7 Clues for Spotting Married Men on Dating Sites

In this day in age, the internet can be a very rewarding place where you can meet a lot of great men.  However, there is the possibility of meeting some that aren’t so great…some who are signed up to online dating services claiming a status of “single” when in fact they are married and one cheat away from an episode of Jerry Springer.

To avoid falling into the hands of a man who may have slipped off his wedding ring for an internet fling, watch for the following tell-tale signs:

Clue #1:  Zero picture.  If your guy doesn’t have an online dating profile picture or one that is difficult to make out, beware.  The majority of married men don’t want a picture of themselves online for the world to see, heightening the chances of getting caught.  Instead of posting their photo on a dating site, they may ask to send it to you via personal email.

Clue #2:  He will make first contact.  In most cases, married men will be the first to send the initial contact through the online dating service you are using.  A lot of these men tend to look for someone who seems trusting, naïve and who can be easily manipulated.  They will seek out such vulnerabilities by asking a lot of questions immediately so they can determine if you are an easy target or not.

Clue #3:  Irregular and erratic communication.  If you find that your internet guy responds to your messages in an irregular manner…mark this as a red flag.  Married men have family lives and obligations to their wives so they may not be as available as men who are actually single.  Watch out for late responses, long intervals between communications or even calling on a very set schedule.  Ask yourself a few questions—does he only call you on his work breaks?  Late at night?  Are the calls frequent or do they fluctuate?  From where is he calling?

Clue #4:  He requests your phone number, but won’t give you his.  It is not unusual for married men to ask for your number shortly after the initial contact.  Don’t be afraid to ask for his number in return.  If he is unwilling to give it, you might not want to go there.  Most men who have nothing to hide won’t have a problem sharing both their cell and home number as they want to be available to hear from you.

Clue #5: You can never reach him.  If you do have his number and are constantly having to leave a message when you call, this could be a sign of a problem…like a marriage.  Watch out if you have to wait hours or even days before he calls you back.  And when he finally does there is some sort of elaborate excuse.  Of course, there is a chance that he really has other things going on and he’s not cheating on a wife, but regardless you don’t deserve that kind of inconsistency—call it quits, sister!

Clue #6:  He won’t share info with you.  When first communicating with an online gentleman it is crucial not to give out too much information…but when you get to a certain point where you feel safe and comfortable in disclosing more about yourself and he is unwilling to do the same with you, we have another red flag.  Many married men won’t give out their last names in fear that you could look them up and discover their true, cheating identity.  If he won’t tell you where he lives, works, etc. there is a good chance he is hiding something from you—like a wife!

Clue #7:  You never get to meet his friends or family.  Maybe your relationship has progressed to the point where you want to share it with your friends and family—that is great!  Unless he acts strange about introducing you to the people close to him.  Men who are cheating on their wives obviously can’t have any family members or close friends finding out about their extra-marital affairs…so if your guy is dishing out excuses about why you can’t meet his circle of people then you need to proceed with caution!