Top 100 Dating and Relationship Facebook Pages You Should “Like”

Love and marriage – go together like a horse and carriage. But who knows how a horse and carriage go together anymore? Finding lasting love remains a mystery to many, but we never stop searching. Fortunately, these 100 Facebook Pages remind us that we are not alone, and give us hope that even if we are alone for now, it won’t be for long.

Looking for Dates

  1. – 553,775 Likes: Full of useful information on how to make the most of your online dating account (including tips on profile writing and pictures), the Facebook page is a fun and useful extension of the dating site itself. It’s also a great place to meet singles and engage in social media conversations.
  2. eHarmony – 181,581 Likes: The official eHarmony Facebook Page is the destination for discussing dating, relationships, love and marriage. It’s also a great hangout for eHarmony members and Success Couples to connect, share and give tips to others looking for love. The page is also a great source for articles on relationships.
  3. YourTango – 64,673 Likes All the expertise you need about love, relationships and sex, no matter what stage you’re in. Singles, couples, engaged and married, or putting “it’s complicated” as your status, this Facebook page and site has the wisdom you need to find the right partner and live your best love life.
  4. HowAboutWe – 42,627 Likes: How About We, the innovative dating site set on the premise of suggesting unusual and creative outings, has a dating Facebook page. They make it easy to meet new people, or give those in relationships fresh ideas for wonderful activities.
  5. OKCupid – 34,731 Likes: OkCupid, the website that uses math to get you dates, has a Facebook page where they post frequent, funny articles and posts about dating. Check out their TED-Ed video with Christian Rudder that explores the math behind online dating.
  6. We Love Dates – 18,513 Likes: This Facebook page is ideal for those looking for love online in the UK, US, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Read dating articles and chat with other lovers of love.
  7. – 76,595 Likes: This Facebook page and website helps lonely locals find each other for free – no fee to use this dating site! The Facebook following is very involved, engaging in lively discussions on just about every prompt, question and discussion topic the site puts out.
  8. DateFit – 50,259 Likes: Fitness buffs need love too, which is the premise of this fitness dating Facebook page. It’s a community of singles who are interested in dating other singles who are health and fitness oriented.
  9. Dating & Waiting – 30,541 Likes: This Christian Facebook page and website is for singles who put God first, marriage second, and value abstinence until vows are spoken. The page encourages young people to pursue healthy and spiritual relationships.
  10. Samantha Daniels, the Matchmaker – 655 Likes: The matchmaker behind the TV Show Miss Match with Alicia Silverstone, and owner of Samantha’s Table, Samantha Daniels runs a high end matchmaking service. Her Facebook page not only posts her HuffPo articles, but also gives advice and ideas for those on the market.

Dating by Ethnicity

  1. Interracial Dating – 471,810 Likes: The mission of this website and its Facebook page is to bring together and connect interracial singles who are looking for love. The page is covered with success stories of interracial happy couples and multi-ethnic marriages.
  2. Indian Dating Community – 26,771 Likes: Indian online dating is different than the typical westernized version of dating, which is why this website and Facebook page specializes in bringing together Indian couples who share not only the same heritage, but the same values. Meet Indian singles living all over the world.
  3. AsianDating – 13,260 Likes: is dedicated to helping singles of any ethnicity to find Asian female partners. The site boasts thousands of personals ads for both love and friendship, along with quite a few pictures of Asian women in bikinis.
  4. Black Senior Dating – 4,859 Likes: This popular senior dating website and Facebook page is constantly updated with dating articles, news, and inspiration. The real action happens on the website however. The community is hopping, so check it out!
  5. Funky Brown Chick – 2,309 Likes: Personal updates from Twanna A. Hines about sex and relationships. She shares her opinions on celebrities, news, gossip, education, politics, and of course, relationships (both hers and others!).

Relationship Advice For Men And Women

  1. Relationship Rules – 1,647,114 Likes: Funny, interesting, sensible and, most importantly, fun relationship advice, articles, studies and news are posted on Relationship Rules multiple times a day. The daily “rules” are a constant pep-talk to singles and the happily-coupled to always remember their self-worth and be the best partners they can be.
  2. – 233,291 Likes: The world’s largest men’s lifestyle site’s Facebook page not only talks about the SuperBowl, but also offers advice on fashion, beer, relationships, dating, cars, and everything else men love most.
  3. Dr. Laura – 132,855 Likes: Dr. Laura Schlessinger of talk radio fame dishes out tips and advice for just about every kind of relationship, from dating, to siblings, parents and children, and dealing with parents-in-law. You’ll either love her wisdom, or hate her conservative stance, but you won’t be bored.
  4. The Dating Divas – 87,815 Likes: Like hanging out with a group of outrageously fun friends, this Facebook page is a gab-fest of dating advice and date ideas (whether you’re married or single, everyone needs great date ideas!). Their tagline is “Fall in love with your spouse all over again.”
  5. Stephan Speaks Relationships – 64,326 Likes: Helping men and women experience happier and healthier relationships is Stephan Labossiere’s mission. As a certified relationship coach, speaker and author, Stephan helps singles and couples overcome what’s preventing them from engaging in wonderful relationships. His Facebook page is a daily dose of wisdom and humor.
  6. Dr. Diana Kirschner – 43,789 Likes: Dr. Diana Kirschner, author of several relationship books, offers dating, relationship and marriage advice, publishing snippets of wisdom on her Facebook page daily. Find out how to attract a great guy (or gal), read relationship stories, and stay up to date on the latest studies in love and romance.
  7. Courtship vs Dating – 40,225 Likes: A Facebook page and blog by Certified Christian Relationship & Life Coach Rickey Macklin who believes romance is not dead – or if it is, he’s single-handedly bringing it back to life. The page offers old-fashioned dating advice for those looking for marriage.
  8. Girls Ask Guys – 31,325 Likes: Girls Ask Guys is an interactive website where girls can get into the heads of the opposite sex by asking questions and seeking advice. Questions range from dating, to politics, to panties, and electronics – anything goes!
  9. Hooking Up – 13,448 Likes: The Frisky’s Hooking Up page is full of sex tips, in-depth interviews (like one with a man with two fully functional members), sex toy giveaways, and other racy posts, articles and how-to’s.
  10. Love Horoscope – 12,809 Likes: Get your daily Love Horoscope on Facebook by Liking this page! Unfortunately, it’s not by individual astrological sign, so it’s more like daily suggestions for romance, like opening up a new fortune cookie daily. Will it predict your love life? Who knows?
  11. Godly Dating 101 – 12,426 Likes: This site and Facebook helps train single and married believers how to be Godly spouses, promoting purity and chivalry. Get your daily dose of aphorisms like “Follow Jesus, not emotions,” which are sure to improve your current and future relationships.
  12. HeTexted – 11,963 Likes: How can you tell if he’s being friendly or flirting? What is he really after? What does that cryptic 2-word text mean? These questions are answered and more on the site and Facebook page of HeTexted.
  13. Jonathon Aslay – Relationship Confidant – 6,534 Likes: Aslay literally wrote the book on the mistakes women make in relationship, and his Facebook page aims to continue the theme for single women looking for, or already in, relationships. Why do men act the way they do? Find out here!
  14. Cyber-Dating Expert – 5,742 Likes: Cyber Dating Expert and relationship advice columnist Julie Spira posts daily tips, advice and articles for everyone looking for love online. She helps singles shorten the search so they can ride into the digital sunset together. Spira is also the creator of “Irresistible Dating Profiles” and “The Perils of Cyber Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking For Love Online.”
  15. Evan Marc Katz – America’s Leading Dating Expert – 5,054 Likes: Dating expert Evan Marc Katz teaches women to understand and connect with men, creating long-term, passionate relationships that make women feel safe, heard, and understood. He’s your personal trainer for love, and his Facebook page sends daily words of wisdom and reminders to empower women to get the relationships they want.
  16. Vanae – 4,427 Likes: Vanae is a dating and empowerment advisor, teaching social confidence skills for modern men and women. On her page you’ll find inspiration and resources for becoming your most confident and successful self.
  17. Dating and Relationship Advice for Women – 3,719 Likes: Dating in today’s world seems to get stranger by the minute, but this Facebook page and website aims to explain it all for you. Get real-world advice on how to come out on top with incredible dating secrets based in real psychology.
  18. Ms. Single Mama – 3,213 Likes: The author is a busy, dating, single mother to her 3 year old son. She blogs about being a single mom and gives dating advice for single mothers looking for relationships. Her Facebook page supports single mothers with inspiration, advice, articles, and other published pieces of interest.
  19. The Passion Doctor – 1,733 Likes: Psychologist and couples’ counselor, Dr. Adam Scheck, helps couples and singles deal with their issues about relationships, romance, intimacy and sexuality. The Facebook page is an extension of his blog where he shares tips, advice, and the latest studies about relationships.
  20. Love Engineer – Practical Dating & Relationship Advice – 1,673 Likes: Dating frustrations, relationships, falling in love, dealing with cheating, dating online, handling breakups and more are what the Love Engineer discusses on the eponymous Facebook page and website. Tips include kissing advice, breakup advice, texting etiquette and other vital knowledge.
  21. Dating Advice – 1,604 Likes: The experts at offer dating advice, tips, how-to’s, Q&A and more free dating advice for both men and women. Newsflash: chivalry isn’t dead, you should always post a picture on your personals ad, and crying is a turnoff.
  22. Relationship Tips & Advice – 1,411 Likes: Elizabeth Davis posts frequent graphic quotes on love, dating and relationships for those looking for romantic inspiration. She started the page to create a positive outlook on relationships by combining healthy relationship tips with a heavy dose of optimism.
  23. Geek’s Dream Girl – 1,019 Likes: Helping geeks find love since 2008, this blog and Facebook page is devoted to helping geeks find partners who support their interests. The business side focuses on geeky copywriters writing online dating profiles for less wordy geeks.
  24. Just Call Her – 395 Likes: This funny, insightful, and genuinely helpful blog is devoted to “Dating Advice For Awkward Guys.” Don’t let the tagline fool you though, it’s fun for everyone. With a style reminiscent of “Sh*t My Dad Says,” we can see this blog taking off, and you’ll enjoy the ride when it does.
  25. Debra Kunz, Transformational Coach, Speaker, and Author – 155 Likes: This transformational author of Love is Blind Only if You Are: A Woman’s Clear-Headed Guide to Deliberate Dating, Debra Kunz has a passion for inspiring personal growth and improving relationships.
  26. Diving Dating Diva Workshop – 101 Likes:The Divine Dating Diva strategy includes biology, psychology, metaphysics and even business strategy to successfully find a great life mate. Ellen Mahloy offers date coaching, dating workshops and matchmaking, but her Facebook page is devoted to inspiration for those looking for love.

Vicarious Dating – Great Stories About Bad Romances

  1. Baggage Reclaim – 28,595 Likes: Offload your baggage so you can have a healthier and happier relationship, says author Natalie, who writes about being who you are, recovering from breakups, dating, and being a modern woman. It’s not easy!
  2. FB Love Stories – 1,515 Likes: Facebook Love Stories features real-life people have met and fallen in love on Facebook. They welcome new stories! Couples of all ages, orientations, and ethnicities contribute their romantic stories of falling for each other on Facebook, providing daily inspiration for social media hounds looking for love.
  3. Lies and Dating in the City – 1,368 Likes: Real stories about dating, relationships and sex in New York City. Truth is more interesting than fiction, especially when it’s related in a clever, funny way. The Facebook page doesn’t disappoint, publishing quotes, articles and thoughts that are of interest to anyone trying to make it in the city.
  4. My Lack of Sex and This City – 917 Likes: The blog and Facebook page track Jayla’s failed attempts at getting laid in Los Angeles. Follow her through glamorous and disastrous Mr. Right Nows in tinsel town, but what you won’t get are sex stories. After all, the point is her not getting laid.
  5. 50/50: A Dating Documentary – 540 Likes: One cute girl, 50 first dates, one in every state is the theme of this Facebook page, blog, and upcoming documentary. The dater in question is the immensely entertaining Alicia, who goes on her cross-country journey to find out what the U.S. has to offer.
  6. The Date Report – 476 Likes:  How About We’s blog, The Date Report, publishes posts and articles about love, dating, and relationships. It’s an entertaining read, written by people out in the trenches of dating. Smart, funny, honest – and single.
  7. Life Between the Sheets – 221 Likes: One woman’s Titanic is another’s Love Boat, according to the author of this dating saga and Facebook page. She publishes her own and her friends’ successes and misfortunes in love, dating and sex with the hopes of helping other girls find the path to true love.
  8. My Pixie Blog – 187 Likes: The author started her blog after the demise of her long-term relationship. She invites readers to follow her as she navigates the rough terrains of dating and lessons learned.
  9. Cupcakes and Shoes – 180 Likes: A Georgia peach in D.C. writes this savvy, sexy blog and Facebook page, documenting her life, loves, and what it’s like to date in the Capital. Recently, she posted a life Q&A with Patti Sanger’s favorite dating coach, which is full of great tips for single gals.

Marriage Advice

  1. Husband and Wife for Life – 155,029 Likes: Encouraging, inspiring, and guiding couples to overcome obstacles so they can create and sustain healthy, loving, long-lasting marriages. As a Christian based organization, Husband and Wife for Life challenges couples to love each other just as God loves them.
  2. 31 Days of Prayer for Your Husband – 150,395 Likes: This 31-day challenge is to not say anything negative about your husband or to your husband for one solid month. Instead, say something that you admire or appreciate about your husband – to your husband and to anyone else! See your relationship improve.
  3. Husband Revolution – 76,633 Likes: This Christian blog and Facebook page has a mission: to start a revolution of Christ-like love and leadership in marriage. The page is filled with affirmations for husbands to say to their wives, tips on improving marriages and showing appreciation, and being better husbands and men in general.
  4. Ingredients of a Happy Muslim Marriage – 72,292 Likes: This page caters to devout Muslim couples and singles, giving advice and providing a place to discuss matters of religion and relationships. Learn how to make your spouse happy and overcome conflicts in your relationship.
  5. Healthy Marriages – 25,589 Likes: The Health Marriages page posts Marriage Counseling Blog articles about improving the health and quality of married life, with subjects like “Emotions are contagious: What does this mean for your marriage?” and “11 Common Problems that Marriage Counselors Can Help With.” Their mission is to support marriages through works written by professional therapists, as well as the occasional inspirational message.
  6. Couples Therapy – 20,131 Likes: The first reality show to examine first-hand the real life experiences of couples in the limelight, this TV show and Facebook page brings together salacious celebrity gossip with serious relationship issues to create completely addictive entertainment.
  7. A Practical Wedding – 6,948 Likes: Meg and her team of feminist wedding bloggers discuss not only how to make bouquets, but how to make relationships succeed before, during, and well after the wedding. Insightful posts by brilliant women make the APW blog shine, and their Facebook following is smart and lively.
  8. Dr. Sara NasserZadeh – 4,155 Likes: Dr. Sarah NasserZadeh is a Social Psychologist and Couples Counselor and uses her Facebook page to promote her own work, the work of her peers, and to support couples around the world in improving their relationships.
  9. Christian Wives That Love Their Husbands – 2,390 Likes: A great way for Christian wives and brides-to-be to have a place to talk, encourage each other and pray for one another, this page, created by Jen, is a wonderful resource for women sharing their joy in marriage. Questions and prayer requests are welcomed, cursing is not.
  10. Marriage Academy – 1,381 Likes: Dr. Jose Gomez, best-selling author and practicing marriage counselor and psychiatrist, has helped hundreds of couples learn to improve and heal their marriages. His theory is that there are four main drivers – motivations – and to understand what your partner needs, you must first understand their driver.
  11. Happy Marriage – Happy Home – 842 Likes: This page publishes advice, things to think about, and words of wisdom on relationships. The author, a marriage counselor, gives tips for marital bliss and his recipe for a happy home.
  12. Relationships in the Raw – 527 Likes: Ever wonder if you’re wasting your money on couples counseling? Having trouble navigating the waters of step-parenting? Want to know how to handle an anxious partner? These questions and more are addressed in this very interesting Facebook page that delves into psychology and relationship counseling.
  13. Lyndra Hearn Antonson – Love Relationship Coaching – 351 Likes: Lyndra helps both men and women to heave healthy, fulfilling love relationships. Her approach is inside-out and step by step, with the goal of attracting and sustaining extraordinary love. Her Facebook page contains wisdom and inspiration daily.
  14. The Marriage Restoration Project – 347 Likes: Rabbi Shlomo and Rivka Slatkin started the Marriage Restoration Project to save marriages with good old-fashioned advice and wisdom. That’s what you’ll find on their Facebook page too, with daily posts and tips for how to improve, and even save, your marriage.
  15. The Happy Marriage Project – 216 Likes: Marriage can be great! Except when it isn’t. This Facebook page goes into the art and science of building strong relationships to help readers develop a plan for positive action. The website provides free webinars, online training and connections to relationship experts.

