from the benefits of online dating to tips for dumping your online boyfriend.
  13. [thumb][/thumb]My Dating Prescription: this relationship expert learned the hard way and through her candid blog tells women the pitfalls to avoid. Her goal? To date 100 men before getting serious with anyone.
  14. [thumb][/thumb]Soulmate Reading: bloggers Sophia Elise and Lady Sarah and soulmate psychics who turn to the within to help you find and keep your soulmate.
  15. [thumb][/thumb]Relationships 4 Love—What Mom & Dad Did Not Teach You: this relationship blog is aimed at both women and men and talks about topics mom and dad most likely did not review with you.
  16. [thumb][/thumb]Red Hot Relationships: relationship coach Bruce Sullivan helps his readers have happy, thriving relationships. Articles cover marriage, couples, and counseling.
  17. [thumb][/thumb]Love Sessions: every month, relationship expert Alina provides readers with a short answer to common questions about love, dating, and dealing with problems in relationships.
  18. [thumb][/thumb]OM Relationships: relationship expert Guy unravels the secrets behind getting a relationship that’s built to last through his thought-provoking blog.
  19. [thumb][/thumb]Get Relationships Right: through her blog, love coach Rinatta Paries helps singles attract true love, couples reconnect, and those in pain to find peace and heal their hearts.
  20. [thumb][/thumb]Dr. Romance Blog: love expert Tina Tessina explores love, relationships, culture, and life in general. The doc has eight book and 30 years of counseling under her belt, so she has a lot to share.
  21. [thumb][/thumb]Black Love Forum: at the Black Love Forum, relationship experts come together to provide advice to African American’s on dating, meeting the family, and keeping promises.
  22. [thumb][/thumb]Christian Relationship Blog: Mark Anthony McCray examines relationship issues in a Christian context, exploring satisfaction, spirituality, and temptation.