Best Topics for a First Date

Most people are always advised to steer clear of certain topics on a first date, such as ex-relationships or politics. However, at the same time, you’ll need to keep the conversation going with interesting ideas and questions. A bored date could potentially result in a last date, so make sure you’re prepared with easy yet intriguing conversation topics that will keep the monologue flowing smoothly:

  • Work: Work is a great way to get to know a person and to show that you’re interested. Along with asking what your date does, make sure to ask if he or she is happy in the current role and where they see themselves in a few years. Additionally, finding out more about work habits and ethics is a great way to find out if this person is worth seeing again. Just be sure not to ask about income or anything too personal.
  • Hypothetical Questions: “What if” questions help to keep the flow of the conversation moving without any awkward silences. Make sure your hypothetical questions are easy yet interesting questions, and have fun with each question by answering each one yourself. For example, ask light-hearted questions such as, “What if you had a trillion dollars right now?” Avoid over-the-top questions or hypotheticals that are too difficult to answer, such as death or illness.
  • How you Met: Bringing up how you met is always an excellent icebreaker. If you met your date on a dating site, perhaps talk about your experiences. If you think your date is going to be successful, mention how the site is considered one of the best dating sites and that it seems to be working for you so far. Make sure to smile directly at your date when saying this. This will let your date know that you’re interested in a subtle way and provide an opening for a response.
  • Favorite Things: This is usually a given, but asking what someone’s favorite book, color, movie, or band is, is a great way to get a conversation rolling. It also gives you a chance to see how much you have in common. You may have already known that you like the same music as your date, but perhaps you two were at the same concert many years ago. You may know your date’s favorite actor already, but this can lead to a potential date to see a new release.
  • Future Goals: Aside from work, your date may have a book project in the works, or maybe he or she wants to visit Italy one day. Conversing about goals and dreams is not only a wonderful ice-breaker, but it gives your date a chance to talk about things that are important and positive.