Same Sex Relationships

  1. Lesbian Secrets and Relationship Advice – 3,244 Likes: This LGBTQ page was created for discussions on sex, gay rights, relationships, love and other topics, inviting fans to share their deepest secrets and ask questions anonymously.
  2. Interracial Lesbian Dating – 1,616 Likes: Meet and greet lesbians of all races and engage in lively discussions about dating, as well as hang out, chat, and socialize. Questions are welcomed, advice is given, and everyone has a great time.
  3. GLBT Twinflames, Soulmates, and Life Partners – 734 Likes: There isn’t much conversation around twinflames, soulmates and life partners in the LGBT community, and it’s that lack that this page is trying to fill. The author asks for stories and shares inspiration for romantic same-sex couples.
  4. LGBT Life Partners – 378 Likes: Meet someone special on This page’s goal is to make it easy for lesbian, gay, and bisexual people to meet each other. It’s free to look, free to flirt, and free to reply to messages. Thousands of members are already on the site, so what are you waiting for?
  5. Your Daily Lesbian Moment – 217 Likes: Arlan is a touring production coordinator for live music events and an LGBT advocate. Her Facebook page is as much about these things as it is about inspiration, freedom, and fun.
  6. The Lesbian Dating Project – 202 Likes: The Lesbian Dating Project’s catchy challenge is “25-50 dates before your mates,” encouraging singles and couples to be creative, sincere and thoughtful when planning dates. Whether you want to find a date, plan an awesome date, or spice up your current relationship, this Facebook page has lots of tips and inspiration.

Dating Over 40

  1. – 18,136 Likes: Mature singles, 55 and older, come together in this community to look for love online. The page provides a fun and safe atmosphere for mature singles to meet and talk, while the website offers more advanced methods of communication like video, audio and photo albums. Their senior dating service allows you to find thousands of attractive and active singles in your area.
  2. Dating for Seniors – 13,331 Likes: This page brings searching singles ads to your Facebook account with frequent postings of mature men and women looking for companionship, romance and fun. The people are real, their descriptions are lovely, and to find out more, you just have to sign up for
  3. Over50sDates – 797 Likes: This Facebook page and dating site from is especially for the 50 and over crowd, aka. “mature singles.” The Facebook page publishes dating articles and posts covering modern dating etiquette (such as when, and when not to text), and what dating rules should be broken.
  4. Mature Singles Connect – 730 Likes: Singles over 40 who are looking for a meaningful relationship are encouraged to join this page. Although it’s a newly created community, it’s quickly expanding with mature men and women searching for friendship, partners, and stimulating conversations.
  5. Mature Singles Dating – 305 Likes: This community page for is a great dating site for mature singles over 40 who are looking for high quality romantic partners. Pictures of mature single women showing more cleavage than is decent grace the page daily. Definitely not a safe feed if you surf your Facebook account at work.
  6. My Dating Prescription – 126 Likes: Overweight and 44 years old, facing divorce, she decided that dating 100 men before getting serious was her dating prescription. Her blog and Facebook page documents her journey of self-discovery over the course of 100 men.

Breaking Up / Making Up

  1. Don’ – Helping Women Date Safer and Smarter – 12,277 Likes: This powerful online resource is for women and men looking for counsel about love, dating, relationships and marriage. Users are both men and women who share their experiences with the hope of helping others.
  2. Loves a Game – 1,388 Likes: Eddie Corbano, Breakup Coach, founded because overcoming breakups is an important step to developing autonomy and independence. Eddie has developed coaching programs that focus on inner strength and developing the power to set and reach any personal goal.
  3. The Breakup Mermaid – 2,308 Likes: Breakup coaching for women includes helping women to let go and move on from unhappy relationships, and that is what the Breakup Mermaid does. The Facebook page encourages women to rebuild their lives and their confidence after relationship breakups, and author Emma is always ready to offer a coaching session.
  4. Text Your Ex – 1,030 Likes: Text Your Ex shows you how to win your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend back through the power of text messages. This shockingly effective texting technique will start the healing process and put you back on track for relationship bliss.
  5. Sex and Food – Georgia’s Down South Recipes & Sex Tips Club – 520 Likes: Southern recipes and sex tips share space on this racy, raunchy, downright delicious blog and Facebook page. The page shares recipes for dieting, health tips, and information that’s less work-friendly, but all with a sense of humor.
  6. Wake Up to a Break Up – 107 Likes: You’ve survived, or you will survive. Probably. This page encourages the recently broken to look up, gain courage, and believe in themselves in spite of rejection and heart break. In fact, you might even be able to laugh at yourself. Eventually. Probably.

The Funny, Quotable Side of Love

  1. Shit My Husband Says – 291,422 Likes: The author’s husband has a lot of shit to say, and she shares the best parts with her readers on this hilarious Facebook page. She also urges other wives to do the same, so there is a constant flinging of funny in all directions!
  2. The Husband Chronicles – 207,847 Likes:  Living life with the world’s most under-appreciated husband can get funny at times, very funny. If your hubby is driving you crazy, you might enjoy this daily reminder that you’re not alone – but it’s all in fun. Nobody gets hurt.
  3. Cutest Couples – 164,259 Likes: In a Facebook page that seems like it was torn straight out of your high school yearbook, Cutest Couples posts pictures of extremely (sometimes revoltingly) cute couples. The kind of couples who either give us hope that romance will never die, or instigate the urge to yell “get a room you two!”
  4. Romantic Poetry – 149,310 Likes: This interest page on Romanticism and Romantic Poetry is sure to steal any English major’s heart. Natural, emotional and artistic themes run throughout the poems posted in part or in full on this page, adding some culture to your Facebook feed.
  5. Love & Relationship Quotes – 83,706 Likes: The number one spot for the cutest, most inspirational quotes about love, relationships and romance on the internet. Get your daily dose of warm-fuzzy feelings from the Facebook page and start your day off right.
  6. Blog Her – 35,507 Likes: The largest community of women bloggers is an incredible resource for humor, stories, and heartfelt accounts of relationships and love. Every possible subject is covered, and the Facebook page is where readers come for advice, opinions and recommendations.
  7. Fuck Relationships, I’m Single – 24,552 Likes: You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, maybe you’ll realize your self-worth and heal your pain. That’s the goal of this page for singles. Funny quotes and thoughtful posts about single life, love, and looking for the right one all make this page a great read.
  8. Romantic Love – 19,215 Likes: Get inspiration for when you want to express your love to that special someone with quotes, poems, notes, and romantic stories. The same people also do Great Romantic Ideas, Broken Heart Quotes, Love Defined, Friendship Messages and SmileQuotes.
  9. Alisa Bowman – 1,772 Likes: Alisa Bowman is a blogger, journalist, meditation teacher, mother, wife, and runner. Her mission is to spread happiness, peace, love and good humor with every status update. This page is for fans of, where she dispenses marriage advice, among other things.
  10. Couples Who Hunt Together – 12,244 Likes: This page, for happy couples who love the outdoors and have it out for Bambi, is a joyful frolic through the hunting, country, and outdoor lifestyle. Expect wedding cakes with antlers and camouflage motifs, pictures of gals with guns, and other fun posts.
  11. Seriously – Maybe – 260 Likes: Taking a look at relationships from the subjective male’s perspective, Seriously Maybe is unapologetic, sometimes in appropriate, unpopular, and definitely controversial. It’s also funny, insightful, clever, and well worth reading.
  12. Partners in the Gym, Partners for Life – 236 Likes: Gym rats need love too – that seems to be the theme of this Facebook page that celebrates couples who make health and strength their shared priority. Hey, couples need hobbies they can do together – why not working out at the gym?
  13. Blog with Benefits – 209 Likes: A blog about love, dating and all the stuff that makes us feel psychotic has expanded to a Facebook page with the same theme. Blog with Benefits is funny, girly, and just as much fun as a coffee chat with a friend.

Scientific Approach to Dating

  1. Psychology Today – 1,670,066 Likes: Psychology Today is a popular magazine, but you can read its articles and insights even more easily via its Facebook page. Many of the studies and research it reports are about relationships, love, marriage, and social psychology.
  2. – 66,975 Likes: Psych Central is the internet’s leading independent mental health and psychology network, and publishes interesting social studies and research that run the range from academic to delightfully salacious. Find out about the psychology of breakups, or how psychologists really feel about their patients.
  3. PsyBlog – 63,482 Likes: This psychology blog by Jeremy Dean is full of research and studies of why we do what we do. Many of the studies and research reported are about relationships and social behavior, giving keen insights into the mating habits of the human.
  4. Science of Relationships – 5,804 Likes: Because the important things in life deserve data, the Science of Relationships blog publishes articles that explore the physiology, psychology, numbers, measurements, studies, research and data about love. The site is dedicated to providing high quality, research-based information about relationships.

101 Pinterest Boards Worth Following for Love, Dating, and Relationships

Pinterest allows you to create your own virtual pin board and pin things that you find on the Web that interest you.  A hidden gem of Pinterest is the vast number of boards and pinners that focus on love, dating, and relationships.  Check out our list and learn more about dating, love, sex, and cute ideas to show your special someone you care. If you’re serious about dating and relationships, these 101 Pinterest boards are definitely worth following.

Pinners Who Love to Pin About Love

  1. Jamie Wyatt – 13813 followers: This Southern Writer and Speaker loves to share Traditions for building memories and relationships!
  2. Denise DivineD Spiritual Adviser – 5730 followers: Denise is a Professional Spiritual Adviser & Psychic Medium who pins about love and dating.
  3. Jenn @ Sweet T Makes Three – 3780 followers: Jenn is a mother, blogger, Southern homemaker pinning food, recipes, and ways to keep her love life going.
  4. Drewry – 2861 followers: Drewry is empowering others through useful information and he picks cars, banking, business, employment, education, photography, relationships and more.
  5. Sherry Senicar – 2002 followers: Sherry is a self-described Wiccan who is blessed by the Gods and Goddess to have a wonderful family and amazing friends in my life!  She features love and relationship pins.
  6. Abiola Abrams – 1903 followers: Abiola is a self-love coach and happiness educator. She writes and creates advice videos on healthy living and relationships.
  7. – 1807 followers: Intent is an online community that finds the best content to help you fulfill your goals and aspirations in the love and dating space.
  8. Eugene Tan – 1423 followers: From Penang, Malaysia he is interested in Handmade, Custom-made, Jewelry, Lingerie Fashion, Collectibles, and lots of dating stuff!
  9. Victoria Morgan – 1053 followers: Victoria is a blessed wife, mother, and grandmother who has served on our school board for 27 yrs. and enjoys being actively involved in our community, through church and other activities—she especially likes pins about dating.
  10. Geneva D.  – 434 followers: this woman has it all.  Woman of God, Haitian Queen, who captures moments in time as a photographer who loves to feature topics on love and dating.
  11. Elly – 417 followers:  Elly says pinning is relaxing and she pins about life and love, Thanksgiving, Christmas, art and inspiration, jewelry, beauty, nails and much more.
  12. Sharlee Lou – 398 followers: Sharlee Lou has some awesome dating pins and she says “A bird does not sing because it has an answer, is sings because it has a song.”
  13. Leah Alexander – 318 followers: Leah loves fashion, crafts, true love, Disney, Nerdy things, and anything artsy. :] She enjoys single life while letting pinterest help her plan her future!
  14. Jamie Riley – 303 followers: Jamie inspires us to never have the kind of pride that turns away others but to rather be wise and humble yourself. Love the lord our God first and the rest will fall into place.
  15. Natalie Sander – 285 followers: Natalie is a 20-something year old Excel junkie and recent new homeowner who loves decorating, organizing, running, dancing, singing at the top of her lungs, and pining dating stuff.
  16. Marianne Avrutin – 284 followers: Marianne pins photography, interior design, great quotes, landscapes and much more!
  17. Lynne D — 266 followers: She describes herself in a cute way as: Floofypoofs (n): person who is a little bit girly and a whole lotta goofy.
  18. Callie Woodard – 223 followers: Besides love and relationships, Callie pins animals, future wedding plans, movies and much more!
  19. Steph Cammack – 218 followers: Stephanie pins beauty, beauty DIY, books worth reading, arts, animals, celebrities and many more hard-to-get-away from pins!
  20. Sheila Akin Pearl – 218 followers: Sheila is a Relationship and Life Transitions Coach and Wedding Officiant with 25 years of experience as clergy and family therapist. Sheila is dedicated to you living joyfully with loving relationships.
  21. Modern Love – 185 followers: Dating and relationship expert Cija (kee-yah) Black is a writer, blogger, speaker, webinar presenter and coach dedicated to helping people sort their relationship baggage, and find real love both on and offline and she writes about love and dating.
  22. Jessica Jane Bull – 118 followers: Jessica loves Pinterest and pins style, food, health and fitness, make up, hair, humor, love and much more!
  23. Emilee Eagar – 110 followers: Emilee has some great pins including clothes, church, accessories, dessert, Christmas, bachelorette party, and dating.
  24. Shannon Barr – 110 followers: Shannon says baby fever has struck. “I can dream can’t I?” and pin some really cute pins!
  25. Stacey Zimmerman – 111 followers: Stacey pins teaching stuff, wedding pins, my style, for the home, recipes and more!
  26. Kimbery – 57 followers: Kimberly pins cool inventions, clothes, cute kid pins, beauty and the beast, Adam Levine and tons of other cute pins!
  27. Brooke C —  35 followers: Brooke pins yummy cooking and recipes, her dream wedding, men, cute outfits, bucket list and much more.
  28. Amy Balancio – 33 followers: Amy is a nursing student, dancer, hoping to be a professional dancer someday, blogger, book lover and dater!
  29. Melyssa Douglas – 30 followers: Melyssa pins scrapbooking, recipes, bridal shower ideas, event planning, workout regimes, love and relationships, gardening and much more!

