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10 Reasons I Might Give You a Dirty Look

If looks could kill, I’d be a widow by now. My spouse has given me countless opportunities to hone my skills with the scowl. Nobody is immune, however. We’ve all been the hapless victim of a person with daggers in their eyes. Here are just a few of the things you can do to earn the “dirty look” from across the room.

  1. You did something offensive – Belching, passing gas, or other offensive behavior is a sure way to gain the attention of many dirty looks. Unless you’re the only person in the room, you’ll want to avoid this.
  2. Saying something unflattering – You just opened your mouth and promptly inserted your foot. I know you didn’t mean to, but the look you just got lets you know it wasn’t the right thing to say.
  3. Time to leave – It’s getting late or you have a schedule to keep. The time has come for you to depart, but someone is not cooperating. When the stern look is followed by exaggerated pointing at the clock, you better start getting it in gear.
  4. Telling a lie – Who’s cares if you tell a little fib? The person giving you “the look” may have something to say about it.
  5. Drinking or eating too much – You just got another adult beverage or went back to fill your plate again. Someone who may not appreciate the consequences of your actions could be trying to get your attention. Do you really need another cocktail? The look you’re getting now is there to remind you what happened last time you over-consumed.
  6. Flirting – In most cases, a little flirting can be harmless enough, but you want to be wary of the overly jealous spouse or date. Your “significant other” may not appreciate your undue attention to another, plus the person you’re flirting with may have someone else seeing green.
  7. Telling off-color jokes – Sure, it was funny when you first heard it, but not everyone may appreciate your brand of humor. How were you supposed to know she was the minister’s wife?
  8. Made a mess – From tracking mud across the freshly mopped kitchen floor to spilling a drink, making a mess is bound to draw someone’s attention. Chances are the looks you get won’t be kind.
  9. Talking too long on the phone – How do you know if your phone conversation has gone on long enough? The exasperated look on someone’s face could be your first clue.
  10. Interrupting – Bursting into the middle of a conversation or not letting someone finish their sentence may be welcomed by some, but not appreciated by others.

This list could go on and on. Any number of things could raise the ire of someone. The look on someone’s face can give you the silent message you just made a mistake. Although not usually a good situation, that person could be doing you a favor. You now may have an opportunity to salvage your current state of affairs. Rest assured the person with a dirty look is sending you a signal you’d be well advised to pay attention to.