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Landing a Sugar Daddy: 7 Surprising Places to Meet Single Millionaires

Finding a sugar daddy. It’s right up there with living the American dream, right? Whether you’re young or more mature, almost everyone wants a go at dating someone who is older, wiser and yes, richer. There’s nothing wrong with craving a little TLC from an older suitor. If you can’t weasel your way into charity benefits, not to worry. These are surprising places you may just run across a single millionaire.

  1. Private schools. We aren’t talking Brown or Harvard. We’re talking about local private schools that kids attend. Does this mean he’ll have a kid? Probably, but a sugar daddy isn’t really about getting involved with someone’s personal life. If you know a kid who goes to a private school, get your foot in the door by volunteering for a soccer tournament or school carnival. Put on your best smile, stand up straight and be confident when a mature gentleman sans wedding ring rolls around. Start out with small talk (after all, in the immortal words of Samantha Jones, “Wedding rings do come off, you know,”) and be warm and inviting if all signs point to this being a single man.

  2. Alumni functions. Many millionaires give back and they start at their alma maters. Not every self-made man went to an Ivy League school. If he’s still interested in being part of the university’s community and makes sizeable donations, there’s a good chance this guy has sugar daddy potential. Don’t be pushy. Be smart, introduce yourself, smile and let things happen organically. A man who has money to spend is usually generous, but he’s also aware of gold diggers and may stay away if you’re overly eager.
  3. High end hotels. Some men with money will stay at a high end hotel when conducting business. After all, he can put it on his taxes and if he’s at a swanky place to begin with, it’s most likely he wants to show it off. We can’t guarantee a sugar daddy for the long haul, but if you hang out at the hotel bar or pool on Wednesday or Thursday, you may find yourself a wealthy guest to entertain for the remainder of the week.
  4. Upscale bars. We aren’t talking about fancy digs where rappers hang out when they’re in town. We’re talking upscale bars and lounges where your city’s social set unwind after a long work week. If a guy is in town on business, fellow business people may take him there for a round of drinks or he may be there entertaining potential clients. If he’s working, don’t expect him to buy your drinks and take you home that night, but it can be a way to make eye contact and get yourself noticed. If you’re feeling gutsy, slip him your phone number, but be sure it’s away from his work buddies. You never want to interfere with that part of his life; after all you’re the fun part.
  5. High end stores. The millionaire doesn’t always do his own shopping, but sometimes he does, especially around the holidays. While tasks like shopping for co-workers or house keepers may be left to an assistant, shopping for family members is usually something a guy will take on himself, no matter how wealthy he is. Around the holidays, check out high end department stores. The guy may waltz through the men’s section in search of holiday vacation clothes or a suit for a holiday party. Play like you’re browsing for your dad or brother and don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation. The more light-hearted and relaxed you are, the less he’ll think you’re after one thing – his money. Though you’re on the hunt for a sugar daddy, it’s important to have some chemistry and shopping provides a neutral environment for you to see if that spark is there. Unless you want to get dumped 30 seconds into meeting the guy, refrain from thinking he’ll take you on an instant shopping spree. Be smart and pace yourself.
  6. At the airport. Smile and wear your best travel clothes and you may get bumped to first class. This isn’t always the case these days, since airlines are struggling, but you can still plan to meet a sugar daddy at the airport. When you’re checking in, take an inventory of who’s standing in the business class or elite flyer line. Business men who travel often usually check in at these areas since they’re frequent fliers and sometimes use the same airline again and again. Once you know a guy is flying business or first class (for some airlines these are the same thing, for others first class is a tier above), snag a seat within his line of vision at the gate. You’re both headed to the same place, right? That’s plenty of time to strike up a conversation and get a feel for what he’s looking for. Don’t worry about if you live in different cities. Many sugar daddies prefer this.
  7. Professional sporting events. Your potential sugar daddy may be into sports or he may be there entertaining a client or being entertained by business associates. Either way, many rich guys hang out at professional sporting events in their downtime (or faux downtime). There’s nothing wrong with getting to know a guy in this setting. It’s best if you can get into a private box, which gives you access to the area where the wealthy play. You won’t be able to walk into just any box, but there’s usually a lobby area for everyone to hang out in between periods. In this area, you can spot your prey, find out what he’s doing there and show you’re available. Be sweet, smile and don’t be overly loud or quiet. It’s all about feeling him out to see what he’s into.

Finding a sugar daddy may not be an easy task, but if you’re determined to have a guy to entertain while you snatch up exotic trips, decadent meals and designer goodies, it can be done with a little strategy. There’s nothing wrong with this type of relationship, as long as both parties involved know the dynamic of the relationship and consent to it. Don’t expect a sit-down talk about the relationship with a sugar daddy. You’re there for fun, so as long as you keep your head in that place, you’ll have no problem moving on once he does.

Three Safety Guidelines When Using an Online Dating Website

Though it’s becoming more and more common, online dating can still be a pretty intimidating place. There’s no reason for it to be scary, but it is essential you stay aware of what you’re sharing with strangers. Playing it safe is always better than being sorry and in an age where everyone’s everything is plastered across the Internet, you’ll save yourself much grief by paying attention to these three safety guidelines when using an online dating site.

Keep your name private. This sounds a little wacky, but it’s always best to keep your real name to yourself. This is just for the online portion of “courtship.” If you feel comfortable enough after chatting with someone online and attempting to speak with them on the phone, that’s your decision, but sharing your first name only is what’s suggested. A simple Google search can bring up your Facebook page and if it isn’t set to private, your potential mate may end up learning a lot more about you than you’d like. You want to be the one to show them what you’re all about, so refrain from sharing your real name.

Never share personal information. Some of this may strike you as common sense, but you’d be surprised at the horror stories that surface when sharing too much personal information too soon. Go with your gut and once you have a decent amount of trust developed with a potential partner, then you can share more of yourself. Online dating is like traditional dating, but it does come with additional “steps” that we aren’t used to when it comes to conventional dating. One of these steps is knowing when to take things up a notch by sharing your personal email address and phone number.

Consider setting up an email account specifically for conversing with a person you’re interested in. If things go awry, you won’t have this person cutting into your personal life. Never post any of your personal information in an online dating ad or on your page. Again, this may seem like basic advice, but you can never be too careful when creating your online presence.

Immediately report anyone who makes inappropriate advances. We get it. Some online dating sites aren’t really aimed at dating, but geared more towards hooking up. Hey, you get what you pay for. If you’re looking for quality, expect to pay for an online dating site’s services. With that, comes peace of mind and secure anonymity until you’re ready to reveal yourself to your potential date.