Wacky Pinners Who Give You All You Need on Love and Dating

  1. CELEBUZZ – 4902 followers: Get the latest in celebrity news, gossip, photos and videos. Because we can’t get enough.
  2. Ernesto Galgana – 3317 followers: Ernesto is interested on almost anything under the sun he is a self-confessed pinterest addict who loves to pin dating and relationship stuff.
  3. Jamie Brown – 1929 followers: Jamie is a small town country girl who loves Pinups, Greasers & everything else Rockabilly and she swoons over bearded, tattooed men with fast cars!  Check out her great date ideas.
  4. Lori Gunter – 1636 followers: Lori pins puppies, favorite recipes, for the home, bread and muffins, style, craft ideas, love and relationships and much more!
  5. Sara Cobb – 1352 followers: Green living, movie loving, traditional foods cooking, massage therapist, library worker, reader, traveler, essential oils enthusiast, fermenter, DAR member & dater!
  6. Tara Nichelle – 973 followers: Tara loves travel, the arts, positive energy, great conversation, learning & creativity, and dispensing relationship advice.
  7. Leighanne Stainer – 559 followers: She’s an SEO Manager for Popular Online Dating company, Photographer, Traveler, Art Lover, Glass Bead Maker, Wine Taster, Mother, Daughter, Friend, Jokester…
  8. Nakia H – 463 followers: Nakia is a Southern Girl with charm, loves God, loves her family and awesome friends, and pins lots of dating and relationship topics.
  9. Elizabeth Anne – 441 followers: Elizabeth is all these things: Redhead. Caring. Opinionated. Adventurous. Religious. Enduring.  Loving.
  10. KnowMore TV – 271 followers: KnowMore all about healthy living! They pin tips, stories & advice on all things health and wellness. Live Smart. Be Healthy. Know More.
  11. Joanna Laznicka – 217 followers: Joanna, the owner of several websites, keeps her viewers engaged with pins on love, life, and everything in between.
  12. Amanda Williams – 164 followers: Amanda is Saved by Him and that is the most important thing about her. She pins worship, celebrity love, hair, nails, skin and beauty and more!
  13. Olivia Rose – 160 followers: Olivia is living her life in the best way she can: dating, loving, and spending time with those she cares about.
  14. Barbara Pence – 153 followers: Stay home mom of 2 kids that are the center of her life! Loving all the different ideas and recipes and extras that she has found here!  Find relationship and dating pins.
  15. Sheila P – 135 followers: Sheila pins quotes, saying, philosophy, food, travel, dating, home, bucket list, supporting the troops and much more!
  16. Amelia Weatherbee-Ronco – 136 followers: Amelia pins breakfast, bread, appetizers and dip, chicken, cool home ideas, crockpot, engagement photos and more.
  17. Renee Vibrant – 129 followers: Renee pins hairstyles, funny pics, health, dating, and fitness, quotes and all kinds of great, fun stuff!
  18. Sha – 111 followers: Sha pins good looking food, girl swag, shoes, home décor, drinks, crafts, jewelry, and dating ideas.
  19. Angie Marie T – 106 followers:  Angie is an english bulldog mommy, housewife, artist, and she pins all kinds of hard-to-look away from pins about life and love.
  20. Kathleen Cochran – 98 followers: Kathleen pins DIY crafts, quotes, hair, fashion, things you should know, fitness, kids, technology, DIY jewelry, Asian men, wedding and more!
  21. Dawn Breitzman – 70 followers: Dawn pins cleaning, organizational and storage, budgeting and planning, arts, crafts, DIY, bathroom, bedroom styles and much more!
  22. Caroline Reid – 57 followers: Caroline pins nail art, design and color, wedding dresses and bridal dresses, celebrity hair styles, relationships, love, date night and heart break.
  23. Jenn Schultz – 37 followers: Jenn pins clothes and accessories, food, relationship advice quotes, decorating, home décor, art, animals, cute kids and others!
  24. Jaclyn Sony – 28 followers: Jaclyn pins tattoos, holidays, foods, crafts, babies, children, holidays, travel, love and marriage and other cute pins!

Pinners Who Have the Expertise

  1. Cosmopolitan – 154384 followers: the official Pinterest for Cosmo Magazine and they pin hot guys, fitness tips, cocktails, quotes, & more.
  2. Us Weekly – 40790 followers: Us Weekly and Cosmopolitan join forces to share relationship info, dating tips and glimpses at their favorite celeb couples — follow along and enjoy!
  3. Becky H – 671 followers: Becky pins Christmas, health items, Thanksgiving, fitness, love and missing loved ones and many more irresistible pins!
  4. Liz – 548 followers: Whether you’re dating, falling in (or out of) love, or experiencing sexual freedom for the first time in a while, Liz hopes you’ll enjoy her board all about dating, love, and sexual liberation within relationships.
  5. Brandon-April Drew – 506 followers: Mom, teacher, and daycare provider! She pins health and beauty tips, cleaning and getting organized and lots more!
  6. Sara Brown – 51 followers: Sara pins fitness, style, products she loves, healthy living, love, dating and relationships and much more!
  7. Stephanie Dolce – 31 followers: Stephanie’s sassy novels are now entertaining millions of readers worldwide, along with her knowledge and expertise in relationships with her first book of nonfiction, A Bird’s Eye View, which was released in March 2011.

Boards on Dating and Relationships

  1. Plus One Style – 976 followers: find your secret to healthy relationships, dating, love, and important articles like “100 Questions Couples Ask Before Getting Married.”
  2. Luuuurve – 563 followers: Beth Ann Mayberry pins about love, romance, dating, relationships, mushy stuff, romantical happenings, happily ever after stuff, weddings, couples, and fun dates.
  3. His & Hers – 364 followers: at His & Hers, couples visit for advice on relationships, dating, date nights, marriage, and finding and keeping your soulmate.
  4. Lover – 267 followers: your place on Pinterest for dating, love, and relationship ideas. Pins include “30 date nights at home” and “The Top 50 Date-Night Ideas of All Time.”
  5. All You Need is Love – 203 followers: Alicia shares her thoughts on date nights, gift ideas, relationship advice, and other cute ideas, like Valentines Day meal ideas.
  6. Truly Madly Deeply – 201 followers: the ultimate pin board for love, romance, falling in love, dating, and relationships.
  7. To Love and Be Loved – 143 followers: this pinner offers readers a host of thoughtful texts, images, and more on love, crushes, couples, cute, love quotes, kisses, cuddling, relationship, dating, intimacy, in love, and falling in love.
  8. Love to Love & In Love <3 – 131 followers: pins for relationships, date ideas, gifts, and other things that are related to love.
  9. Jerms {My Love} – 128 followers: this board is all about hubbys, marriage, dating, relationships, and religion.
  10. Just Richard and I – 106 followers: this pin board is a cleaver mix of something nice, something special, and great date ideas.
  11. Love Is – 94 followers: this pin board discusses valentines day, date nights, and ways to keep the relationship alive.
  12. In Love We Trust – 86 followers: Pinner Shiyana realized that she’s at a point in her life when it’s time to consider what makes a strong relationship.  Find out what she found.
  13. Find love & soulmates – Cupid dating – 63 followers: your place to find your single date love, meet someone new, and start life with someone who shares your passions and interests.
  14. Love – 40 followers: Kristina Wood pins her favorite trends on love, dating, relationships, happiness, and life.
  15. Date Night – 43 followers: Jessica Higgs keeps things light with her board all about fun dates.  Keep him guessing with cute activities that will spice up your love life.
  16. Double dates – 30 followers: this pin board will help give you ideas on how to successfully double date and expand your social network in the process.

Fun Stuff, Matchmaking, and Movies

  1. Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Foods – 1,216 followers: if you’re looking for ideas on how to make Valentine’s Day a tasty day to remember, this is the pin board for you.
  2. Marriage – 357 followers: discover the best advice for husbands, gift giving, relationships, sex, diy projects, and anniversary ideas.
  3. The Best Dating Movies – 246 followers: blogger April Braswell provides her best dating movies, to teach women lessons on modern love, romance, and relationships.
  4. Laugh + love – 244 followers: this pin board seeks to find the humorous side in love, dating, and relationships.
  5. Dating Rescue Success Tips – 230 followers: this board will help you accelerate your success at finding your ideal relationship partner.  Take the step to start your path towards happiness!
  6. Love and Lust: Dating and Relationships – 140 followers: find your path to true romance with this thoughtful, sexy pin board.
  7. Dating and Matchmaking Blog – 85 followers: this pin board features excerpts from the blog, which provides tips and insights into love, dating, and relationships.
  8. Love/Boyfriend Ideas – 81 followers: find ideas for giving thoughtful gifts to your love, tips for great relationships, ideas for cheap date nights, and more!
  9. What I like about You! – 43 followers: find gifts, date ideas, relationship stuff, and a whole lot more.
  10. Love and Laughter – 39 followers: discover ways to relationship build, teach lessons, and read some great stories that are sure to bring laughter.
  11. Keeping the love alive! – 33 followers: check out Kady’s latest fashions, relationship tips, dating ideas, and things that make you go “oooh”!

For Men, Weddings, and Fun Date Ideas

  1. Let’s Have a Picnic – 515 followers: one of the world’s most perfect dates is settling in and enjoying a great picnic. This board provides some great picnic ideas that can turn a glorious Sunday into a magnificent first or fiftieth date.
  2. H u s b a n d – 347 followers: this pin board hits on such topics as men, gifts, marriage, relationships, sex, dating tips and tricks, birthdays, Valentine’s Days, romance, couples, boyfriends, and love.
  3. Love Tokens – 276 followers: whatever stage of your relationship you’re in, Love Tokens has the recipe you need for success.
  4. For My Man – 262 followers: find love, dating, marriage tips, advise, columns, sexy time, and all the crazy things your man will love.
  5. My future prince and out fairytale – 207 followers: Sarah dreams of one day finding her true love. Follow her search as she pins romatical adventures and cute pics.
  6. I’m In Love, I’m In Love – 172 followers: this is not just another wedding planning board—it’s a cornucopia of date ideas, fun pastimes, and simply cute ideas for keeping that wedding day energy alive.
  7. Love and Marriage – 97 followers: check on this boards great little relationship stories, cute love stories, and dating tips.
  8. Love – 94 followers: this board is filled with—you guessed it—LOVE.  Come for ideas, pictures, quotes, friendships, and romance.
  9. Love, Relationship, Dating – 94 followers: this board examines both the good and the bad with dating, including tips for successful marriages and how to get over a breakup.
  10. Flirting and Dating <3 – 86 followers: full of naughty, flurty, passionate pics, quotes, and lessons for sex, life, love, and relationships.
  11. Things to Do With Love – 81 followers: this board is full of cute pics, dating stories, dating tips, and the odds and ends that make relationships tick.
  12. Love – 76 followers: ah the board of love.  Find love tips, date ideas that don’t suck, and relationship advice for all ages.
  13. Relationships – 57 followers: relationship tips, relationship ideas, date ideas that will knock your socks off, this board is chalk full of 100% love.
  14. Love – 39 followers: find a bunch of great relationship advice links, cute love stories, dating tips, and much more.

Top 100 Google+ Pages Worth Following for Love & Relationship Tips

Looking for advice on your relationship or how to find true love? The below 100 Google + pages are here to help! Find the best tips on dating, love, sex, flirting, relationships and so much more! Contact a psychic or a life coach or find out how to get your ex back and rock it between the sheets! Check out the below list for the best pages on how to love and be loved.

Advice Pages

  1. Dating & Relationship Advice  This Google Plus page is dedicated the LoveBlab website – your one stop shop for advice on Relationships, Dating, Love and Sex.
  2. Love Guru Tips: This is the Google Plus fan page of site Love Guru Tips which is fully dedicated to all lovers to discuss and understand how to make their love life successful.
  3. Love Relationship Management: This Google + page is based on a blog that was created with the intention of helping love birds who seriously want their relationships to work out focusing on giving advice for all those who are currently facing couple issues.
  4. Health Tips and Relationship Matters This Google + page is aiming at helping the world to know more about health and relationship matters, such as that eating oranges can help to keep the wrinkles away.
  5. Hope, Love and Healing Relationship Forum & Blog: The Hope, Love, and Healing Relationship Forum and Blog was started to pay forward the helpful advice received by providing a place that is filled with hope, love and healing.
  6. -: is a collection of love, romance and relationships resources including advice, poetry, quotes, dedications, chat, horoscopes, romantic ideas, message boards, free love postcards and much more!!
  7. Tips on How to Get a Girl: This is a casual page with little tips about things girls like and appreciate in a guy, or don’t like at all and some advice that men would be interested in hearing.
  8. Relationship Advice Cafe: Relationship Advice Cafe is an expert collaborated website that provides tips and advice on how to strengthen your relationships and marriage to help you find someone worth your tears, laughter and your heart and that loves you as much as you love them.
  9. Relationships and Love: Relationships and Love is a membership site where members can share their experiences, get relationship advice on common day-to-day issues, learn how to resolve their problems and create a happy and fulfilling relationships by learning to communicate, make time for each other and keep the spark alive.
  10. Violet Blues Relationship Simplified: Dating Advice, Love & Romance, Family Bonding, Breaking up, Relationship Issues, Parenting Tips and so much more from the Relationship School – the channel with an intention to bring to the fore the deteriorating element of inter-personal relationships, and to offer advice and suggestions to preserve the sanctity of each relationship.
  11. Relationship Counsillior: This page is a counseling service for a better relationship with your love partner and other loving people around you, focusing on love, marriage, parenting and managing your relationships.
  12. Creating Ideal Relationships, LLC: Relationship advice & inspiration to help build marriages and romantic partnerships brought to you by Joseph and Sarah Elizabeth Malinak, authors, and life coaches specializing in relationships by posting advice and inspiration that not only comes from them but from other experts in the field whose words of wisdom or work help people have more and better love in their relationships.
  13. Dating Tips: Best dating tips, useful dating advice, to improve your dating life and relationships and learn how to avoid dating failures and increase your chances for love!
  14. Beautiful planet Earth: A feel-good Google + page, they share photos or videos for your good feeling, fun and to bring some peace, love, freedom and happiness to our lives.
  15. Dating Tips For Finding Love: Dating and Relationship Advice for Single Women brought to us by Shana, a life coach working with women, helping them find success in all phases of their life, especially their relationships.
  16. PangeaRoam Online Dating Tips and Advice: Answers to insightful online dating questions and the love relationship advice from relationship problems to help you find love.
  17. Realdeeplove: This Google Plus page ascertains that love, a relationship and sex cannot be separated if you want to be happy and provides tips to achieve a stronger relationship and live happier and longer too!
  18. Mad Love Game: Donna & Cindy bring you the best love-tainment from around the world – all about love, dating and relationships. It’s a platform where you share your views, comments, advice and stories.
  19. Guy Stuff Counseling: Counseling for Men and the women who love them, their mission is to help men become the men they want to be, and their partners to get the man they fell in love with by providing Marriage Counseling, Relationship Advice, Anger Management Classes, Divorce Advice, Porn Addiction, Cheating Spouse, Abusive Relationships, Midlife Crisis and anything else having to do with men, women, and relationships.
  20. iDiva: Everything you need to know about beauty, fashion, careers, relationships and Bollywood, is officially the No.1 Indian lifestyle portal for women in India bringing interesting content, valuable information and entertaining features on a host of topics, we have captured the attention of the modern Indian woman.
  21. Life Love Beauty: Life Love Beauty is a beauty and lifestyles website devoted to all the best things in life — children, relationships, vacations, pets, health, beauty, fashion, as well as product reviews and first-hand stories and general articles and advice.
  22. Truth About Deception: Advice about Lying, Infidelity, Love and Romance and how to deal with a cheating spouse or a boyfriend/girlfriend who lies, rebuilding trust, dealing with jealousy, resolving conflict, falling in love & creating a healthy relationship.
  23. Ask a Bouncer and a Blonde: Ask A Bouncer And A Blonde is a weekly column providing advice on life, love, work, sex, relationships, fun and anything else people can conjure up the nerve to ask brought to us by two people who give funny and insightful answers to reader submitted relationship and dating advice questions.
  24. Wisie For Relationships: Wisies are 90 second Relationship Videos that offer Real Advice on Relationships that you will LOVE so you can get more satisfaction, less strife in every relationship, Communication, Marriage advice that resolves strife/renews trust and Inspiration.
  25. Dating Tips For-Single And Looking!: This Google + page is dedicated to Love And Relationship, based on a Blog For Single And Looking, also for a Healthy Life and How To Get Love and Building  a Relationship.
  26. Love So Wifi: Being in a relationship requires another kind of TLC – trust, communication, and loyalty and Love So Wifi helps to solve relationship problems with advice.
  27. Datenlove: Provides advice on love, date and relationships tips never before seen or heard elsewhere as well as helpful tips about women.
  28. Get Love help – Make Your Love Life Hot: Love life tips to help spice up your relationship through fantasy, fictional characters and so much more!
  29. The Love Digest: The Love Digest provides its readers daily advice and information on a wide variety of topics related to love, dating, relationships, and marriage.
  30. i give tips and wanna know your opinoion: Wants to give tips on love/relationship problems/dates as well as school – getting in trouble, -how to get to know a person and to share much more.
  31. SexandLoveLife: Get top rated sex, love, dating, marriage and relationship advice all for free to find the love of your life!
  32. Save Your Relationships: Tips On How To Save Your Relationships and get your Ex Back without the heartbreak and helping bring more communication to relationships.
  33. Bao’s Beauty: This Google Plus page gives plenty of beauty tip, Makeup Fantic, Love, Hate, Relationship advice, Random stuff, Rants and much more!
  34. Geek and Jock: This page is a place for your change to a healthy relationships and to reshape your value and success brought to us by a husband and wife who have been through a whole pile of different challenges throughout their own separate lifes.
  35. Modern Love Daily: Find your Daily Dose of Relationship, Love and Dating news and advice on dating, Love, Marriage with Modern Love Daily insight and all about the art of staying together or breaking up!
  36. Manifesting My Destiny: Learn answers to How to Find Love, How to Instantly Find a Girlfriend/Boyfriend in 30 Days,  The Truth About Law of Attraction Relationships, How to Beat Being Single and Proven Ways to Find Expat Community and Embrace Western Dating Practices.
  37. Have the Best Relationship: Get your share of Relationship & Love advice 2 repair relationship problems & prosper in life!
  38. Finding Your Love Now: If you are looking for advice on love, dating and relationships, then you found the right place. Here you can discover how a passionate team of relationship experts is committed to helping you find the love of your life and to achieving higher levels of fulfillment with your partner.
  39. How to Get My Ex Boyfriend Interested in a Relationship and like Me Again: Tips on how to talk to an ex boyfriend, relationship advice on how to get an ex boyfriend to forgive and fall in love again, or at least to get his attention back, then you are already on the right track.
  40. Your Beauty Advisor: Your Beauty Advisor is your “BBF” – Beauty Best Friend, giving you the latest and greatest information on skin care, hair care, makeup and wellness.
  41. Relationship Rewind: Relationship Rewind is the process of rewinding your relationship to an earlier time, perhaps when you first met and fell in love to teach couples who are on the verge of divorce, to reconcile their relationship and fall in love all over again.
  42. LoveLearnings: The official page of – expert love & relationship advice, designed to be a one-stop destination for informed and trustworthy relationship advice.
  43. WHAT’S WRONG WITH OUR LOVE LIFE?: What’s wrong with our love life? is a TV show in development stage about two single girls questioning why dating, love & relationships don’t always work out.
  44. The Mind ReAligned: Relationship Advice for Individuals, Couples, Teens & Families focusing on individuals, Couples, Families, anyone struggling with: Relationships (Family or at Work),  Marital Problems, Communication, Depression, Spiritual Dryness, Love Addiction / Love Avoidance, Substance Abuse Recovery and so much more!
  45. The Love Safety Net: Love is Not a Game of Luck but can be a similar game, and unfortunately hearts get broken in ‘practice’ and there’s no rule book to discover your mistakes but you can learn to develop deep and lasting bonds of affection and create a stable and loving home for yourself.
  46. Kaptivate Inc.: Get your Deep, Honest Online Relationship Advice for Women, also a Love Book, a Relationship Chat Room, and Blog
  47. Nouveau Dating: With a mission to provide the best information on dating and relationships to the public through articles, video, products and reviews of experts in the field of love, Nouveau Dating is dedicated to helping people improve their personal lives in dating and relationships and never feel lonely again.
  48. Bring Back Desire: Bring Back Desire is where you’ll find tips, tools and resources for increasing intimacy, sensual pleasure and sexual excitement in your life.

