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8 Signs Your Date Isn’t Worth Your Time

As a dating skeptic, you know that you’re hard to impress. And while you’ll need to loosen up a little when you enter the dating game, the fact is that some people just aren’t worth all the trouble. Instead of kidding yourself that you and your date may one day make a perfect match, look out for these 8 signs that your date probably isn’t worth it. Here’s the skeptic’s guide to dating and romance.

  1. They don’t get your jokes. This rule is true for most people, but skeptics especially count on their sense of humor to connect socially and communicate their disapproval for generally accepted ideas.
  2. He/she is naïve. Naïveté might be cute at first, but if you’re a serious skeptic, can you really live with someone who doesn’t like questioning everything he or she is told?
  3. They’re not interested in conspiracy theories. Even if you’re not a conspiracy theory freak, you probably enjoy coming up with alternative answers to mysteries. Ask your date who shot Kennedy, and if they say “Lee Harvey Oswald” without skipping a beat, it’s time to ditch them.
  4. They’re into home remedies and alternative medicine. There may be some truth to alternative medical treatments, but the solid proof isn’t out there. This trait will just drive you crazy in the long run.
  5. They see things in black and white. Ask your date a series of questions about their opinions on love, politics, religion, science, and society, and if they consistently seem to see things in black and white with no wiggle room, you aren’t a good match.
  6. They’re fickle. A fickle date who’s hard to reach and hard to read will drive you crazy with suspicions that he or she is cheating.
  7. They don’t like learning new things. Someone’s who content to just “be” and never challenge him or herself is not going to satisfy your need for intellectual curiosity and adventure.
  8. They’re too trendy. If your date dresses or talks according to superficial trends, they’re probably too ready to conform to social standards for your tastes.

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Welcome to 100 Best Dating!  We have several years of experience in online dating and have evaluated the top online dating sites using several criteria including the number of members, the satisfaction scores from previous members, and their likelihood to refer others to the sites (collected through user submissions to our site).  This helps us make sure that we are listing only the top quality online dating sites here at 100 best dating  Of course, we also look at how usable their sites are and the general aesthetics of the site.  Who wants to deal with a horrible interface when they are trying to find a significant other?  Not US!

You may wonder, what does it mean to be independent?  Well it means that we are looking at these in a subjective manner and list all of the best sites regardless as to whether or not we are friends with the site owners or not.  Again, we are really in search of the absolute BEST 100 dating sites.  Being independent also means that we are not running any dating sites of our own (lots of review sites are actually ran by dating companies making them nothing more than advertising channels for their own sites).

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