Five Photo Tips for Dating Sites

When it comes to online dating, the first initial attraction is typically by the photos that you present of yourself. The photo you choose as your profile picture can literally be the deciding factor as to whether potential dates will choose to learn more about you. In many instances, people may even move on to your personality questions and information if they are turned off by your photo. While it’s impossible to attract every single person that comes across your dating profile, there are proven ways that will get you noticed on the best dating sites and recognized more quickly as long you have the correct profile photo.

Tip #1- Old Photos
This tip is for both girls and guys. Future dating partners want to know what you look like today, not what you looked like at your high school prom or your summer vacation 10 years ago. Chances are that most people have changed quite a bit from the older pics. Even if you think you look the same, the retro hairstyle and clothes is usually a dead giveaway that you aren’t using an up-to-date picture.It’s best to use photos of yourself that were taken within the last three months so that there are no surprises when meeting.

Tip #3- Don’t Use Professional Photos or Glamour Shots
This applies more to the ladies, but men have been know from time to time to use this method as well. Do not use your glamour shot photos or any professional headshots as your dating profile picture. Even though these pictures may be the best ones you’ve ever taken, it’s usually a quick way to run potential dates off. Some people may consider professional pictures as fakes, while others just don’t care to see photoshopped and glamorized images. Settle for a more natural picture of yourself, smiling and candid.

Tip #4- Mirror Pics
A popular trend lately is for people to use their phones to snap self-portraits while standing in front of a bathroom or bedroom mirror. Unfortunately, this trend of photo taking not only creates blurry pics in many instances, but it’s also seen as childish and immature. Take the time out to have a friend or family member snap a picture of you that doesn’t entail you holding a phone by your face and smiling at a mirror.

Tip #5 – Smile; Look at the Camera 
The best photo you can create for a online dating profile is one that’s natural, candid, and shows your features up close. Don’t hide your eyes behind sunglasses. Don’t surround yourself with several other people. Don’t stand on a mountain and present yourself as the “dot” that climbed up to the top. Instead, have an up-close face shot that accentuates your eyes, hair, and smile. A body shot will suffice as long as your face is clear and easy to make out, and you are centered within the picture. Although you may not like the mole on your cheek or the chip in your tooth, hiding your features will only prolong your future dates from seeing the real you. So smile a big smile, be yourself, and keep in mind that those that are attracted to the real you will let you know.