Psychics and Life Coaches

  1. Psychic Light: This is the foremost international company for psychic readings, mediums, telephone psychics, horoscopes, love advice and relationship advice.
  2. Kasamba: Kasamba has the best psychics – highly skilled, top-rated and are here to provide the info you really need — on demand for a price range that’s right for you, and get great advice on love, career, health, relationships and more.
  3. Geli Heimann: With an excellent educational background, Geli is a Holistic Therapist & Coach, and a Sexuality Intimacy Transformationalist who assists couples, especially those in long-term committed relationships, to reach their highest dreams.
  4. Sophie King: A professional psychic-medium-clairvoyant and reader/teacher of Tarot cards with areas of expertise including: relationships, love, family, career advice, soul direction, money, work, business, clarity, spirit-spiritual counsel, Reiki/natural healing, and more.
  5. PANDITH RAVINDRA SHASTRY: He was born in generations of astrologer families and is an expert in reading face, palm and horoscope as well as predicting your past, present and future to give you advice in love, relationships, marriage, financial and other issues.
  6. Your24hCoach: allows you to speak instantly with the best Business Coaches and Life Coaches via online, Text, Chat & Voice Chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can live an Exceptional Life!

People to Follow

  1. NaijaLyfe: Jaija brings you the Latest News and Information on Celebrities, Entertainment, Gossips, Fashion, Beauty Tips, Relationship And Love Making Tips.
  2. Marika Dye: This page is dedicated to Marika, who is the creator of,which is a website dedicated to health, love, spirituality, lifestyle and all types of relationships by educating others through people’s stories, interviews, articles, and expert advice.
  3. TotalMind AndBodyTV: Follow Natalie as she guides you to a better you by giving advice on various topics including travel, love, relationships, mental health, physical fitness, kayaking, canoeing, and tips for a better life.
  4. Ramble Love: Started by a couple in love traveling the world, Ramble Loved is based on a travel blog that document their travels and provide not-so-expert advice on a variety of topics including packing, preparing, and budgeting.
  5. Craig Nobles: Craig Nobles was once a DJ in Los Angeles, entertaining the likes of David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen while growing up in Pasadena, he fell in love with music and developing relationships with artists, promoters, and executives alike.
  6. Mandy Kloppers: Psychologist, Counsellor, Author, Blogger, Online Advice Agony Aunt, Life Coach, Entrepreneur out of Woking, Surrey, she specializes in helping people who are experiencing difficulties in their relationships as well as people who are dating and finding it hard to be successful in finding a partner to love and share their life with.
  7. Lee Smallwood: He has worked with major clients in the pas and loves helping people, organizations and businesses increase levels of visibility and engagement.
  8. Lynsey Diosa: With a background and degree in psychology Lynsey Diosa is a Life Coach assisting people with advice on love and relationships and she looks at all angles with a compassionate soul. She believes in helping females empower themselves in order to attract healthy relationships into their lives and to help with relationship advice.
  9. Nerd Love: Nerd Love is a book started by 2 nerds who fell in love and decided to collaborate on a project of writing a book together about love for nerds.
  10. Jerome Hegan: A professional blogger who gives free tips and tricks on the topic love and relationships, Jerome loves writing and it has been his strength from my childhood.
  11. Lisa Nelson: A homeschooling Mother of 3, Lisa cares about strengthening the family unit, and she blogs about children, health, parenting tips, relationship tips and family togetherness ideas.
  12. Ellen Gerst: Ellen Gerst is a Grief and Relationship Coach, an occupation born from both her personal experience as a young widow and her professional expertise and now she is providing assistance on coping with grief and finding love after loss.
  13. Tony Robbins: For over 30 years Tony’s passion has been helping people BREAK THROUGH and take their lives to another level – no matter how successful they already are – in the areas that matter most: their business, personal finance, intimate relationships, families, careers and health. He’s been honored to help over 50 million people from more than 100 countries transform their lives and their businesses through my live events, books, audio programs, health products and personal coaching.
  14. Rosemary Breen: Advice is an internet marketer, author, and website owner and she blogs about the paranormal and relationships.
  15. Happy-Healthy-Successful: Elena Lee is the author of Healthy Lifestyle Blog dedicated to providing people with optimistic outlook on life and this page is dedicated to living a Healthy Lifestyle, Personal Finance and Relationship Advice Blog with best life quotes, hilarious jokes, motivational videos, fashion tips, adventure travel and celeb gossip info.
  16. Marissa’s Well-being and Health (MWAH!): This page encourages us to Get Holsitically Hot: Make Men Swoon and Your Friends Want What You Have Health secrets, get-fit tips and the cooking expertise that has inspired countless women to end their love/hate relationship with food and turbocharge their health to become holistically hot in a way that’s fun and fearless.
  17. Yifat Cohen: Yifat is your G+GoTo Gal, helping you with Google plus marketing for business, strategies and engagement and she also shares about how much she loves her family and her life.
  18. Peter Bromberg (Wrong is Right): He mostly posts about politics, climate change, or economics, as well as .NET, programming, science and funny quotes.  He is also single, and believes love is still out there somewhere.
  19. Marc Chernoff: Personal Development Blogger at, Marc’s blog is Marc and Angel Hack Life so that you too can improve your life to enjoy it more.
  20. Dan Savage: This page is dedicated to Dan Savage, who is a writer, TV personality, and activist best known for his political and social commentary, as well as his honest approach to sex, love and relationships.
  21. Sanaya Irani: This is a fan page boasting to be dedicated to the world’s most beautiful television actress, Sanaya Irani, an Indian actress who loves her fans. They can come together and discuss topics relevant to Sanaya.
  22. Susan Preston: Susan is a Mindset Motivator  & a Relationship Consultant who empowers her clients to master their mindset and ignite their Relationships with ourselves, our partners, perhaps with our children or extended families and with friends, as well as with business partners and associates, clients and with our social media friends
  23. Regal Hawke: Regal Hawke overcame inconceivable odds to become the woman she is today and is therefore coined “The Beacon of Inspiration”.  She is committed to empowering women and young girls to shape new beliefs about love, life, relationships and themselves.
  24. Mari Smith: an active leader in the social media space since early 2007, Mari loves teaching businesses of all sizes how to full integrate social media in order to become much more successful and she especially enjoys working with companies dedicated to making a difference and creating positive change on the planet.
  25. Noah B Brown: a freelance writer with wide experience in writing about parenting advice, success and self improvement and relationship advice for building better relationships, get your daily wisdom and inspiration for greater self improvement for the whole family, parenting tips, success secrets and love and relationship advice.
  26. Mark Jala: With a passion for cooking, Mark founded the Home Cooking Academy in early 2012. As an upcoming author, Mark is tapping into his collegiate background in Psychology by revealing how to craft everlasting relationships through constructive communication during family meals focusing on building a new generation of strong families through constructive communication during family meals.
  27. Joanne Cipressi: Personal Life Coach and Trusting Advisor for successful entrepreneurs, victims, couples, singles, and fellow life coaches since 1998 Joanne’s specialties include: relationship help for rebuilding trust and passion, Dating Support for self-confidence and truly valuing who you are to attract the best mate for you, helping you to re-discover the ‘Inner You’ that was lost by experiences, hurts, and helping you to build the bridge to feel save being vulnerable and do much more!
  28. Renee’s Advice – Fashion Trends: Renee believes in building personal relationships and that comes through in her work where she provides you as customized and personalized an experience at Renees Advice as possible, instead of giving you an automated, impersonal suggestions.
  29. Aaron Anderson: Aaron is a marriage counselor, writer, speaker and relationship expert giving advice and information about love, life and relationships without all the psychobabble. He helps you keep your relationship real and real fun.
  30. Kurt Smith:  as a specialist in Counseling Men and the women who love them, Kurt discusses Men, Women, Relationships, Love and Health in a quest to understand better.
  31. Jonathan Huie: Author of personal-development books and creator of Daily, he has been dubbed “The Philosopher of Happiness” in recognition of an on-going commitment to seeing Joy in all of life. His intention is to share his insights for Joyful Living with the widest possible audience.
  32. Jamal Douce: He shares his life adventures, photography work, weekly advice to help inspire and motivate those who need some in their lives, and weekly intake on popular topics like love and relationships.
  33. Alfred Dato: Alfred is the Online Dating Expert and Relationship Guru who people affectionately call Dr. Dato since he loves to solve relationship tangles and giving expert dating advice.
  34. Paul Simbeck-Hampson: Paul is about nurturing symbiotic relationships with those interested in the many facets of Social Business and he posts and discusses relevant topics on this community.
  35. Melody Chase: Relationship Expert and Writer For The Centre For Life Management/ LMC Relationship Centre, she co-authored several Relationship and Self-Growth Advice E-books and Programs including our Counsellor in a Box Home Study Relationship Program, our Love By Design Relationship Program and our Better Parents, Better Kids Parenting Program.
  36. Nikki Brown: Entrepreneur and Co-Host of were they give advice on Love, Sex, Relationships and Hot Topics.
  37. Mani Curiously: Started by 2 friends who found that they spent more and more time on the phone talking, texting and sending pics of their nails than ever before, it just seemed logical to put it in one place to share with others so they bring you their love of nails, nail art as a fun way to impress your man!
  38. Marion Dunkley: Marion sees her work here on Earth as to guide people through challenges such as about love and relationships, or clarity on issues involving career and money.
  39. Emilie Eggleston: Self-described hippie mamma in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, she usually post about Education, Organics, Nature, Music, Psychology, Science, Math, Technology, G+ Tips and Tutorials, Coding, Design, Art, Healthy Living, Liberty, Love, Eternal Life.
  40. Margie Hearron: She is a Jesus only Christian who enjoys intelligent and sincere people that love to have civil discussions and discusses issues pertaining to women, Jesus and much more.
  41. Praveen Kumar Yadav: an expert in Relationship Conflicts and Real Estate and Internet Marketing, he decided to set up this site to share the upcoming real estate opportunities in Jaipur, as well as discussing Relationships and How to get Back Together, helping those who are facing the relationship crisis, break up and Separation and Conflicts with their Ex.


  1. Seventeen Magazine: The official Google+ page for Seventeen Magazine brings you quizzes, games and fun, fashion, beauty tips, celebrities, advice on love, health, college and so much more!
  2. The Frisky: The Frisky tackles topics of love and sex, pop culture, health, politics, fashion, dating, and travel but with a sexy, carefree, and most of all, relatable twist.
  3. Love Erotics: This is home to Your Favorite Adult Sex Shop. Love Erotic is one of the Uk’s most popular adult sex shops where you can buy sex Toys Online.
  4. is a Youth Volunteer Magazine for career advice, education advice, love and relationship advice, young talent, latest information on movies reviews, technology, events, news and more by youth writers.
  5. Planet Love Match: The Google + page for an online dating website that simplifies the process of finding the right match and provides the tools to make lasting connections as a social online dating site that provides singles with an immersive and interactive way to find and meet people online, no matter where they are.



100 Best Blogs To Get Over A Breakup

Whether you’ve been dumped, or were the dumper, breakups are hard, horrible, soul-crushing, ego-shattering experiences. But, we’ve all been there, and more than a few of us have lived to blog about it. As you’re licking your post-breakup wounds, here are the top 100 blogs to help you get over the guy or gal who broke your heart. You’re better off without them anyway. You know that, right?

