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Millions of members. Some are serial daters; some are searching for long-lasting relationships. Narrow down your matches by age, location, body type, religion, eye color, and more. Virtually unlimited options for finding the perfect mate.



Millions of members, most of whom are seeking serious long-term relationships. eHarmony boasts more marriages than any other matchmaking service. Search for a compatible match by age, location, and dozens of other advanced criteria. Or get matched with the compatibility test. No same-sex searching.


adult friend finder

Large user base of members looking for a casual one-night hook-up or friend with benefits. Find a hook-up partner in your locale by filtering by age and sexual preferences.

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Millions of members, who generally are not interested in casual affairs, but are instead looking for deep relationships with companions that are well matched to them. Take the duet compatibility test to find your match.



Millions of members serious about meeting someone. Find your match today. Filter results by age range and ZIP code to find your perfect match.



Large user base of Christian singles looking for a faith-centered relationship. Find God’s match for you. Browse profiles of other Christians who are single and ready to date.

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Sexy singles looking for a casual sexual encounter or no-strings-attached fling. Find the woman (or man) you want to have sex with tonight by filtering by age, location, favored sexual positions, and more.

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Large user base of sexy singles looking for dating and friendship. Meet matches fast by filtering by age and location. Most members have profile pics.



User base of over 1.5 million singles looking to go on fun dates. Post a date idea, connect with someone you like, and go!



Very large user base of members seeking a serious relationship and long-term commitment. Take the free personality test and get matched with dozens of compatible partners within your area.

More of the Best Dating Sites

In case our top 10 wasn’t enough, here are even more dating sites to check out:

  1. AnastasiaDate.com – Meet beautiful international women. Find matches free. Click here.
  2. CatholicMatch – Browse through profiles of other single Catholic men and women in your area. Filter your search by age, interests, location, and more. Free temperament test. Click here.
  3. SilverSingles.com – Meet other singles over 50 by searching your ZIP code for partners that match your interests. Free to browse. Click here.
  4. Lavalife – Choose from thousands of local members. 100% FREE to join. Click here.
  5. Gay.com – Gay lifestyle blog and personals section. Click here to create a free account.
  6. JDate.com – Meet Jewish singles. Free to browse. Click here.
  7. Sugardaddie.com – Where the classy, attractive, and affluent meet. Click here to browse for free.
  8. BlackSingles.com – Meet black singles. Free to browse. Click here.
  9. MillionaireMate.com – Where wealthy men and beautiful women find each other. Join for free. Click here.
  10. FastCupid – Meet singles fast. Free to join. Click here.
  11. GayDating.com – Find your gay date for tonight. Click here to join for FREE.
  12. InterracialSingles.com – Meet singles outside of your race. Free to browse. Click here.
  13. No Strings Attached – Discreet sex and extramarital affairs with no strings attached. Membership is free. Click here.
  14. Matchmaker – Millions of members serious about meeting someone. Create profile and search members for free. Click here.
  15. Ashley Madison – Life is short. Have an affair. Click here to join for free.
  16. QuickFlirt - It’s the best time to get into anime girl dating when you come to our online dating website. Visit Animedatings.com to find review about QuickFlirt

Still not enough? Check out the rest of our top 100:

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The Safe Dating Guide

Safe DatingOnline dating can be a scary and dangerous endeavor. But online dating also offers an unparalleled opportunity to meet the person of your dreams, provided that the proper precautions are taken. Here at www.100bestdatingsites.org, we are committed to safe dating and actively promote dating safety by only listing trusted dating services and by posting tips and guidelines for safe dating procedures in our blog. This site is meant to serve as a guide to all of those in the dating scene, whether recently entering for the first time in a while or those who have been around the block a few times already. Hopefully, there is something here worth gleaning for everyone.

Preventing Date Rape And Assault: 10 First Date Safety Tips For Women

Every two minutes somewhere in the United States a woman is sexually assaulted. One in four women is a victim of rape or attempted rape. And 57% of rapes happen when on dates. Unfortunately, date rape and sexual assault are occurring more and more often and with the popularity of online dating today, it is necessary that women arm themselves with the knowledge to avoid such attacks.