Fresh Wound (Still Mad)

  1. [thumb][/thumb]The Break Up Center: offers a unique approach to breaking up, providing a place for women to release negativity, get inspired and feel empowered.
  2. [thumb][/thumb]BreakUpEasy: a social network website that specializes in “online relationship resolution.”
  3. [thumb][/thumb]Bad Ass Breakup: is a tumblr and Twitter account devoted to breaking up like a badass.
  4. [thumb][/thumb]Dan Savage: For when you’re ready to laugh, but not quite done with crying, Dan Savage will explain love to you with humor and sarcasm.
  5. [thumb][/thumb]The Breakup Mermaid: is the blog of a breakup coach who wants to help you move on from your unhappy relationship.
  6. [thumb][/thumb]Breakups Are A Bitch: Relationship expert Ellen Smoak shows you how to survive your breakup and come up better than ever.
  7. [thumb][/thumb]Wake Up to Break Up: a show devoted to understanding how men and women get along and what happens when they don’t.
  8. [thumb][/thumb]Plenty of Fail: frank and hilarious, this chronicle of online dating will leave you in stitches, nodding your head because you’ve dated that one too.
  9. [thumb][/thumb]Break Up Club: relationship experts Janis and Tristan will get you over your relationship and back to being better than ever.
  10. [thumb][/thumb]Wot Went Wrong: ask for advice, give advice, and most importantly figure out what went wrong.
  11. [thumb][/thumb]There’s More to Life Than Love: dating tips and relationship advice from a girl who was single for a long time and now isn’t.
  12. [thumb][/thumb]HuffPost Divorce: the grim legalities of divorce are explained by the Huffington Post team.
  13. [thumb][/thumb]Chelsea Talks Smack: the online diary of a broken-up 20-something who’s intelligent reflections will absorb hours of your time.
  14. [thumb][/thumb]Simply Solo: after she broke up with her fiancé, Catherine had to start fresh after a 7-year relationship (and cancel a wedding). Now she’s learning to love being Simply Solo.
  15. [thumb][/thumb]TheBreakupBlogger: Insightful 25 year old Kellie lets loose on how much it sucks to break up, from day one (sobbing in the shower) to getting over it and getting better for it.
  16. [thumb][/thumb]The Breakup Blog: with an entire tab devoted to the theme of “get her back” this blog is strictly for ex-boyfriends with tips and advice.
  17. [thumb][/thumb]BrokenHeartedGirl: is where you can give and seek breakup advice and cry over your ex to a sympathetic audience.
  18. [thumb][/thumb]Breakup Quotes for Girls: when you’re looking for just the right words to capture your breakup, this Tumblr blog has them all.
  19. [thumb][/thumb]So You’ve Been Dumped: gives support and videos about being dumped, telling dumpees that the end of their relationships are really just the beginnings of better days. And better dates.
  20. [thumb][/thumb]Hollywood Life: you think your breakup was bad? Tune in to Hollywood Life where blogger Bonnie fills you in on the epic breakups and makeups of celebrity couples.
  21. [thumb][/thumb]BreakupGirl: gives advice, posts comics and animation, and real stories making breakups as fun as possible.
  22. [thumb][/thumb]The Breakup Bitch: will get you from breaking up to breaking free – it’s the smart woman’s breakup.

Insights into The Opposite Sex

  1. [thumb][/thumb]PsychCentral: when you’re left wondering “why?” – you just might find the answer on Psych Central which devotes a number of posts to relationship dynamics.
  2. [thumb][/thumb]Science of Relationships: takes a scientific look at relationship advice, looking at psychology, family studies, sociology and evolutionary biology.
  3. [thumb][/thumb]Ex-Back: is a website devoted to helping you get your ex back, with articles like “how to text your ex back.”
  4. [thumb][/thumb]Breakup the Book: is a book and blog by Leo Averbach, full of statistics and reasons why relationships fail.
  5. [thumb][/thumb]Guy Friends Podcast: the Guy Friends answer love, dating, relationship and sex questions via podcast with varying results.
  6. [thumb][/thumb]Straight Male Friend: this guy duo wants to be your “straight male friend” to give you the guy’s perspective on dating and relationships.
  7. [thumb][/thumb]Single Girl’s Guide To Men: covers sex, celebrity gossip and dating advice in a fun and frisky format.
  8. [thumb][/thumb]ChaCha: this site has a great blog for younger dumpees with tips on first dates and first relationships.
  9. [thumb][/thumb]Men’s Thoughts: a picture-board of what men think about, in case you were wondering.
  10. [thumb][/thumb]Girls Ask Guys: ask any question you have of the opposite sex and it will be answered.
  11. [thumb][/thumb]Nick The Dating Specialist: teaches men to become irresistible to women by becoming more confident and developing an appealing lifestyle.
  12. [thumb][/thumb]GuyCodeBlog: brought to you by MTV, it’s what the doctor ordered when you need to get back to your guy roots (or understand the roots of your guy).
  13. [thumb][/thumb]The Rules Revisited: is a blog written by a guy who wants to bring back some of the old relationship rules.
  14. [thumb][/thumb]Advice from a Single Girl: gives advice to people who ask and to those who don’t on life and love.
  15. [thumb][/thumb]SheVersusHe: is a fantastic blog about communication, break ups, dating and relationships.
  16. [thumb][/thumb]Love and Relationship Advice: with relationship coaches Susie and Otto Collins has tips to help you keep your next relationship together.

Need Reminders Why You Left

  1. [thumb][/thumb]Confessions of a Serial Dater in LA: think you can’t find a decent date? Try dating in LA. This blog will make you feel better about wherever you are, unless you’re in LA too.
  2. [thumb][/thumb]Love Hazard Blog: real life stories that prove love doesn’t kill, though it might maim.
  3. [thumb][/thumb]Creepy Daters: aren’t you glad you’re not dating anyone from this collection of creepy dating stories? Could be worse.
  4. [thumb][/thumb]And That’s Why You’re Single: hilarious blog by a girl who dates a lot of guys, and knows first-hand why they’re still single.
  5. [thumb][/thumb]Online Hating: when the frustrations of online dating get to be too much, you’ll be in good company with this blog.
  6. [thumb][/thumb]Met Another Frog: dating stories from the trenches ready to make you feel like you’re not alone in a world of frogs.
  7. [thumb][/thumb]Ok Cupid Kill Me: pokes snarky, marvelous fun at OK Cupid profiles. Great for a quick laugh when you need it!
  8. [thumb][/thumb]It’s Not Okay, Cupid: a comedic web series born out of 100% real and scary OkCupid messages.
  9. [thumb][/thumb]Something She Dated: for those who’ve remembered a date and wondered “what the f-ing f- was I thinking?” this is for you.
  10. [thumb][/thumb]Crap Dates: remind you of anyone you used to know? If so, you’re well rid of them.
  11. [thumb][/thumb]A Bad Case of the Dates: provides a daily dose of bad dates – and the great stories they turn into.
  12. [thumb][/thumb]Internet Dating Disasters: is the UK blog of a single girl in London reporting on her less than great dates.
  13. [thumb][/thumb]When Bad Dates Happen to Good People: brings stories from all over New York city of bad dates, often with pictures.

Empowered Singleton

  1. [thumb][/thumb]Break Up And Shine: is the blog of Marissa Walter who shares her breakup story, and how she turned it into a positive force (and a book). She says “the end of your relationship is the making of you!”
  2. [thumb][/thumb]Deserve What You Want: you have to be the person you want to be to find the person you want to find.
  3. [thumb][/thumb]Single Edition Media: maybe you’re marketing to singles? This company is here to help you reach them.
  4. [thumb][/thumb]Single in Stilettos: this show isn’t just another dating advice website – it gives you the secrets to meet and attract the right man.
  5. [thumb][/thumb]Single Gal in the City: offers a guide of where to go and what to do in New York City if you’re single.
  6. [thumb][/thumb]GirlShrink: From what to do when you can’t find a Christian Grey of your own (hint: go battery-operated) to sex and dating advice, the doctor is in for all your single gal problems.
  7. [thumb][/thumb]The Break Up Guide: helps you enrich, empower, and restore your life after a breakup, helping you find balance again.
  8. [thumb][/thumb]The Break-Up Diet: is the blog and book of Annette Fix whose humor will get a girl through the toughest of times, along with lots of chocolate.
  9. [thumb][/thumb]Single Girl Blogging: is the blog of a single girl living and dating in Los Angeles, filled with humor and painfully true stories.
  10. [thumb][/thumb]Man Eater Me: is a blog about men, food, and making positive life change on both counts.
  11. [thumb][/thumb]Life Between The Sheets: is about love, sex, dating, exes, and everything else life throws at you.
  12. [thumb][/thumb]The Single Woman: Mandy Hale inspires single women to live their best lives ever.
  13. [thumb][/thumb]Adventuresaurus Girl Dating Blog: is your chance to live vicariously through this San Francisco based single girl as she meets guys, makes new friends and has fun.
  14. [thumb][/thumb]The Girl Who Will Date For Food: is a humorous look at dating, food, and working out from a Midwestern single girl.
  15. [thumb][/thumb]From Bitter Bitch to Party of One: a bigger single b- commits to being a happy single b-.
  16. [thumb][/thumb]This Single Life: is funny, quirky, brazen, and totally enjoyable read with posts like “why we’re obsessed with douchebags.”
  17. [thumb][/thumb]The Current Conscience: is an empowering website with a strong dose of feminism, talking about smart subjects to an audience of smart women.

Ready to Move on

  1. [thumb][/thumb]Getting Past Your Breakup: tells readers how to turn a devastating loss into the best thing that ever happened to you with solid advice in every post.
  2. [thumb][/thumb]50 First Dates in 50 States: When Alicia got dumped, she decided to take a joy ride through all 50 States dating men (and some women) coast to coast on the road to heal her broken heart.
  3. [thumb][/thumb]Have The Relationship You Want: Rori Raye shows you how to attract a committed relationship into your life.
  4. [thumb][/thumb]A Blog About Love: is what you need when you’re ready to heal and move in a positive direction. It covers love, family, marriage, happiness, choices and how to live a happy life.
  5. [thumb][/thumb]Pen My Profile: a team of pro-writers writes your online dating profile for you, so you don’t end up on “OK Cupid Kill Me.”
  6. [thumb][/thumb]OKCupid: one of the top dating sites on the web for when you’re ready to jump back in the saddle.
  7. [thumb][/thumb] a dating site that matches you with someone with whom you hopefully have things in common.
  8. [thumb][/thumb]eHarmony: a dating site that strives to match compatible daters with one another.
  9. [thumb][/thumb]Plenty of Fish: with an advanced matching system and a wide variety of daters, Plenty of Fish aims to become a big fish in a big pond.
  10. [thumb][/thumb]Matchmaker in the Know: celebrity matchmaker Samantha Daniels blogs about love and dating – but why stop at reading her blog when you can hire her to hook you up?
  11. [thumb][/thumb]The Art of Charm: if you have “bad luck” with women, it might not be a lack of luck, but a lack of charm. This website aims to eliminate that and make you charming indeed.
  12. [thumb][/thumb]SparkLife: is a blog and resource for people ready to get proactive about dating.
  13. [thumb][/thumb]IHate2Date: an online dating junkie confesses all including rants and dating polls.
  14. [thumb][/thumb]Single Girl’s Guide to Dating: no one knows dating like this single girl, and she has plenty of wisdom to share.
  15. [thumb][/thumb]Man Shopper: this DC-based blogger has traveled near and far to find the perfect accessory-of-the-opposite-sex.
  16. [thumb][/thumb]Find and Keep Love: has insightful tips and thoughtful discussions on what it takes to find and keep that special someone.
  17. [thumb][/thumb]Adventures in Delicious Dating After 40: the dating goddess answers all of your questions about dating in your 40s and beyond, having done it herself and had a blast.
  18. [thumb][/thumb]Baggage Reclaim: is the guide to dating, relationships, single living and man taming with videos, comics, books and even self-improvement courses.
  19. [thumb][/thumb]LoveLife: is a blog about love, life and all things dating, from the first kiss to breakup…um…we mean happily ever after.
  20. [thumb][/thumb]The Over 50 Women’s Guide to Dating: a dating veteran and woman over 50 navigates the minefields of dating and tells others what it’s really like out there.
  21. [thumb][/thumb]Single No More:  is a dating network with advice, quizzes, and relationship tips for when you’re ready to get back in the game.
  22. [thumb][/thumb]How To Girlfriend: gives dating advice to men on how and where to find a girlfriend, and how to keep her.
  23. [thumb][/thumb]The Dateover: is a full scale lifestyle makeover company specializing in making you more dateable than ever!
  24. [thumb][/thumb]Your Tango: is an online dating site with advice and insightful articles ranging from how to breakup to how to make a fresh new start.
  25. [thumb][/thumb]Online Dating Sucks Book: is the result of John Gavin’s frustrating, but ultimately successful search for love. A must-read for anyone who’s ready to give up on online dating.
  26. [thumb][/thumb]Get the Girl of Your Dreams: Dating coach and author Elaine Davis has a program to help you attract beautiful, intelligent, classy women.
  27. [thumb][/thumb]Fresh Start After Divorce: is a website with resources for divorced women (and children), providing mentoring, e-courses and blog posts on surviving and thriving.
  28. [thumb][/thumb]Love in 90 Days: when you’re done fooling around, Dr. Diana Kirschner’s advice will come in handy to sand your next significant other.
  29. [thumb][/thumb]The Urban Dater: covers dating, sex, relationships, love, and unmarried life in general.
  30. [thumb][/thumb]City Girl Blogs: is the humorous and wicked smart advice of sexuality educator Stef Woods.
  31. [thumb][/thumb]Relationship Architecture: let’s be honest, your last relationship didn’t end well. This time around, consult the pros with relationship counseling.
  32. [thumb][/thumb]The Path to Passion: love doesn’t have to be that hard! Mika and Clay make it simple to be loved for who you are.


Top 200 Dating Experts to Follow on Twitter

Dating today isn’t easy – it is so complex that it makes ordering a beverage at Starbucks look like a cakewalk. From understanding online dating to picking the right dating site for you to getting a date to planning a date to conversation topics to communication and just understanding what a potential life-mate might want, there’s more to dating than simply meet cute, fall in love, live happily ever after. Thankfully, there’s a plethora of dating advice, stories, and research on Twitter to make sure everyone has a fair chance at finding a partner and falling in love. Below is a list of our favorite 200 dating experts to follow on Twitter.

Dating Stories

  1. @50Dates_States: shares dating wisdom and wisecracks across the 50 United States.
  2. @The50Dates: exclusively goes on dates to food trucks in San Francisco.
  3. @TNTML: curates and shares dating and life stories from nerds and tech-geeks .
  4. @awkward_photos: tweets photos and quotes from some of the worst dating profiles.
  5. @50_dates: explores dating in the 50 states as a 40-year-old.
  6. @52FirstDatesTO: goes one date a week in Canada and blogs her story.
  7. @creepydaters: showcases creepy dating messages sent to women engaging in online dating.
  8. @singlemuch: a sassy single gal in NYC looks for love in all the wrong places.
  9. @datehater: confessions and tales from a self-proclaimed online dating junkie.
  10. @lipstickandplay: is the adventures, mishaps and observations of a single mom in NYC.
  11. @mylifeonmatch: chronicles the true tales of an LA based online dater.
  12. @KellySeal: writer and former speed-dating host who curates stories about the single life.
  13. @carrieblogshaw: a serial singleton, loves shoes, likens herself to Carrie Bradshaw.
  14. @SingleCGirl: great tales of singlehood from the flats of crisp Canada.
  15. @singlegirlie: is a blogger posting tweets about dating in Los Angeles, California.
  16. @loribizz: shares dating-related stories and includes lots of celebrity dating and relationships news.
  17. @by_simone: real-time stories of dating and life from Canadian based author.
  18. @singlegirllife: daily wisdom on dating, love, life, relationships and sometimes even sex.
  19. @onlinehating: is dating online and telling horror stories so you don’t have to.
  20. @DatingDallas: mysterious author Addie tweets about her dating life in Los Angeles.
  21. @SingleSassyBlog: shares the good, bad and the ugly on dating in Boston.
  22. @my50onlinedates: a rare male author offers the tale of 50 online dates.
  23. @soloat30: is a 30-something single woman living with her dad and dating online.
  24. @metanotherfrog: tweets about dating in the UK from a variety of perspectives.
  25. @elizabethrose_m: is an unabashed sex-worker who shares bedroom tricks.
  26. @themansamsharpe:  is a man about town who loves fine drinks and fine women.
  27. @skyemetafrog: is a writer with a penchant for love, sex, dating and relationships.
  28. @the_second_wife: married, divorced and remarried the same man – her story continues here.
  29. @jilliandates: tweets about the single life from the point of view from a divorcee.
  30. @genakaufman: writes for Glamour Magazine, chronicling her dating adventures.
  31. @DateDaily: has dating tips, sex tips, and entertainment news of the dating variety.
  32. @girlsguide2date: curates dating stories and advice from women over the years.
  33. @males_thoughts: is dedicated to providing content only for men about women.
  34. @20sdatingdrama: two women in their 20’s tell the story of their dating lives.
  35. @EXGFprblms: is a chronic ex-girlfriend who shares her hilarious thoughts on Twitter.
  36. @LisaJey: a single parent finds her path in the online dating world.
  37. @mscheevious: tweets about her incredible zest for life that makes grown men cry.
  38. @sassy_divorcee: shares her story about divorce and getting back on the dating horse.
  39. @badonlinedates: a social network designed to help you share dating horror stories.
  40. @LaProvocateur: shares tales of love, lust and lingerie from the San Francisco area.
  41. @man_shopper: tweets stories of her dating escapades in the nation’s capital of DC.
  42. @follyofone: follows stories of dating triumphs and tribulations in LA.
  43. @AccidentallySxy: writer and famed Chicago Single tells all about dating in Chi-town.
  44. @BrandonHoang_: a newbie dater turned pro, he dispenses advice and stories for men and women.
  45. @Melysa_S: inspiring adventures and misadventures in dating as a single mom.
  46. @singlemomdate: a 40-year old single mom recounts tales of her sex and dating life.
  47. @datediva: a dating maven not only dishes on her dates but gives advice, too.
  48. @oneguytalks: tweets tales from a man’s point of view on life, love, dating and relationships.
  49. @PlentyofFail: a travesty of dating in Vancouver BC, a blooper reel of one girl’s dating life.
  50. @TheBacheloretta: tweets and retweets the dating shenanigans of herself and single girls.
  51. @snglegrlprblms: single women rejoice, but of course share their dating stories too.
  52. @BostnSingleGirl: true stories of dating in Boston, from good to bad and back again.
  53. @kissnblog: when the dating gets tough, the tough tweet about their love wonders and woes.
  54. @LifeByteStory: gals who date in real life then share their real stories with the twitterverse.
  55. @JYDatingBlind: dating expert author shares embarrassing stories so they may resonate with other online daters.
  56. @1SingleLadyBug: shares the personal laughs, triumphs, hearbreaks, success and failures at dating.
  57. @DoomedSingleB: a thirty-something singleton gripes and giggles her way through online dating.
  58. @MissSpecialSoph: from single to in-a-relationship, follow Sophie’s dating adventures on Twitter.
  59. @singlegalnyc: a New York City transplant notes her search for love in the Big Apple through dating.
  60. @girlsgotshine: online dating, meetups, tweetups and blind dates equal good blog fodder for this single gal.
  61. @DivorcedD20: a recently divorced father discusses dating, divorce and parenting in California.
  62. @dudesonokcupid: real guys tell stories about their online dating adventures using OkCupid.
  63. @okcupidkillme: being a cognizant female on OkCupid means one thing: weird stories.
  64. @OKCupidCouch: three gals all online dating and the quotes this endeavor inspires.
  65. @CheapDatePhila: has cheap date ideas and tips for the Philly area.
  66. @ItsNotOkayCupid: a bold, hilarious webseries based on 100% true OkCupid dating stories.
  67. @SSDated: the dating and sex life of comedic graduate student looking for love.
  68. @FirstDateHell: summing up really bad dates in 140 characters or less.

Advice Columns and Help

  1. @TheGuyFriends: weekly dating advice from two straight males who are friends.
  2. @penmyprofile: expertly handwritten dating profiles, tailored to your unique self.
  3. @fakedansavage: responds to questions about straight, gay, bi, and out of the box dating.
  4. @datingguide: offers free advice, support and information to all things dating.
  5. @neilstrauss: shares secrets of professional pick up artists and dating gurus worldwide.
  6. @smfmarcus: tweets about the dos and don’ts on modern heterosexual dating.
  7. @welovedates: daily dating advice and tips, plus a free e-book download.
  8. @chiaraatik: dating expert and author of Modern Dating: A Field Guide.
  9. @melanie360: shares tweets about relationships, great date ideas, and dating theory.
  10. @DearMrsD: is the author of acclaimed dating book, “Spin Your Web.”
  11. @thedatingtruth: is a dating coach and champion for all people who are single.
  12. @ScotMcKay: dating coach and the author of “Deserve What You Want.”
  13. @theartofcharm: is teaching men to meet women and manage stable relationships.
  14. @datingtips101: dating advice and info for people in the dating world.
  15. @datingexpert: author Stephanie Alexander helps women Google their dates before they go out.
  16. @atwysingle: offers dating advice for non-students (high school and college kids need not ask).
  17. @LindsayChrisler: relationship and love coach based in both NYC and LA.
  18. @sexwithemily: sex and relationship advice from sexpert and co-star of Miss Advised.
  19. @datingstylist: is giving online dating a makeover and putting fire into the lives of singles.
  20. @singledatingdiv: an award winning dating expert and managing editor at Singles Warehouse.
  21. @whitegrlproblem: tweets about problems with dating in the first world – and any world.
  22. @datingadvicecom: shares advice about love in the time of boyfriends and girlfriends.
  23. @singlegirlguide: a twitter-space for women who love men and themselves, too.
  24. @iBoyFriendTips: a group for tips to how to stay happy in your relationship.
  25. @mydevina: the musings about love and sex from an irreverent fun 30-something in Orange County.
  26. @1stsightdating: a man gives other men advice on online dating dos and don’ts.
  27. @LasciviousAriel: gives dating and love advice as the female half of “Ken and Ariel.”
  28. @Tenacious_Ken: gives dating and love advice as the male half of “Ken and Ariel.”
  29. @URwingman: professional dating coaches give advice as to presenting your best self.
  30. @datingformen: one stop site for info and resources on dating just for men.
  31. @DeniseMWade: is a relationship counselor who helps singles and couples find love.
  32. @QuickieChick: posts ideas and news on staying fit and sexy for bed time activities.
  33. @Dear_John: a forum for recently singled folk to get and share advice and tips.
  34. @NickNotas: dating coach and confidence boosting specialist tells it like it is.
  35. @Feisty_Woman: a sassy advice columnist who takes questions about love and dating.
  36. @GirlsAskGuys: an ongoing series of questions from the female species to the males.
  37. @DatingForWomen: a resource for the latest tips and advice on dating for women.
  38. @ReIgniteRomance: professional sexpert tweest relationship, sex and love advice for women.
  39. @samanthafraser: a life and relationship couch shares advice on sexuality and dating.
  40. @TheSenorCGW: doles out relationship advice from the male perspective  on City Girls World.
  41. @thecollegecrush: dating coach Kira and her team of co-ed geniuses dish advice to college kids.
  42. @kirasabin: love enthusiast and dating coach talks being single and dating.
  43. @DudeSociety: blatantly encouraging men to be their sexiest, most masculine selves.
  44. @BobbiPal: tweets to the over 40 singles crowd about how to find a man, and find yourself.
  45. @BreakUPclub: advice on the breakup blues and using your ex love to move onto your new love.
  46. @wotwentwrong: a new take on dating advice: crowd-sourced answers to love’s questions.
  47. @DenverDateDr: dating expert and author Christine busts out dating advice from Denver.
  48. @FantasyDaters: make dating fun with this part real-life, part fantasy online dating game for women.
  49. @FindKeepLove: tweets about the “simple” formula of finding love, then keeping love.
  50. @DatingInStyle: here to help people understand and thrive in the online dating world.
  51. @findingcupid: a simple guy on a simple mission: to inspire the world with love.
  52. @Women2Date: relationship services plus social tips for Russian brides and their grooms.
  53. @Tristan_Coop: be unlucky in love no more with love stylist Tristan grooming your for success.
  54. @lastfirstdate1: it’s never too late to find the love you deserve.

Online Dating and Matchmaking

  1. @howaboutwe: helping active people find friends and love locally through online dating.
  2. @okcupid: shares the  best online dating profile practices based on numbers.
  3. @match: shares success stories from the world’s largest online dating company.
  4. @eharmony: tweets about stereotypical normal dating, love and relationships.
  5. @zoosk: connects millions of singles with specialized behavioral matchmaking technology every day.
  6. @plentyoffish: connecting singles for free daily with a unique matching system.
  7. @jdate: premiere destination for Jewish singles looking for dates and love.
  8. @grindr: the world’s largest all male location-based adult friend finder in the US.
  9. @girldateforfree: exists to promote online dating where women do not pay.
  10. @AMillionMatches: real relationship talk from a matchmaking company who introduces singles.
  11. @lavalife: find dating and relationship tips, tidbits and musings plus special offers.
  12. @sparklife: dating and relationship coach Samuel McCrohan doles out advice.
  13. @datinginternet: one of the web’s first online dating sites, operating since 1996.
  14. @The_Matchmaker: tweets about dating, romance, love and relationships from NYC.
  15. @SingleStilettos: offers tips on what men think and want from women dating experts.
  16. @thedatecoach: a third generation matchmaker offers her talents to the USA.
  17. @stagdining: tweets about dining and dating in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  18. @MarniBattista: is a zen dating and life coach helping people find sustainable partnerships.
  19. @matchmakerSD: a celebrity matchmaker and love expert dishing about dating, romance.
  20. @Chemistrydotcom: a hub of online dating news, matchmaking, and personality tests.
  21. @FindingLove14: where a relationship coach teaches couples to maintain relationships.
  22. @crushhub: an online application made specifically to help you set up your single friends.
  23. @FriendFlirt: a social application that uses your Facebook friends to help you find love.
  24. @pattistanger: the owner and CEO of Millionaire Matchmaker and
  25. @dateover: dedicated to helping you become the most dateable version of yourself.
  26. @DinaZColada: tweets about being a dating coach and offers tips for daters.
  27. @thelovetrep: is a dating coach and relationship expert who shares her wisdom.
  28. @eFlirtExpert: dating consultant agency is ready to help you meet someone online.
  29. @eflirtjillofall: a dating consultant always sharing good ideas for dating online.
  30. @dawoonis: the founder and CEO of Coffee Meets Bagel, a new way to online date.
  31. @coffeembagel: Meet one friend of a friend, everyday at noon. 100% Free.
  32. @arumkang: co-founder and online dating enthusiast with Coffee Meets Bagel.
  33. @GinaKerrigan: a bold dating consultant shares innovative ideas for your dating profile.
  34. @JulieSpira: top dating consultant and coach shares information about building relationships.
  35. @letsdate: is an application for online dating on your mobile phone – date everywhere!
  36. @grouper: a low pressure dating concept fleshed out: 3 friends meet 3 other friends.
  37. @hurrydate: a unique speed dating and matchmaking system to help you meet the one.
  38. @meetjuliet: an online dating site and daily article generator about dating and relationships.
  39. @whatthelove: Houston based relationship coach helps people go from struggle to snuggle in dating.
  40. @Train_Spottings: love conductor Erika takes matchmaking to the subway system in NYC.
  41. @JoelBild: encourages successful singles to break out of their shell and start meeting people.
  42. @DatingAdviceGrl: single life consultant and dating expert Erin brings her expertise to you.
  43. @BestDatingSites: a conglomeration of online dating sites that talks all things online dating.
  44. @FirstDateCoach: tweets online dating advice from a first date coach’s perspective.
  45. @DatingInsight: brilliant Stephen offers popular dating, love and sex advice online.

Dating Theory and Articles

  1. @nerve: revolutionized online dating, shares thoughts of love, sex and culture.
  2. @smartdatinguk: shares information for comparisons sake on dating in the US and UK
  3. @theurbandater: shares dating advice and articles for real people written by yes, real people
  4. @yourtango: gives advice to couples and people in peculiar dating situations
  5. @cosmopolitan: tweets about culture, celebs, lifestyle and dating in America
  6. @glamourmag: the latest on relationships, health, dating beauty and being a woman
  7. @datinginsider: is the primary resource covering the online dating industry daily.
  8. @singleedition: is a collection of writers and bloggers who talk dating shop every day.
  9. @thesingleshub: an online forum for singles- they hope you only stay a short time.
  10. @swexperts: is an amalgamation of online dating writers sharing relationship advice.
  11. @BlogHerLove_Sex: creates opportunities for millions of women to share their dating writing.
  12. @marieclaire: a woman’s guide to dating, relationships, fashion, careers and more.
  13. @forthemen: photos for men about dating and women – safe for work.
  14. @DateDaily: provides up to date celebrity hook up and break up news to kill time at work.
  15. @DatingRev: shares information from the datingverse and an avid online dating proponent.
  16. @singlewomenrule: advice and articles for women interesting in love and dating.
  17. @JessDowney: shares articles and writers her own stories about dating in NYC.
  18. @cupidspulse: a place where celebrity relationships and couples are discussed constantly.
  19. @notebook: tweets sentimental and inspirational quotes about all things love.
  20. @omgfactssex: tweets that center around sex, dating and relationship facts.
  21. @Redolpho: master of social dynamics and taking charge of your life, Eric, tweets dating.
  22. @nympsam: tweets about how to rock happy, healthy open relationships for adults.
  23. @PostDating: articles and intel on dating in New York City.
  24. @jozenc: a New York Post relationship writer talks dating, pop culture, and humor.
  25. @NakedWithSocks: award winning relationship consultant posts and reposts articles on dating.
  26. @GoodMenProject: tweets genuinely earnest ideas on how to be a good man in today’s world.
  27. @gurldotcom: tweets and retweets articles all about those pesky things we call relationships for women.
  28. @ThoughtCatalog: custom articles on the best, worst, and weirdest parts of dating.
  29. @HuffPostDivorce: curates and produces articles about divorce and the dating that happens after.
  30. @stellasingles: free online dating advice for men and women about dating, relating and love.
  31. @ElizbethLManess: relationship expert and business diva helps people meet their perfect match.
  32. @365CheapDates: tweets cheap date ideas from LA because money can’t buy love.
  33. @DatingChronicle: tweets about 100 dates in around 18 months around the country.

Top 100 Blogs by Relationship Experts: 2013 Update

Updated: April 23, 2013.

Is your current relationship on the rocks? Does your partner just not understand? Or do you want to find a new relationship that will last? Seeking out dating advice online can be quite a chore, so we’ve compiled this list of the top 100 blogs by relationship experts to help you rebuild, renew, or begin a more healthy, loving relationship. Please note that the blogs are presented in no particular order.

33 New Blogs for 2013

Since we originally compiled this list in 2012, dozens of other blogs have come to our attention. Here are our favorites for 2013.