Do not jeopardize your physical and emotional well-being for a night out of fun. By observing the following tips, you can still have a great time and date rape and sexual assault can be prevented because safety is in your hands:

1) Take a self-defense class. This is a great tool for women of any age, dating or not. By preparing for the worst by learning self-defense moves, you will know how to protect yourself if you should be in a dangerous situation.

2) Choose a public place. If you are meeting someone you’ve been in communication with online for the first time face-to-face, make sure you do so at a crowded, public venue. Do not rely on the guy for transportation—if you are alone in a car with a man you don’t know, you are putting yourself at risk and have an automatic disadvantage. Meet him at the place of your date.

3) Enlist backup. Double-dating or group dating with other couples on the first few dates with someone new is a good way to keep yourself safe. Having friends around that you trust to look out for you will help you feel more comfortable and decrease your risk for harm.

4) Skip the alcohol. Sound judgment is the first thing to go when drinking and alcohol makes a date rape situation more likely to occur. In fact, of all reported rapes and assaults, alcohol was a factor for 55% of women attacked and 75% of men who raped/assaulted. So for the first couple of dates, make sure you stick to non-alcoholic beverages.

5) Pay your own way. It is also a good idea to ignore the traditional rule of the man paying for your date. Some men tend to think that just because they bought your meal, you owe them something at the end of the night. To avoid any confusion about this, consider going “Dutch” and take care of your own ticket.

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7 Clues For Spotting Married Men On Dating Sites

In this day and age, the internet can be a very rewarding place where you can meet a lot of great men. However, there is the possibility of meeting some that aren’t so great…some who are signed up to online dating services claiming a status of “single” when in fact they are married and one cheat away from an episode of Jerry Springer.

To avoid falling into the hands of a man who may have slipped off his wedding ring for an internet fling, watch for the following tell-tale signs:

Clue #1: Zero picture. If your guy doesn’t have an online dating profile picture or one that is difficult to make out, beware. The majority of married men don’t want a picture of themselves online for the world to see, heightening the chances of getting caught. Instead of posting their photo on a dating site, they may ask to send it to you via personal email.</</p>

Clue #2: He will make first contact. In most cases, married men will be the first to send the initial contact through the online dating service you are using. A lot of these men tend to look for someone who seems trusting, naïve and who can be easily manipulated. They will seek out such vulnerabilities by asking a lot of questions immediately so they can determine if you are an easy target or not.

Clue #3: Irregular and erratic communication. If you find that your internet guy responds to your messages in an irregular manner…mark this as a red flag. Married men have family lives and obligations to their wives so they may not be as available as men who are actually single. Watch out for late responses, long intervals between communications or even calling on a very set schedule. Ask yourself a few questions—does he only call you on his work breaks? Late at night? Are the calls frequent or do they fluctuate? From where is he calling?

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Are You The Victim Of A Romance Scam? Questions To Ask Yourself:

Dating today can be very stressful. Not only do you have to watch out for your heart, your sanity, and that guy with the weird fetish, but with the advancement in popularity of online dating sites comes a new fear to add to the mix: having to worry about scammers trying to empty your wallet. Awesome.

Romance scams defined: Romance scams are confidence tricks by money hungry con-artists involving faux-romantic intentions toward a vulnerable victim, thereby gaining their trust and affection and in return using that goodwill to commit evil acts of fraud. In most cases these fraudulent acts involve access to money, bank accounts, credit cards and passports of the scammer’s prey.

The signs of a romance scam: Fortunately, the key to staying clear of such a disaster is education. By knowing what a romance scam is and being able to recognize the tell-tale signs that come with it, you will be a savvy-internet dater who can avoid those scamming scumbags on the web.

If you are involved with someone who you feel might be on the shady end of the internet dater spectrum, ask yourself the following questions. If you answer yes to the majority, the likelihood is high that a scammer is trying to squeeze your bank account dry:

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