  1. [thumb][/thumb]Alison Says: relationship expert and coach Alison Robertson provides tips on dating and friendship.
  2. [thumb][/thumb]The Tantra Fusion Blog: written by sex therapist and relationship coach Jacqueline Hellyer, this blog and accompanying podcast focus on sexual intimacy within relationships.
  3. [thumb][/thumb]Annie’s Blog: the confidence expert and leading relationship expert in the UK, Annie Ashdown offers free tips, techniques, and tricks about dating and relationships.
  4. [thumb][/thumb]EPIC Dating Love and Relationships: dating artisan Dina Z Colada offers free advice on dating, love, and relationships.
  5. [thumb][/thumb]Gay Dating Expert: this popular gay dating advice blog features stories of real-life experiences and expert tips on how to successfully date other gay men.
  6. [thumb][/thumb]All Women Stalk: a veritable treasure trove of thoughtful blog posts on almost everything about love, fashion, weddings, parenting, personal care, and much more.
  7. [thumb][/thumb]The Problem with Women… is Men: relationship expert and bestselling author Charles J. Orlando offers insight into modern relationships.
  8. [thumb][/thumb]Cupid Blogger: Introducing relationship advice with down to earth approach on dating, love, marriage and relationship.
  9. [thumb][/thumb]Understand Men NOW: dating and relationship coach for women Jonathon Aslay blogs about what men are really thinking when it comes to love, sex, and commitment.
  10. [thumb][/thumb]The Unconventional Matchmaker: Singapore love coach Elyse-Anne blogs for smart and successful single women looking for success in dating and love.
  11. [thumb][/thumb]Hooking Up Smart: read about how to navigate the hostile terrain of the contemporary sexual marketplace in this smartly written blog by Susan Walsh.
  12. [thumb][/thumb]The Love TREP: This newly launched blog by Boston dating expert and coach Neely Steinberg helps the modern-day woman find the love she’s always wanted by learning how to date entrepreneurially.
  13. [thumb][/thumb]Dr. Pat Allen: author of the popular book and seminar Getting to I Do, Dr. Allen’s methods promise engagement (to the right man!) within a year.
  14. [thumb][/thumb]PinkBlitz Magazine: dare to be pink when you read this blog about sex, relationships, parenting, healthy living, entertainment and more.
  15. [thumb][/thumb]Marriage Issues: geared toward couples, Nace Volcic blogs about wedding planning, marriage, and — yep — even divorce.
  16. [thumb][/thumb]Joy of Romance: founded by Joy Nordenstrom, Joy of Romance offers matchmaking and coaching and also has a blog about all things dating.
  17. [thumb][/thumb]TheFeminineWoman: the Love & Attraction blog offers dating and relationship advice geared toward the naturally feminine woman seeking love.
  18. [thumb][/thumb]Ernest Quansah: author of Do’s and Don’ts of Relationships: Nine Steps to a Deeper, Richer Love Relationship and How to Identify Your Soulmate, discusses topics that affect millions of people; dating, relationship and marriage success, how to find your soulmate, personalized match systems and interracial relationship success.
  19. [thumb][/thumb]Getting to TRUE Love: previously single but now happily married for over 10 years, blogger Jane Garapick has been there before and uses her experiences to write her blog about how to find true love.
  20. [thumb][/thumb]Liberating Choices: Marci Payne writes about growing yourself so you can have more intimate and cooperative relationships.
  21. [thumb][/thumb]The Guy’s Perspective: these good guys in touch with their inner bad boy deliver straight talk and insightful commentary on dating, relationships, and sex.
  22. [thumb][/thumb]Life of Josie M. | Design. Style. Life: geared toward women, this blog written by marketing visionary Amy B. Perrault started as a single girl’s survival guide but now helps women improve both their personal and professional lives through style, education, and self-empowerment.
  23. [thumb][/thumb]Relationship InSite Blog: the Relationship Couple, Dr. Chani and Rabbi Shmuel Maybruch, help you achieve the ideal relationship you’ve always dreamed about. Learn practical tips to enhance emotional intimacy and happiness in dating and marriage.
  24. [thumb][/thumb]Free & Connected: heart-opening insights to create a relationship you love, by married couple Jerry Duberstein, PhD and Mary Ellen Goggin, JD.
  25. [thumb][/thumb]Couple Cards: not a blog, per se, but this technique helps couples grow stronger in their relationships, and perhaps best of all, it’s really fu, too!
  26. [thumb][/thumb]Loving Korean: answers to all of your questions about Korean guys and dating Korean men.
  27. [thumb][/thumb]Relationship Love Advice: Marlon Raye blogs about the real secrets to getting back your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.
  28. [thumb][/thumb]Coaching with Roy: award-winning author Roy Biancalana blogs about a spiritual path to relationship bliss, from being hooked to being happy.
  29. [thumb][/thumb]Advice Sisters: credited with bringing the advice-infotainment genre online, this blog is geared toward women ages 20-55 and some adult men. The focus is on beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and relationships.
  30. [thumb][/thumb]DateMasters: a blog for men, on how to attract women and enjoy a better dating lifestyle and better sex. DateMasters is authored by Douglas Hall, a licensed NLP master practitioner, and his team.
  31. [thumb][/thumb]Couples Committed to Love: for couples who are committed to ensuring that their relationships endure, this blog is written by Leon Scott Baxter, who is neither a therapist nor a psychologist, but he does give very good advice.
  32. [thumb][/thumb]Kelly Speechless: a blog that provides relationship advice to women, on how they can “look, feel, survive, thrive, and activate their smart bitch inside”. Written by relationship advice coach Kelly Sowell.
  33. [thumb][/thumb]Romantico Brazil: not a blog, per se, but a fun dating site for those looking for Brazilian dating and romance. This is one of the most popular Brazilian dating sites on the Internet.

Original Top 100 List from 2012

Below is our original list that we compiled in 2012.

Relationship Personalities

  1. [thumb][/thumb]Dr. Seth: a licensed clinical psychologist, author, blogger, and TV personality, Dr. Seth provides relationship advice, including articles on how women can stop failing for unavailable men.
  2. [thumb][/thumb]April Braswell: dating and relationship expert April Braswell provides tips for singles in this informative blog, including online dating profile writing tips and posting attractive photos.
  3. [thumb][/thumb]Dr. Wendy Walsh: seen on the Today Show, CNN, CBS, Good Morning America, and The View, Dr. Wendy Walsh writes a helpful blog about finding and keeping healthy relationships.
  4. [thumb][/thumb]Stephan Speaks: certified relationship expert and coach Stephan Labossiere’s blog is on a mission—to help men and women experience authentic, successful relationships.
  5. [thumb][/thumb]Dr. Michelle: with advice for improving your relationship, first date tips, and other though provoking articles, Michelle Callahan provides readers with a “tell it like it is” approach.
  6. [thumb][/thumb]Dr. Karen Ruskin: Dr. Karen’s blog covers such topics as monogamy vs. polyamory, men standing by women, cheating, and the relationship advice that can be gleaned from blockbuster “50 Shades of Grey.”
  7. [thumb][/thumb]Matt Townsend: renowned relationship coach Matt Townsend shares his thoughts on relationships in this revamped blog. Visitors are treated with an intuitive menu of articles that provide a “one stop shop” for relationship advice.
  8. [thumb][/thumb]Stephany Alexander: the founder of, dating expert Stephany Alexander publishes a blog that discusses breakups and makeups, and dating do’s and don’ts.
  9. [thumb][/thumb]Evan Marc Katz: this down-to-earth dating coach’s blog focuses on helping smart, strong, successful women understand and find great guys.
  10. [thumb][/thumb]Gil Rio: dating coach Gio Rio shares his secrets of meeting women learned by living on four continents and interacting with women from all cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
  11. [thumb][/thumb]Barbara J. Peters: relationship expert Barbara J. Peters writes an informative blog that span numerous topics including age and romance, the keys to successful marriage, and how to recover after an affair.
  12. [thumb][/thumb]John Aiken: dating expert John Aiken lays out topics that need to be discussed in the dating game—the dangers of the one night stand, why nice guys come in last, and decoding players.
  13. [thumb][/thumb]Sabrynne McLain: relationship expert Sabrynne McLain shares her thoughts on friendships, our public and private selves, meeting your man, and other interesting tidbits.
  14. [thumb][/thumb]Allen Berger, PhD: using a “Dear Abby” format, Dr. Berger responds to readers inquiries concerning relationships, love, and harmony in the home.
  15. [thumb][/thumb]Marlo Thomas: she hosts Dr. Sue Johnson, who writes about tips to make marriage last, couples in crisis, family communication, infidelity, and dating after divorce.
  16. [thumb][/thumb]Francis Nmeribe: relationship expert coach Francis Nmeribe provides helpful articles on relationships, dating, courtship, love, integrity, purpose of marriage, and fidelity.
  17. [thumb][/thumb]DeAnna Lorraine: relationship coach for the smart, successful man, DeAnna Lorraine’s blog is dripping with sage advice for the guy who wants to get the girl.
  18. [thumb][/thumb]Chuck and Jo-Ann Bird: every week, relationship counselors and board certified clinical sexologists Drs. Chuck and Jo-Ann Bird blog about relationships and how to improve them.
  19. [thumb][/thumb]Dr. Joy Davidson: Dr. Joy Davidson’s blog is her place to muse on empowering men, women, and couples in their search for connectedness and understanding as the build relationships together.
  20. [thumb][/thumb]Tara Fields: a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Tara Fields writes an informative blog on relationships, passion, conflict, and affairs.
  21. [thumb][/thumb]David Wygant: dating expert David Wygant hosts a blog full of dating tips and advice. His posts include discussions on how to approach a group of women and the best places to meet women.
  22. [thumb][/thumb]April Beyer: relationship expert April Beyer has been called one of the best in the business of dating and match making. Her mission is to change the way women in American date and relate.
  23. [thumb][/thumb]Shela Dean: this blogger gets tremendous joy helping couples have better, happier, more intimate relationships. Let her teach you the lessons she learned the hard way.
  24. [thumb][/thumb]Have the Relationship You Want: this blog features the musings of Rori Raye, who explores breakups, age in relationships, and other provocative topics aimed at helping you find and keep that special someone.
  25. [thumb][/thumb]Lovepost Blog: At Lovepost, readers of relationship expert Clio Garland share in her advice on love, relationships, and romance. She is a trained marriage and family therapist and provides tips on helping couples with engagement and marriage.
  26. [thumb][/thumb]The Relationship Doctor: in his relationship blog, clinical psychologist Dr. Bruce Derman confronts important topics including the quest for Mr. Right, divorce, and dealing with stress in relationships.
  27. [thumb][/thumb]Arnie Singer: through his blog Jcoach, Rabbi Singer helps his readers picture their dream partner and develop a plan to find them, attract them, and begin a relationship.

For Women

  1. [thumb][/thumb]Jane on Top: offers relationship and life advice to women who want to be in control of their lives in a fun and practical way.
  2. [thumb][/thumb]Platinum Girl Celebrity Blog: in this cute and hip blog, dating expert Vanessa Taylor explores celebrity romances to discover what famous women do to get and keep their lovers–and reports on the fatal mistakes that lead to heartbreak.
  3. [thumb][/thumb]Blonde Bronzed Twenty Something: dating and relationship expert Jen Kirsh offers women sage dating advice in this provocative blog.
  4. [thumb][/thumb]Blog Her: the bloggers at Blog Her revel their thoughts on love, sex, relationships, and romance. With over 50 million readers, Blog Her is the source for women to find community and connection.
  5. [thumb][/thumb]I Want Closure: this relationship blog is concerned with providing women keys to change the dynamics of their dysfunctional relationship. Topics explored include online dating, friends with benefits, and communication.
  6. [thumb][/thumb]Relationship 101 For Women: a relationship advice blog for women, Relationship 101 For Women engages women in topics ranging from emotional abuse to cheating.
  7. [thumb][/thumb]Love Overrated: this blog chronicles a woman’s journey through love, life, and relationships. She provides anecdotes that teach important relationship lessons.
  8. [thumb][/thumb]Dating Without Drama: this blog, written for a female audience, provides lessons on first dates, how to find and keep a man, and understanding how men think.
  9. [thumb][/thumb]Queen Bitch: not for the faint of heart, this blog goes right into the relationship issues women care about but are afraid to talk about.
  10. [thumb][/thumb]The Sexy Single Mommy: told with plenty of sass, this blog helps women empower themselves to realize love, success, and confidence, all while having a blast.
  11. [thumb][/thumb]Single Mom Seeking: relationship blogger Rachel Sarah muses about new ways of seeing motherhood, love, and family. Find articles on dating a single mom and becoming a step parent.
  12. [thumb][/thumb]Ms. Single Mama: Ms. Single Mama blogs about the things she has learned as a single mother and offers insight on life, love, and relationships.

For Men

  1. [thumb][/thumb]Braddock’s Blog: a blog designed for men.  Braddock teaches you how to get confident and have the time of your life dating and building relationships.
  2. [thumb][/thumb]Single Dad House: let the relationship experts at Single Dad House give you the confidence to get back on the saddle and into the world of dating again. This blog is written with the divorced father in mind.
  3. [thumb][/thumb]Adam LoDolce: as the author of Being Alone Sucks and The Offline Dating Solution, Adam LoDolce writes a great blog that teaches men to abandon the same old tricks and truly connect with women.
  4. [thumb][/thumb]AnonymousMale1: this blog pulls no punches in describing the dating and relationship game from a male’s point of view.
  5. [thumb][/thumb]Crush Club Game: written by a relationship expert, this blog is geared towards guys. The author shares information that will help a guy with his pickup game and help him improve his existing relationships.

Online Dating Advice

  1. [thumb][/thumb]eFlirt Expert: Laurie Davis embraces the world of online dating with this funny look at eFlirting.  She also explores dating in a world of social media.
  2. [thumb][/thumb]Cyber Dating Expert: features a blog and weekly dating advice radio show that combines love and technology to help singles look for love online.
  3. [thumb][/thumb]Pro Dating Info: blog that discusses the multiple facets of online dating. Readers will find articles on the new rules for online dating and the latest news on the online dating providers.
  4. [thumb][/thumb]JMag: the offical blog of JDate, the leading Jewish singles network.  Features articles from relationship experts that discuss landing the first date, and many other fun topics.
  5. [thumb][/thumb]eHarmony Blog: the official blog for eHarmony, features numerous postings by relationship experts that teach ladies how to tell if he’s a good guy and discuss living together before marriage.
  6. [thumb][/thumb]Online Dating Post: blogger David Evans explores and analyzes the business of online dating since 2002. His insight is a great way to learn more about online dating.
  7. [thumb][/thumb]Online Dating Guide & Blog: relationship expert Brad shares his successes, thoughts, and experiences with online dating with the hope that others will find the same kind of success.
  8. [thumb][/thumb]Your Online Relationship Guru: a blog with hundreds of articles tailored towards online dating. Read about winning him back, dating etiquette, and inexpensive date ideas.

Advice for Couples

  1. [thumb][/thumb]Pat and Mary Save Their Marriage: a no-nonsense look at dating, romance, love, marriage, and survival told by Pat and Mary—a couple with a heartfelt story.
  2. [thumb][/thumb]Gottman Institute: the experts at the Gottman Institute Relationship blog are focused on strengthening and restoring marriage and relationships.
  3. [thumb][/thumb]Erwan Davon Teachings: this informative blog explores the more transcendent side of relationships, with articles on reality, character development, and touch.
  4. [thumb][/thumb]Relationship Problems Solved: this blog discusses online dating, tips, words of advice, and explains how to make the holidays special.
  5. [thumb][/thumb]Love and Relationship Advice Blog: relationship experts Susie and  shares her thoughts on how she has helped hundreds of individuals and couples successfully conquer their dating and relationship issues.
  6. [thumb][/thumb]Mid Love Crisis: blogger Kristen Crockett shares her passions of writing and helping people create healthy relationships.
  7. [thumb][/thumb]Relationship Coaching Directory: this helpful guide can be your answer to pressing questions about love, relationships, marriage, and dating.
  8. [thumb][/thumb]Sow Peace, the Relationship Doctor: let Rhoberta Shaler help your relationship through her interactive blog. Find articles on anger management, loving relationships, and peace.
  9. [thumb][/thumb]Relationships 101: this blog was created for couples and future couples to help them find the way in as opposed to the way out.
  10. [thumb][/thumb]Relationships 360 Blog: this blog is the webspace for the talk show with the same name that airs on BlogTalkRadio. Tiffany Williams-Jallow provides relationship advice on race and gender.
  11. [thumb][/thumb]The Relationship Coaching Connection: chalk full of helpful words of advice for saving and strengthening relationships, including articles on things you should tell her and why he stopped calling.
  12. [thumb][/thumb]La Clef D’or: relationship expert Phyllis discusses the inner workings of relationships and how to keep them healthy and happy over the years.
  13. [thumb][/thumb]Considering the Lily: taking its title from a Bible verse, Considering the Lily is a blog told from the heart. The author passes on relationship wisdom gained from failure, heartbreak, and the will to keep moving forward.
  14. [thumb][/thumb]Relationship Renovation: the author of this blog understands that all relationships are present with challenges, and offers solutions to couples as they navigate those challenges.
  15. [thumb][/thumb]Turning North: written by relationship expert Chris Daniels, Turning North discusses the challenges of building and sustaining relationships.
  16. [thumb][/thumb]The Couple Connection: relationship and dating experts write about turning off work while at home, improving apologies, healthy dating, and much more.
  17. [thumb][/thumb]Relationships Ireland: the relationship experts at Relationships Ireland have one goal—to help everyone with their relationships.
  18. [thumb][/thumb]Win Your Ex Back Today: for those of us pinning after an ex, this blog offers numerous tips and tricks for getting them back.
  19. [thumb][/thumb]Poised Affluence: on this blog, several relationship experts thoughtfully share their personnel stories and provide analysis on lessons learned.
  20. [thumb][/thumb]Baggage Reclaim: written by author and relationship expert Natalie Lue, Baggage Reclaim offers helpful relationship tips for both men and women.
  21. [thumb][/thumb]Loves a Game: a breakup recovery blog, Loves a Game teaches readers how to prevent rejection from crushing them and how to rediscover themselves post breakup.
  22. [thumb][/thumb]Improving Relationships: this blog’s mission is to teach tools for personal growth, life enrichment, and supporting individuals achieving lasting, stable relationships.
  23. [thumb][/thumb]Hitched Mag: this blog’s mission is to entertain, educate, and inspire marriages. Readers can browse a host of relationship topics written by several relationship experts.
  24. [thumb][/thumb]AARP: AARP’s sex and relationship expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz has written 16 books on the dating habits of couples and singles and through her blog provides help to improve the relationships of those 50+.
  25. [thumb][/thumb]From Monogamy to Something More…: a couple blogs about their transition from monogamy to an open relationship and all of the bumps along the way. Warning: contains some adult topics.
  26. [thumb][/thumb]Fearless Love: the Fearless Love relationship coaching blog explores how anger and love interact, and whether you can define your love.

General Dating Advice

  1. [thumb][/thumb]Ask April: nicknamed “the new millennium’s Dear Abby”, April Masini is a best-selling author of several dating books and offers fans a fun blog that teaches how to date and find your soul mate.
  2. [thumb][/thumb]Your Date Coach: professional dating coach Christine Hart takes readers on a witty ride through the pleasures and pitfalls of dating. She empowers readers to jumpstart their single life.
  3. [thumb][/thumb]Dating Guide for All: the experts at the Dating Guide for All blog provide a variety of articles you need for success in dating.  The blog is both funny and informative.
  4. [thumb][/thumb]Master the Art of Dating: this blog features articles geared towards both men and women. Written by a relationship expert, this blog will get you on the right track towards finding your special someone.
  5. [thumb][/thumb]Dating With Dignity: relationship coach Marni Battista writes in her blog that you should date fast, create your “who”, create your list of negotiables and non-negotiables.
  6. [thumb][/thumb]Advice for Dating at author Lisa Daily, known for her best selling dating and romantic comedy book, offers up commentary on relationships, life, and love.
  7. [thumb][/thumb]Cupid’s Coach: At Cupid’s Coach, relationship experts come together to share their secrets on finding passionate, lasting love.
  8. [thumb][/thumb] Dating: this dating site blog features dating experts talking about real relationship topics, including finding true love and happiness.
  9. [thumb][/thumb]LA Dating Blog: dating expert teaches singles in the LA area how to discover fun and unique ways to date on a budget in Los Angeles.
  10. [thumb][/thumb]Vanae: dating and empowerment coach Vanae provides a helpful blog that can give you added insight into what makes relationships works. She also hosts a video series.
  11. [thumb][/thumb]Advice from a Single Dating Expert: relationship expert Barry takes readers on a journey through getting the first date, to looking beautiful inside and out to find the love of your dreams.
  12. [thumb][/thumb]Astra Match Blog: the relationship experts at the Astra Match blog about all sorts of online dating related topics—from the benefits of online dating to tips for dumping your online boyfriend.
  13. [thumb][/thumb]My Dating Prescription: this relationship expert learned the hard way and through her candid blog tells women the pitfalls to avoid. Her goal? To date 100 men before getting serious with anyone.
  14. [thumb][/thumb]Soulmate Reading: bloggers Sophia Elise and Lady Sarah and soulmate psychics who turn to the within to help you find and keep your soulmate.
  15. [thumb][/thumb]Relationships 4 Love—What Mom & Dad Did Not Teach You: this relationship blog is aimed at both women and men and talks about topics mom and dad most likely did not review with you.
  16. [thumb][/thumb]Red Hot Relationships: relationship coach Bruce Sullivan helps his readers have happy, thriving relationships. Articles cover marriage, couples, and counseling.
  17. [thumb][/thumb]Love Sessions: every month, relationship expert Alina provides readers with a short answer to common questions about love, dating, and dealing with problems in relationships.
  18. [thumb][/thumb]OM Relationships: relationship expert Guy unravels the secrets behind getting a relationship that’s built to last through his thought-provoking blog.
  19. [thumb][/thumb]Get Relationships Right: through her blog, love coach Rinatta Paries helps singles attract true love, couples reconnect, and those in pain to find peace and heal their hearts.
  20. [thumb][/thumb]Dr. Romance Blog: love expert Tina Tessina explores love, relationships, culture, and life in general. The doc has eight book and 30 years of counseling under her belt, so she has a lot to share.
  21. [thumb][/thumb]Black Love Forum: at the Black Love Forum, relationship experts come together to provide advice to African American’s on dating, meeting the family, and keeping promises.
  22. [thumb][/thumb]Christian Relationship Blog: Mark Anthony McCray examines relationship issues in a Christian context, exploring satisfaction, spirituality, and temptation.

4 Tips on How to Start the First Conversation on an Online Dating Site

Introducing yourself online is a must if you want to meet someone. Whether you make first contact or the person does, if you’re interested, you’ll need to speak up through your keyboard. According to an online study performed by a leading dating site, the way you introduce yourself can literally make or break future contact. There are certain unofficial rules you should always follow during an introduction that will help your success in moving to the next level:

  • Giving out Compliments on Looks: Ironically, giving compliments is not the best way to start out an online introduction. Of course most people enjoy compliments, but when used as a way to introduce yourself, it comes across to several people as a cheesy pickup line. Stay away from over-flattering words in particular, such as “beautiful.” “hot,” or “sexy.” If you feel you just must give out a physical compliment, stick with words such as “pretty” or “nice.”
  • Grammar: Net lingo and acronyms seem to be the norm online these days, but awful grammar is a turnoff for most people. Not only does improper grammar make you seem uneducated in some people’s eyes, but it can also come across as laziness and immaturity. On the other hand, you don’t need to make your introduction into an English essay. Shortening words such as “don’t” or “you’re” actually shows that you know grammar, but doesn’t make your introduction too formal or stiff. In other words, practice the rules of good grammar but keep your introduction casual.
  • Try Something Unique: Most potential dates read introductions with the same boring message each time. If you want to pique someone’s interest, you’ll need to be a bit creative when introducing yourself. The word “hello” is used more often than any other word in introductions, with the word “hi” coming in close 2nd. Try introducing yourself in a unique way that differentiates you from the rest.
  • Interests: Another common introduction mistake is people being too general about their interests. You may love to play video games, but what games do you love? Instead of saying you love video, mention the exact games you enjoy playing. Perhaps you enjoy watching movies? Most people enjoy watching movies, but not everyone enjoys the same genre. Be specific. Talk about your favorite genre, and include a few of your favorite movies. This rule applies to any of your hobbies. You can also use this as a way to get the other person talking. For example, if you notice the other person likes rock music, ask about favorite bands or songs.

Common Lies Told on Dating Sites

One of the biggest obstacles when it comes to online dating is not knowing if the other person is being fully honest. Although the best dating sites have an extensive profile creators filled with questions and answers, some people still insist on fibbing to make themselves seem more attractive. Not all dating site users do this, but, there seems to be a trend with certain subjects across the dating board:

  • Photos: Not too many people put their worst photos online, especially on an online dating site. This is certainly not surprising. However, be aware that there are those people out there that will go to great lengths to photoshop, crop, and edit their photos in order to look more attractive. For example, a bald man may only post pics that have him wearing a cap, a chubby lady may only post a face shot photo, and people with acne scars may use photoshop tools to conceal their blemishes. A good rule of thumb is to look at the worst picture someone has on their dating profile, and bring down your standards a few notches. This will give you a more idealistic view of the person you’re talking with. In some instances, potential dates will be more attractive in person. Yet, since so many people are in the habit of making their photos seem more attractive online, it’s best to not get your hopes up too much until you’ve seen them in person.
  • Weight: If you are out of shape and trying to get a date, chances are that your weight isn’t the first thing you want to share. However, almost all dating sites require its members to share their body type, whether it be curvy, athletic, chubby, or skinny. The bad news is that most people do lie about their weight. The good news however, is that this lie is one of the easiest to detect. If a woman claims she has an athletic body, yet only posts pics of her face, then there is a good chance she is hiding something. If a man claims to be muscular, but only posts pics of himself in baggy clothes in a bar, then chances are he’s not hitting the gym.
  • Age: Men and women alike are prone to lie about their age, usually by a few years, but some people have been known to shave off ten years. Typically, men will lie in order to catch younger dates, and women will lie in order to appear more youthful and innocent. The problem with lying about your age is that unless you look dramatically younger than you really are, your fib will be exposed rather quickly. Additionally, if things get serious, the issue of age is bound to come up sooner or later, whether through a surprise party thrown by friends or taking a peek at a driver’s license. Always keep in mind that the age range of potential dates may be off by a few years.
  • Career/Income: It’s not a secret that successful people seem more attractive. Even if they are not successful, lots of people want to appear successful online, and will lie about their income and careers. For example, a receptionist at a law firm may claim he is a top attorney. He may even claim he is on his way to become an attorney, yet in truth, he’s not even in school. A lady who works part time at a convenience store may say she’s the manager of an upscale retail store. The list goes on and varies greatly. Of course, not all people lie, and you could very well be talking to a brain surgeon on your favorite dating site, but keep in mind that there are those out there that see no problems with adding a few fake additional digits to their income.

Why Didn’t He Call You Back?

Even after you’ve scoured the best dating sites, spent endless time weeding through the potential princes and the frogs, spent even more time chatting with potential dates and narrowing it down to that one seemingly perfect date, sometimes it still just doesn’t work out. What if you went on a date with the man you’ve chosen, only to be ignore and never called back? Sometimes, there is more there than meets the eye. Before you start blaming yourself and thinking of things you could have done differently, consider the possible scenarios that could have prevented your date from calling you back:

  • He is Busy: As much as you may want your guy to call you back after what you considered a wonderful time together, it could be that he is just too busy at the moment to call you back. His work, friends, or other distractions could be preventing him from giving you a call back. Give it time before you throw in the towel.
  • He Moves Slow: Many guys choose to take things slowly, even in the fast-paced dating world. Your guy could be very much into you, but just needs the extra time to process his feelings and what’s going on. Make sure to give him ample time before you decide he just doesn’t like you. If he does like you, he will eventually call you. Keep in mind, however, that you shouldn’t wait around forever. If a month has passed, there is nothing wrong with moving on and finding other potential dates.
  • He is Playing Hard to Get: Unfortunately, men and women alike are given the ill advice of playing hard to get as a means to seem more desirable. However, this sort of game only works sometimes at best. Most of the time it leaves the other person wondering what went wrong. If your guy is playing the hard to get game, he may be purposely ignoring you just to pique your interest. The only way to truly find out is when he calls you back. If he acts cool and aloof, yet seems interested when he calls back, there is a good chance he has just been playing games with you.
  • Bad News or an Accident: Last minute work plans, illness, a death in the family, and other bad news can happen to anyone at anytime. Your date is no exception. He may not have called you back yet because he has been dealing with a demanding boss who sent him on a work trip, or perhaps his sister was in a car accident. The good news is, once his unexpected events have been taken care of, he will call you back if he is interested.
  • He Doesn’t Like You: Finally, there is a chance that your guy just isn’t into you. As much as we hate to think that, there is the possibility that he didn’t see the date in the same way as you did. He may have thought you were more of a friend than a potential partner, or maybe he just simply wasn’t attracted to you in person. Typically, many men would rather ignore you instead of you that he just isn’t into you. Unfortunately, the only way to really know is to call him and ask him yourself. Yet, if you feel uncomfortable doing this, then you should just move on and find a more suitable guy that’s going to call you back and enjoy what you have to offer.

Best Topics for a First Date

Most people are always advised to steer clear of certain topics on a first date, such as ex-relationships or politics. However, at the same time, you’ll need to keep the conversation going with interesting ideas and questions. A bored date could potentially result in a last date, so make sure you’re prepared with easy yet intriguing conversation topics that will keep the monologue flowing smoothly:

  • Work: Work is a great way to get to know a person and to show that you’re interested. Along with asking what your date does, make sure to ask if he or she is happy in the current role and where they see themselves in a few years. Additionally, finding out more about work habits and ethics is a great way to find out if this person is worth seeing again. Just be sure not to ask about income or anything too personal.
  • Hypothetical Questions: “What if” questions help to keep the flow of the conversation moving without any awkward silences. Make sure your hypothetical questions are easy yet interesting questions, and have fun with each question by answering each one yourself. For example, ask light-hearted questions such as, “What if you had a trillion dollars right now?” Avoid over-the-top questions or hypotheticals that are too difficult to answer, such as death or illness.
  • How you Met: Bringing up how you met is always an excellent icebreaker. If you met your date on a dating site, perhaps talk about your experiences. If you think your date is going to be successful, mention how the site is considered one of the best dating sites and that it seems to be working for you so far. Make sure to smile directly at your date when saying this. This will let your date know that you’re interested in a subtle way and provide an opening for a response.
  • Favorite Things: This is usually a given, but asking what someone’s favorite book, color, movie, or band is, is a great way to get a conversation rolling. It also gives you a chance to see how much you have in common. You may have already known that you like the same music as your date, but perhaps you two were at the same concert many years ago. You may know your date’s favorite actor already, but this can lead to a potential date to see a new release.
  • Future Goals: Aside from work, your date may have a book project in the works, or maybe he or she wants to visit Italy one day. Conversing about goals and dreams is not only a wonderful ice-breaker, but it gives your date a chance to talk about things that are important and positive.

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